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Eminem finally admits MTV Movie Awards ambush was a stunt

June 3, 2009 |  7:29 pm

No big surprise, but Eminem has 'fessed up that his rendezvous with Sacha Baron Cohen's bare butt at the MTV Movie Awards was a rehearsed prank.

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"Sacha called me when we were in Europe, and he had an idea to do something outrageous at the movie awards," he told "I'm a big fan of his work, so I agreed to get involved with the gag. I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it. It had so many people going nuts, so to speak. Everyone was blowing me up about it."

When asked what happened after he stomped out of the Gibson theater, he said, "After the ceremony I went back to my hotel and laughed uncontrollably for about three hours. Especially after I saw it on air."

Most curious about this latest development is that MTV has published a report on line quoting Eminen's revelation to RapRadar as news. Why doesn't the network that produced the kudofest confess what it already knows?


Eminem's and Bruno's MTV stunt: Confession revoked?

Video chat with Kathy Griffin: Eminem's tantrum was a 'stunt' at MTV Movie Awards

Eminem's walkout at MTV Movie Awards: Staged?

Photo: MTV

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Yo that is funny, but that's bad to do to a person .they should of made him seat on eminem. Not like the way they did it. If they did that to me i would beat the crap out of him. And i would say fuck u all.

Eminem is a brilliant actor and deserves an Oscar.:D

Stupid immature Hollywood. Grow up.

I knew it was a joke!!! I need to go rub it in and brag to a couple of ppl. shit im smart. yay me!

cover-up attempt to save face. sorry, M got punk'd like noone else

Cover-Up! I don't believe it for a second, but Eminem has to agree to save face.
I think all the little Eminem fans are in denial that their boy got served a kugelsack sandwhich.


'asha & Eminem are only prelude to marvelous PUNK'D Theater of Joaquim Phooenix & his stunt
can t wait to see that all come down!"

playwright larry myers
wrote "m & m's with Eminem"
yrs back
retooled much more edgy & fierce than Eminem comeback

when asked about the recent Eminem stunt
playwright Myers said "like Coceau said ' I am the lies who alweays tells the truth'!
Eminem & cohort punk d person are Now theater & a happening
remember 'happenings'?

Eminem is a shameless dirtbag that will do anything to gain publicity. He is just telling everyone that this was a prank because he is too embarrassed to admit the truth. He should never be allowed around our children.

Uh, his reaction was the joke, and you didn't get it. So the joke was on you, Champ. I could see immediately what they were doing. I've been enjoying the reaction of all the homophobes like David. But I especially love the righeous indignation of Eminem's fans, who just got punked by him.

either way it was funny...did u see how Em was just stuck there wigglin with @$$ in his mouth...hahahaha...i am an EM fan and that was classic...if he didnt know about it then how do u watch someone repel a thousand feet and fall right into your lap without movin first? use some common sense u fux...

Got to say I'm amazed there are people who think that a few seconds of being close to a guy's ass will turn someone change their orientation, their social status, or I don't know what. So how 'bout football players? They get their faces crotch-ground. Guess a thin layer of spandex means a more than a few inches of air. Seriously, anyone having a problem with this better look at their own sexual anxieties & identity--they seem a bit flustered and panicky to me.

Anyone that thought this was real, doesn't know the real slim shady.

Who cares...hey Dan, your homophobia has been stirred by all of this, huh? Only when something is close to the bone, will it get a reaction. Harharharhar...

EROTOCAT, the only thing that people had in question was whether or not Eminem was really pissed or not. Nothing to do with Homophobes. You're way off the subject here, champ. I do commend Eminem for playing along with Cohen. David, who are you to judge human life and so forth, more than likely you are nothing. So what, he put a clothed mans midsection in his face for a few seconds for publicity, it worked, and got him tons of publicity for practically nothing.

"...we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it.". .. .. yeh it looked completely sure showed us idiots a thing or two* that night...

I thought it was pretty cool of him to be in on something like that. Not many would be open to it.

Its interesting David seems to concern himself with what kind of a guy Eminem is.
I am not a fan of Emenim, but did he hurt anyone? did he kill any one?
Now we know who the real loser is.

I don't buy that Eminem had in on this, I think he is just doing this to save his face from humilation. I believe MTV and Bruno had something to do with this, but this is just a "Cover Up" story just to make it seem like it was totally acted out on eminems behalf. Ok, well you're trying to tell me, that Eminem rehearsed this with a guy in 69 postion over his face than you did it in front of millions watching as a prank? No, if that is true, Eminem is really gayer than I thought. I highly doubt Eminem would ever agree to having a guys ass in his face I highly highly doubt that this is just a cover up to sweep under the rug.

Yo if this is true, my hat goes off to eminem. he really had me going with that whole gig. they must have paid him some good cash, because taking balls to the chin on live tv is something that stays with you for life.

I love how this prank has brought out of the woodwork so many homophobes who can't understand a joke. Here's a hint: The joke's on you!

David, Eminem has told you time and time again he's not going to have sex with you. Get over it.

Yes David and you have no sense of humor.

I love how butt-hurt people are that Eminem and Sasha Baron Cohen fooled them. Hilarious!

You all need to lighten up! Stop being so bitter! IT was FUNNY!




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