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Eminem's and Bruno's MTV stunt: Confession revoked?

June 2, 2009 | 12:09 pm

Entertainment Weekly is among many media sources reporting that Scott Aukerman, a writer for the MTV Movie Awards show, claims that Sacha Baron Cohen's ambush of Eminem "was staged." EW quotes a recent blog entry by Aukerman, which read, "They rehearsed it at dress and, yes, it went as far as it did on the live show."

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But check out the scribe's blog now. His confession is gone! Was Aukerman pressured by his bosses to capitulate and cover up?

Why would MTV bother? It's obvious that the incident was a stunt — there were lots of clues. As awards show veteran Kathy Griffin told Gold Derby on Monday, it's suspicious that Emimen was in the audience. At kudos galas, she notes, "The celebrities don't stay in their seats for more than 13 seconds. They're in their seats to be photographed. Then they're in the green room — or doing crack in the parking lot."

Taraji P. Henson, who introduced Eminem's music performance at the show, told USA Today, "That was staged! Do you really think it wasn't? They would not put a man's naked (butt) in Eminem's face and not let him know. Come on! They're not stupid."

But as I noted in our chat with Kathy Griffin, Sacha Baron Cohen doesn't usually let his ambush victims know what's coming. Even celebrity victims. In upcoming "Bruno," we'll see him dupe Ben Affleck, for example.

However, bottom line: Entertainment Weekly insists, "Sources close to MTV and Sacha Baron Cohen tell EW that the infamous stunt on the show between Eminem and the Bruno star was staged, with Eminem's consent and participation."


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