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Mariah Carey divides both critics and fans with 'Obsessed'

June 18, 2009 |  1:49 pm

The new Mariah Carey single – "Obsessed" – released Tuesday has divided both music critics and fans alike. In the sassy song, Carey raps of her disdain for Eminem, dismissing him by saying, "You're a mom and pop, I'm a corporation." This track is the first off of her album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" due out Aug. 25, just six days before the cut-off of the Grammy Awards eligibility period. 

Mariah Carey Obsessed Grammy Awards news 1357986 Whether "Obsessed" will reap Carey a fourth record of the year bid at the Grammys is up for debate. The critical response to the single was mixed. Todd Martens of the Los Angeles Times said the song, "is certainly more lively than her earlier work with The-Dream (the bedroom slow-dance "My Love"). Unfortunately, it's an even more anonymous Carey than ever before. One of the biggest selling points of "E=MC2" was Carey dropping the over-the-top howling, and learning how to sing with a more restrained range. She thankfully left the showboating to the "American Idol" kids, and stayed closer to the rhythms. Yet "Obsessed" again sells out the songbird to her producers."

However, for Melinda Newman of HitFix, "The song is a rhythmically-driven, mid-tempo slice of summer delight, full of insults delivered in a innocent, sugary sweet questioning way by Carey, which only adds to its appeal." And Glenn Gamboa of Newsday thought, "Carey plays it cool on the track that she co-wrote with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. She coos confidently, riding the laid-back beat, probably holding back the laughs as she insults again."

Mariah Carey's last studio album – "E=MC2" – included the track "Touch My Body" which was her 18th No. 1 single. That achievement broke the record long held by Elvis Presley for a solo artist. Mariah Carey now sits just two songs away from The Beatles who piled up 20 chart-toppers in their career. The prospect of "Obsessed" becoming her 19th number one is being hotly discussed in our forums.

To Troy, "The song is definitely a grower! I don't get the "Touch My Body" comparison at all but yeah, the beat is sick!! #19 fo' sho!!!"

musicboy said, "I really love the song, is the type of beat she has to do right now, very "Migrate" (which had to be a single instead of "Loving u long time" and "I stay in love"). The auto-tune is appropiate, the lyrics are great, very urban, original to her, I can see this to be the #19, for sure."

Kenny thought it, "Excellent. I was hoping for something faster but this is still perfect for the summer. Clever lryics, The Dreams production can never fail, its catchy, I can't wait till this goes #1!"

However, jarretj said, "I don't know if I see this being "HUGE" though. you know? Sure its a good beat ... listened to it a couple times but it's nothing groundbreaking for her by any means nor is it a song I think that will have a major impact on her career."

Admitted DCurrie, "As much as I still love "Touch My Body", Mimi, Tricky & Dream stepped up about 10 blocks ahead with this one!"

And Mr Talented said, "I really like "Obsessed." It's not nearly as catchy as "Touch My Body," but it's certainly a better song and record overall."

bildo10 raved, "Loved it. It's miles better than "Touch My Body". The beat is great, and the lyrics are clever. I did hear auto-tune, but I don't think it overpowered the song."

But DJWoolf thought, "The beat is too "Touch My Body 2.0" for my taste. It sounds too autotuned, too, which is a turn-off in my book. I guess it'll get better with repeated listens."

24fanatic thought, "Mariah came at him (Eminem) 10X harder without having to rap, use explicit lyrics, or even mention him by name! She even had the guts to put her track out as the lead single, making damn sure everybody knows who she's targeting too! All I gotta say, is GET IT MC!!! Mariah absolutely killed it with this!"

HerMadjesty admitted, "I really wanted to like the new single, but here are my first impressions: the Auto-Tune is really tired and Mariah's the last artist who should be using it, not sure how I feel about the drug references, and I was expecting it to be more uptempo but it was midtempo at best. I did like "oh-uh-oh-uh-oh" parts and the vamping at the end was nice."

And Gucci said, "I'm not crazy about it. Let's start with the good. This is so much better than "Touch My Body" and the production is rather catchy. Now onto the bad. The lyrics are down-right awful, the cover is a hot mess and what's up with the auto-tune? It's like Mimi is taking notes from Beyonce."


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