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Can 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' make an Emmy date?

June 3, 2009 |  8:59 am

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" has turned into must-see TV this season as the couple faces marital troubles. The ratings for this reality show starring Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children are through the roof. And the reviews for this surprisingly revealing look at life for a couple confronted with two sets of multiple births are equally stellar.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 news

The recently ended fourth season of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" boasted a staggering 41 episodes. The fifth season began May 25, just six days before the end of the latest Emmy eligibility period. 

Almost 10 million people tuned into the season premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" last week. The parents came together to throw a fifth birthday party for their sextuplets. In a statement issued after the first episode aired, they said, "As many couples do, we are navigating a very difficult time. Our current situation brings us together around the children and some times sets us apart. We keep our faith that we will make the right decisions for our family."

The Learning Channel sent a DVD of "Jon & Kate" to Academy of Television Arts & Sciences members as part of the Discovery network's Emmy campaign box shipped out a few weeks ago. Two episodes were on the disc — "Korean Dinner" and "Backyard Campout" — but neither will be the one Emmy judges view if "Jon and Kate" makes it onto the list of the final five nominees. Producers submitted last week's Season 5 premiere, "Turning Five & the Future," which was shot just days before airing, so it reflects much of the latest turmoil between the duo. If it scores with Emmy voters like it did with TV viewers, it will result in the show's first big Emmy nomination.

Last year, "Jon & Kate" competed for best reality program, but the Learning Channel has asked the TV academy to move it to the race for best nonfiction series. That's still undecided, but unlikely to happen at this late date since the final ballot gets posted at the academy's website and voting commences this Friday.

Assuming the show remains in reality, "Jon & Kate" will compete against two-time champ Kathy Griffin and her series "My Life on the D List." In the past, fearless diva Griffin beat back such competition as the genteel "Antiques Roadshow," the heart-tugging "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," and the newly clean and sober on "Intervention." Could the Gosselin 10 be the ones to keep Kathy Griffin from making it three in a row at the Emmys? Just let them try!


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Photo: Tom O'Neil

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The comments to this entry are closed.


Take this awful show off the air. It is as far from reality as one can get.

How many families have 8 children, FIVE residences and two parents who don't work?

Between them they have a $1.1 Million mansion that has increased in value due to all the renovations and freebies; their house in Elizabethtown which won't sell because of all the bad karma, a ski condo in Utah, Jon's apartment in NYC and Kate's condo in Maryland, a short block away from Steve her bodyguard/lover so that it will be easier for her to stalk him.

Then they have the 16-passenger van, minivan, Kate's SUV, Jon's BMW and Datsun sportscars, a John Deere tractor, off roader, custom motorcycle and other vehicles that we probably don't know of.

Nothing that the Gosselin's had has been bought by their OWN hardwork. Everything they have comes off the backs of the children who by Kate's own admission DO NOT HAVE COLLEGE funds even though they are the wage earners.

BOYCOTT this show and any advertisers.

hi my name is joell im 11 i love your show im a big fan i love your kids good luck please please email me to tell me how they are [email protected]


There is nothing wrong with Jon And Kate they are doing the best they can for their kids.
The kids are well adjusted have 2 parents who love them and Jon and Kate will always do what they think is the best thing for them.

Have to agree with blogger who said that if this show comes up for any Emmy, we will not watch the entire production. What a joke! To make exploitation of children something parents should be rewarded for is a sign of what television viewing has become. Don't allow this to happen, boycott the sponsors and turn off the show.
This does not just apply to this one show. Marital discord should not have to happen for these states to look into child labor laws on 'reality' shows. All of these shows should be investigated whether a complaint has been lodged or not--who is protecting the kids when it is obvious the parents are comfortable making money off of their kids.
The other blogger who said people with this amount of children do not live like these people was absolutely correct. With ten children there is no way we have a big house (1,200 square feet), no fancy cars (one used minivan), no elaborate trips (state over), and no tummy tucks (hadn't even thought of that one). We live within the means my job provides for us a single mom and are very happy with that. I would not want to jeopardize my children's safety for all the money in China.

I think that Jon & Kate are good people, they just need to go back to church. I pray for their children and them!!! Divorce is the wrong way to go unless they want to be in HELL... Not only did Kate change her look so did Jon when he had that HAIR TRANSPLANT so the blame shouldn't be just on Kate it's both parents.

I have the same opinion as: Posted by: Amelia | June 03, 2009 at 01:10 PM

I love it all, it's real life everyday conflicts. I'm happy to see them become rich and famous. They're kids will be fine, not any more screwed up then any others in the world, maybe better kids since they have more opportunities in life. Kate is entertaining, thats why we watch. Jon's ok too.
Love the show, and the reality that goes with it.

i dont think that the average family with one salary supporing 10 people, is going to be able to live where they live, and do the things they do, if that money isnt coming from explotation of the multiples. Just like any other television personality or movie star, when they ask for the support of viewers and fans, they nix their private lives. Anyone that believes they'd be living like they are without some sort of compensation, is crazy

Agree that this is something they did for money but what about the kids-who is protecting their interests? Wake up America and someone protect these kids and the others on all 'reality' shows. We don't like being the laughingstock of the world-and believe me-we are.
As far as an Emmy I thought they were reserved for actors who have excelled in their field. These PARENTS have not excelled in anything except have eight children-so what!!!!

What is normal??? Do these kids have someone to tuck them in at night? Probably yes.... did most other kids?..probably no.... my point is...omg at least they have a set of parents who love them and only have the best in mind for them.

I think I'm getting a headache!! Talking about Kates personal appearance.... don't all women go through that when they give birth? I know that i look a whole lot better now than when I had a bunch of babies around. Please don't bust on a woman for wanting to look more attractive!!! If Kate were ugly and 300 pounds would she attract so much media attention? Probably not. The focus whould be on how Kate is going to lose seventy five pounds. grrrrrr

you never know....

don't you guys have something better ot worry about? Did you all have the most perfect childhood? Doubt it. So this family is just another example of how families work. Be happy!!!!!

Hey DM... they don't call it "the learning channel" anymore because of shows like this! What's to learn from this? How to destroy a family in 40 episodes?

If they even consider nominating them for an emmy, that is deffinately one show I will not watch. I will ban it from my house. You are absolutely right, Doug, they will be rewarding child abuse. what a horrible thought. We have to boycott the sponsors of this show. Maybe they will pull the plug on it once and for all.

I've always loved the show I think Kate is a good mom she said it herself no one is perfect and they are dealing with it. She is a smart woman and its a good thing that she has fixed her self up she deserves it . I'M 100% on Kate's side. MAMMAS RULE!

Emmy date? Loyal viewers like me are leaving in droves. I'll miss seeing the kids, but Jon & Kate need a shrink, not an Emmy.

omq...ya people makinq neqative comments about stupid....i dont blame kate.....everything shes doinq is for a reson...

please cancel this awful show. we are watching 8 children turn into spoiled, winey, mouthy, and obnoxious brats. this doesn't seem to bother kate since she is making millions doing it. she is sacrificing her marriage and the emotional security of her family and everyone is tired of watching.

TLC stands for "The Lying Channel"

Don't they have a catagory for complete and utterly, contrived and shamelss pimping out of underage children FICTION catagory?

If so, J&K would win, hands down.

I love it all, it's real life everyday conflicts. I'm happy to see them become rich and famous. They're kids will be fine, not any more screwed up then any others in the world, maybe better kids since they have more opportunities in life. Kate is entertaining, thats why we watch. Jon's ok too.
Love the show, and the reality that goes with it.

I won't watch the show anymore, did you see Kate before she made this money? very unattractive...also, we could all have a great body if we could afford plastic surgery. She always seemed bitchy towards Jon from day one.

Brilliant marketing wouldn't you say? Albeit depraved and at the expense of their very own offspring. I bet they'll take this charade as far as a legal divorce for the ratings. How so very sad and confusing for those poor kids. The show needs to be cancelled for their sake. Truman show anyone? Rent the DVD. Leave the Gosselin 8 alone.

Blah Blah Blah... Doug if someone gave you a million bucks you'd do it!

Isn't it bad enough we have to watch this crap without rewarding their pathetic behavior? These people are losers...let's let them live their lives in private.




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