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Kathy Griffin: Eminem's tantrum was a 'stunt' at MTV Movie Awards

June 1, 2009 |  2:16 pm

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"It was a stunt!" That's what Kathy Griffin suspects of Eminem stomping out of the MTV Movie Awards after getting ambushed by Sacha Baron Cohen as the effusively gay blade Bruno. The result: The rapper ended up with Cohen's bare butt in his face, shrieked "Are you serious? Get the … off me!" and dashed out.

She doesn't really know for sure, but Kathy believes the whole thing was a send-up because of one element that may be a telltale clue. The awards-show veteran gives Gold Derby readers an insider's perspective.

Pardon the production snafu early on in this video as the camera is tilted too high, cutting off the bottom half of Kathy's face as we yap. That gets fixed halfway through. Kathy's assistant Tiffany was doing an admirable job holding the webcam in hand while standing off to one side, but perspective got slightly askew for a brief time.

Check out the rest of this video here at Gold Derby on Tuesday as we dish Kathy's run for Emmy No. 3! (It's almost totally free of tech glitches!)


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Photo: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

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