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'Jon & Kate' divorce hurts Emmy Awards hopes

June 23, 2009 | 12:54 pm

Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their divorce on Monday night's installment of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." The couple's highly publicized marital woes have made this series must-see TV this season. The ratings for this reality show starring Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children are through the roof with 10.6 million tuning in last night. And that rise in popularity could make a difference as nominees for this year's Emmy Awards are determined solely by a vote of the academy membership that ends Friday.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Jon Gosselin Kate Gosselin Emmy Awards

Almost 10 million people tuned into the Season 5 premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" on May 25, just six days before the end of the Emmy eligibility period. The parents came together to throw a fifth birthday party for their sextuplets. In a statement issued after that emotional episode aired, they said, "As many couples do, we are navigating a very difficult time. Our current situation brings us together around the children and some times sets us apart. We keep our faith that we will make the right decisions for our family."

That decision turned out to be divorce. The split does not come as a huge shock for anyone who has tuned in to previous seasons of the show or followed the escalating tabloid rumors of alleged infidelities on both their parts. The show is going on hiatus until Aug. 3 as it deals with the changed family dynamics. The children will continue to live in the house with Jon and Kate switching off residence. Just how the series will document the difficulties of the eight children as they adjust to this new kind of family life remains to be seen.

Six of the 40 episodes slated for this season have aired. Season 4 of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" boasted a staggering 41 episodes. The Learning Channel included two of those episodes — "Korean Dinner" and "Backyard Campout" — as part of the Discovery network's Emmy campaign box, which shipped in May. However, producers have submitted that gripping Season 5 premiere – "Turning Five & the Future" – for consideration by Emmy judges should the show makes it into the final five nominees. 

Last year, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was submitted in the reality program category but failed to earn a nomination. The TV academy rejected a request by the Learning Channel to switch to the race for nonfiction series this year. That ruling means that if "Jon & Kate Plus 8" does get a nod, the competition could well include two-time champ Kathy Griffin and her series, "My Life on the D List."

In the past two years, Kathy Griffin has beaten back such competition as the genteel "Antiques Roadshow," the heart-tugging "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," and the newly clean and sober on "Intervention." Could eight adorable children (plus two less than perfect parents) be her undoing?


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Photo: The Learning Channel

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After I got the news about them going thru divorce I was shock. Me and my wife or soon be x-wife, we used to watch their show.

I always thought that they make such a good team; it's amazing how them two agree on things for the children and manage to have some quality time together.

Anyway, I'm going thru divorce too and I got married around the same they did. So I decided to create a blog call couple vs. couple in divorce to see who finalize the marriage first.

Here's a link to it

According to the sister in law Jody, it is Kate, that said it was over, 6 months ago, and that she gave John a contract, that he could see other women if he just showed up for the taping of the show. Does anyone think, this is true, or is it sour grapes, from Jody?

They need to stop exploiting the children. The only talent these two have is that they produced 6 babies at once with reproductive medicine. Then turned the poor unwitting babies into a version of the "Trument Show". Now it appears that the children will continue to live in the camera/studio ready house while the parents get to leave and take turns under the spotlight- leaving the children no opportunity to do the same.
Product placement and lies.
Giving this show an Emmy would be equal to giving the Octomom one!
Sad and disgusting!

The divorce announcement show was sad. It's a shame their marriage has come to this. I'm a divorced dad, so I know the pain they are enduring. Jon and Kate have no idea what divorced parenting is like. They'll have a ton of single parent, coparenting, and multi-home issues to deal with, not the least of which is how to spend birthdays (8!) and holidays together:

Stop the show, they have so much money and they still getting free thing. Just like the play houses they got for FREE and why can't they where what they want alway look at same. She need to stop traveling and be a mom and stop saying Iam doing the best for the kids.

honeslty this divorce is horrible, they should really their 8 children will be scarred for life and confused, and devastated, ppl shouldnt get married have big families and then end up divorcing its just not rit!

i admit kate can be bitchy but so can all woman i think jon is being a spoiled selfish brat he made the choice to have those kids with when she had invetro now when jon is havng his midlife crisis he it his breaking apart his family it is very sad i wish kate and the kids the best as u can see it is breaking her heart even if she and jon dont make up maybe she will find someone who can love her uncditionaly and give her and her kids stabilty

Jon and kate ,what about the kids . you too are just thinking of yourself .what if you did' not have the money things would be different right .Both of you have got to big for your bricthes .What about Maddy she certainly need the two of you together more than the rest of the kids.Both of you should be made to stay together after having all those kids.Think about it .

I have sad to see the separation of Jon and Kate. I have enjoyed watching them. Though I do understand people need to separate and gain of self worth for themselves. I wish them the best

These people are going through a terrible time becauase of stupid things they both CHOSE to do. I have no compassion for them at all. And anyone who does is a naive, gullible idiot. All the people watching this crap are making them richer and richer and it's disgusting. Kate is the most self centered, rude, obnoxious, fake, loser I think I have ever seen. She should be so ashamed of herself. Take a look in the mirror and look what you have become! Just HORRIBLE! Her kids are horrible as well, but what do you expect with two loser parents. Those poor kids have no chance at all. The best thing they can do is grow up quickly and get away from Kate and Jon - Far Far Away and never look back! Stop watching this stupid show, get off the couch and get a life!
I am so sick of hearing abou tthem.

Kate has always been an A rtype personality. That's what drew Jon to her.. however i di dsee an early interview on how they met and back then Jon stated he never wanted to get married or never thoughthe woudl but that Kate had wanted to....
After 8 childrenit's to damn lat ein my opinion to grow balls.. Cheatingis never acceptable... He has an OCC Chopper... Harley sportscar, $$$$ Young ho's and NOW he grows balls.
He is ignorant enough to say he is PROUD of himself?? At the cost to his childrens stability and future.... His Father should kick him hard!!

What a joke this man is.

Why can't he grow up??

He chose to make these children at the Doctors office..not on a drunken night!!

He best get himself fixed before his new gnads grow him another child... ;[

Kate is a wench at times but I do believe she has been totally honest & is more than willing to work it out with her husband to provide the kids a SAFE happy LOVING family life.

Besides..Since when does Seperation mean Divorce???
I think counceling is in order as a husband wife/parenting team and as a family with the innocent kiddos.
They did NOT ask to be brought into this mess.

Fame and reality shows always seem to have away of helping along a couple to maritable UNHAPPINESS!!

In this day &age>
Smoking around teh kids??
Who's watching them if he's hiding on the other side of the home??

I haven't watched Jon & Kate since the end of season 4, I love how when ever she talks about the children she refers to them as my children not our children -- what does that tell you about her? She's self absorbed! For the heck of it I checked out the crooked houses they received for their children; they come easy to assemble and not painted and the little extras are added money, this is something for the rich not your everyday family, they start basic at about $1,250 to $5,000--and they got four of them, I bet she's been saving for that for awhile! I have to admit that they are cute and if you have the extra money go for it! As far as TV I'm starting to get sick of watching it; all these networks and they keep throwing dump our way, there are only handful of good shows out there--makes me wonder if what would happen if everyone just boycotted TV and Cable for a month, then maybe they would here us!

Are you kidding me? A marriage is falling apart, leaving in its wake eight devastated children, hurt family members, etc. and your take (the day after its announced) is that it hurts their chance for an EMMY??? Are you serious? Where is your sense of common decency? You had the same empathetic take from the (obviously disturbed) Christian Bale rant when you wrote, "Did Christian Bale throw away his Oscars hopes by throwing that tantrum?" I can just imagine past headlines you would have written in history, "Nero fiddles away chance of winning Nobel," or, "Unfortunate turn of events hurts Leni Riefenstahl's chances for Oscar gold!" or even, "Phil Specter shoots down Grammy nod" Shame on you!

Jon and kate are making a bad decision , Jon is so angry right now .Maybe in time they will see the effect it have on the children and try to get back together,NOT for the sake of the children but because they truly love each other.

What a sad thing for everyone involved. The destruction of a family and all we can do is judge. I wish the best for Kate and the kids. She is a strong motivated woman and will do what is best for her kids. They need time to adjust and move forward. It is going to be a long journey. Much love and compassion for them right now.

First, I don't need to keep these folks in "my prayers". They deliberately have chosen to exploit their kids while they themselves have had their own actions called into question. He cheated, she's denied claims that she cheated, and while all this is going on , the cameras keep rolling. They don't need prayers (that they don't deserve anyway), they need psychiatric help.

Back on topic: they aren't even going to get nominated for an Emmy in the first place. Their show, as it happens, is a lie, since they've been separated for two years according to the divorce filing. Additionally, it's trash TV, not reality. Kathy Griffin wins because viewers know they get the unvarnished truth from her about her life. The Gosselins, aside from making rather boring TV except when she's a shrew and he's a lummox, usually at the same time, can't even aspire to "truth". So don't expect an Emmy nomination for bad behavior as humans and as parents. The "reality show" category doesn't suit them anymore.

This show was suppose to be a "reality" show, in my reality I do not dress in all designer clothes, drive sport cars, go on vacation whenever I want, take my daughter on a special one on one time to a spa out of my city for the weekend. And to think all this happens on this "reality" tv show who happens to have not 1 but 8 kids! Wow is all I can say. Whatever happened to putting your childs best interest first. Jon out running around ( not like he won't get caught) Kate all acting like a diva, bossing around everyone, just generally acting like a real bitch. What about the twins? Are they not old enough to grasp what is going on, do they not see the media casts? what are the younger kids going to think when they too are old enough to understand how their parents paraded them around just for fame and fortune. What a shame. I have no respect for that television show, and eventually their ratings will fall and kate will be a washed up has been.
And if what they are doing is for the sole reason to jack their ratings up and somewhere before the end of season 5 they are going to reunite...that's even sicker!

I just want to let John and Kate know how sorry I am for what they are going through. I have watched the show from the very beginning and feel like they and their children have become part of my life indirectly. I too love to downhill ski and have started this year for the first time with a blind ski club as I am blind myself. I hope to sometime make it to Utah in the near future.

I just want John and Kate to know I am so sorry for what they are going through. I have watched the show from the very beginning and feel like they and their children have become part of my life. I too love to ski and hope to get out to Utah sometime in the future.

This family is going through tough times. We need to keep them in our prayers. We must care for this family otherwise we would be commenting.

An EMMY??? You have to be joking..TV has gone to the dogs if you ask me..If this is societies idea of talent my goodness..time to turn the TV off...I think this Jon and Kate crapola has gone waaaay too far..Many share my views..we BOYCOTT this B.S. that the TV executives are trying to pull on us and we won't stand to be lied too, sucked in or watch lies about a so called reality TV show. This whole thing angers me to no end. Time to pull the PLUG on this trash TV..No more Jon and Kate Plus's lies, it's a scam and it's abuse of eight children. Here's to at least one person who will NEVER watch this show or buy anything that puts one penny in the Gosselin's pocket.

I noticed the diamond studded earrings too, in John's ears; the sports car in the driveway; then I read yesterday that he was smoking a cigarette on the side of the garage while the kids were playing on the other side of the yard. Now Kate has a number of plastic surgeries; nails done all the time along with spa pampering, etc. It seems to me when this show first went on the air, there was none of these "taboo" practices going on in the Gosselin family as they preached how Christian they were. Now all you see on the show every week are the kids getting new, fun and exciting toys either donated by various companies or most likely paid for by the show. It used to be fun watching this show on how a big family of sextuplets would go thru their daily routine such as naps, laundry and potty training. Now its nothing but product placement each and every week. Very disheartening. They are doing nothing but throwing all the money around each week going to a new restaurant, a new adventure ride or new clothes, new toys....Now I know why Kate's family doesn't have anything to do with her. She's a piece of work. And so is Jon for that matter. Renewing your vows.... what a farce that was too! Get off TV and take care of your "real" lives..... money isn't everything.

These people are going through a terrible time in their lives and you choose to write about the ratings and if their show will get an Emmy? Have some compassion please.



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