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Instant replay: Gold Derby's webcam chats with Amy Poehler, Kathy Griffin, Simon Baker, Jimmy Fallon and . . .

July 1, 2009 |  9:15 am

Lots of Emmy contenders have chatted with us via webcam over the past month or so, including Simon Baker, Connie Britton, Jimmy Fallon, Kathy Griffin, Jay Harrington, John Henson, Denis Leary, Bill Paxton and Amy Poehler. Here's a handy-dandy links roundup.

Simon Baker digs playing 'a really great con man' on 'The Mentalist'

Connie Britton: Why can't 'Friday Night Lights' score an Emmy touchdown?

Jimmy Fallon: Fear of the Emmy curse (Part 1)

Jimmy Fallon: Fear of the Emmy Curse (Part 2)

Kathy Griffin tattles, 'I'll trade my mother for a third Emmy!'

Hey, Kathy Griffin, what should I do with Bette Midler's Emmy?

Jay Harrington on being 'Better Off Ted'

Emmy 'Wipeout' for John Henson?

Emmy rescue: Denis Leary is overdue (Part 1)

Emmy rescue: Denis Leary is overdue (Part 2)

Talkin' 'Big Love' and Emmys with Bill Paxton

Amy Poehler says she's not in an Emmy 'clawfest' against Tina Fey!

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