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Eminem's and Bruno's MTV stunt: Confession revoked?

June 2, 2009 | 12:09 pm

Entertainment Weekly is among many media sources reporting that Scott Aukerman, a writer for the MTV Movie Awards show, claims that Sacha Baron Cohen's ambush of Eminem "was staged." EW quotes a recent blog entry by Aukerman, which read, "They rehearsed it at dress and, yes, it went as far as it did on the live show."

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But check out the scribe's blog now. His confession is gone! Was Aukerman pressured by his bosses to capitulate and cover up?

Why would MTV bother? It's obvious that the incident was a stunt — there were lots of clues. As awards show veteran Kathy Griffin told Gold Derby on Monday, it's suspicious that Emimen was in the audience. At kudos galas, she notes, "The celebrities don't stay in their seats for more than 13 seconds. They're in their seats to be photographed. Then they're in the green room — or doing crack in the parking lot."

Taraji P. Henson, who introduced Eminem's music performance at the show, told USA Today, "That was staged! Do you really think it wasn't? They would not put a man's naked (butt) in Eminem's face and not let him know. Come on! They're not stupid."

But as I noted in our chat with Kathy Griffin, Sacha Baron Cohen doesn't usually let his ambush victims know what's coming. Even celebrity victims. In upcoming "Bruno," we'll see him dupe Ben Affleck, for example.

However, bottom line: Entertainment Weekly insists, "Sources close to MTV and Sacha Baron Cohen tell EW that the infamous stunt on the show between Eminem and the Bruno star was staged, with Eminem's consent and participation."


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Eminem is a cock loving homo. The only way it would have been staged is if Sacha Baron Cohen's balls ended up in Eminem's mouth.

Eminem was pissed...was no stunt.

Maybe it was staged...but Eminem did not have to be miked...he only spoke when Bruno was on top him and Bruno already had a mike and maybe even two mikes and would have made sure to have one in a position so that one could hear Eminem's reaction.

The camera man should look and see who's at the bottom when he sees Bruno starting to come nothing surprising in that either.

You guys are ridiculous. As we all no yes it was a setup, it was funny, people thought it was real and eminem was very convincing. That was the whole point. It doesn't matter if people found out it was a setup. For the hours proceeding the stunt everyone was still wondering wether or not Mr. Mathers was going to make a big hoopla and sue the joint. It shocked the people there and it shocked the people at home, atleast most of them. Therefore successful and worth doing. Now quit talking about it.

Jake, relax, has eminem's statement, and he states the obvious: it. was. fake.

Seriously, can we stop talking about this? Everyone knows it was a stunt and no one cares.

Of course it was staged that something with Bruno landing near or on Eminem was going to happen. But Eminem's reaction was of shock and horror. Perhaps it was rehearsed that a fully clothed Bruno would land in his lap or something but Sacha flipped it. That would explain why Eminem was there but why he also freaked out. Eminem was screaming "Get him off me!" like someone being attacked by a dog. He did not want to be there. If he was acting and they planned that whole thing, and Eminem agreed to have a grown man's bare butt in his face, then give him an Oscar. But having watched it live, having copied the photo Mtv had up of the incident right after the show, and having taped it, I maintain that Eminem flipped out over an unexpected bare butt in his face.

Rob,u are an IDIOT!!!

who cares, I hope it wasn't staged, eminiem is a huge d-bag

Sorry - my bad - the 4th line above should have read:

Sascha HOOKS HIS FOOT on the wire to KEEP himself in the correct position BEFORE he even stops moving forward, and BEFORE he starts descending.

Totally Staged. No doubt. It's silly some don't see it.
How gullible can you be?

Here's some clues:

Sascha HOOKS HIS FOOT on the wire to KEEP himself in the correct position BEFORE he even stops.

The quick establishing shot of Eminem when Sascha is not even halfway down. So...the camera guy just GUESSED Sascha would land on Eminem?

Add to the fact that Eminem was miked for no reason and that Eminem hung out in his trailer right outside the show partying following the event according to multiple sources means this was a LAME setup.

Just like ALL of Sascha's "Comedy"-
lame, predictible and LCD humor.

Lowest Common Denominator.

Maybe his next character will be another stereotype he can make fun of !

i'm sorry I just don't buy it for a second that it was staged unless it comes from eminem himself.

1. Why was Zac Efron's category win completely messed up -- if it was planned so well?
2. Someone at the event, celebrity, said that he was really mad -- this was even after the camera was off him.
3. Cohen's MO is to surprise people so why would they rehearse it now?
4. Why would Eminem agree to come off as a homophobic jerk?
It's just a way to save face and the inside sources is the headwriter -but no word from eminem's camp or cohen's camp???? come on. Why can't we get an official response?



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