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Our forum posters weigh in on expanded best picture race at Oscars

June 29, 2009 |  3:01 pm

In the five days since the academy announced the doubling of the best picture nominees to 10, almost 400 posts have been made to this discussion in our forums. And opinion is definitely divided on the merits of this decision.

Oscars Expanded Best Picture Race

Pucifer said, "For the most recent ceremony, the Academy would have been hard pressed to come up with ten, let alone five, best picture nominees!"

seanflynn wonders, "Are they out of their minds? In any event, the five films that get director nominees will be considered the real contenders."

LonePirate said, "Maybe Pixar will finally receive that Best Picture nomination it so truly deserves. There goes the Oscar bump films receive at the box office, though."

hazewillow said, "I think that there needed to be some sort of change when it came to the Academy Awards, but if this is what they think is a good change then good riddance."

AcademyAwardsGuru said, "I'll not be surprise if next year they announce 10 nominees for every category."

pacinofan said, "I find it odd that the biggest prize of the night can be won with the smallest percentage of votes."

Mysteriousrent said, "perhaps this can start to chip away at the idea of what is a "Oscar" movie. If a wider range of types of movies start getting nominated for Best Picture, perhaps the nominees for other categories become more diverse as well."

Atypical said, "'ll give it a fair shot. If it opens the door for nominees that wouldn't have had a shot otherwise, then good for them. They may not win, but at least more attention can be given to films that don't normally receive it."

AJ said, "I am not sure what to think of it. My first reaction wasn't a good one but frankly, I think if they can manage to nominate quality movies then I can't really complain. However, I feel like they will still nominate some films that aren't deserving and that the award will be somewhat diminished."

Goblue said, "I reckon this will open the nomination field to wonderful independent films that have been so overlooked by the Academy, but yet don't qualify for other film categories besides acting/screenplay, etc. I'm cautiously excited about the 2010 telecast now."

thedemonhog said, "The reason that I do not agree with this change is because it lessens the prestige of a nomination. I can see commercials in the future saying "Nominated for Best Picture..." and I will be saying, "Yeah, but everything was."

And zembla said, "It's good for films that deserve to make it but get cut because of the snob fact that enters in. Some animated pics could make it in now."


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