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'Family Guy' goes crazy for an Emmy

June 3, 2009 |  7:41 am

Well, at least the producers of "Family Guy" are about to find out if Emmy voters really have a good sense of humor — especially an appreciation for the kind of bawdy joshing that's a signature of its outrageous show. They decided to get voters to pay attention to their ploy to move "Family Guy" from the race for best animated program to the lofty contest for best comedy series by insulting, tweaking and shocking them. Only one other cartoon show has ever made it into the comedy contest: "The Flinstones," which lost to "The Jack Benny Program" in 1961.

Check out the DVD "For Your Consideration" campaign package recently shipped to all 14,000 TV academy members, including images that can be seen by clicking on the "continued" link at the bottom of this post. Featured are these zinger messages: "We peaked three years ago, so by your logic we should get an Emmy now"  and " 'Family Guy': with Tina Fey! (Not really, we just want an Emmy)."

Three episodes are contained on the enclosed DVD: "I Dream of Jesus," "Road to Germany" and "Family Gay."

Family Guy 1

Family Guy 2

Family Guy FYC

Family Guy Holocaust

Family Guy Peaked

Family Guy Tina Fey


'Family Guy' will compete for best comedy series at the Emmys again

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This is hilarious. MacFarlane sucks and so does his show. He should have taken episodes from season 1-3 if that was even an option. At least they were funny then. Oh well. Crash and burn!

Personally I hope this doesn't happen. Family Guy isn't funny, but that isn't my complaint. During the Golden Age of The Simpsons, where every episode was a million times better than any episode the Family Guy team has ever produced, the Simpsons team nominated the show for Outstanding Comedy Series twice, and it wasn't nominated. Therefore if Family Guy does get nominated, when the Simpsons never did, I call shame on that.

Good for them, I like that enthusiasm. But they really couldn't have picked three worse episodes from this last season to make their case. The Star Trek episode or one of the last two themed episodes, or anything after "I Dreamed of Jesus" basically.

Awesome! I want this show to be nominated even more now.



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