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Susan Boyle hospitalized after losing 'Britain's Got Talent'

June 1, 2009 | 10:33 am

On Saturday, Susan Boyle lost "Britain's Got Talent" and on Sunday she lost her way. She was admitted into a clinic suffering from exhaustion. All of the attention finally proved to be too much for this 48-year-old spinster from a small Scottish village. She came to fame a mere seven weeks ago when her first audition for "Britain's Got Talent" became a You Tube sensation. 

"Britain's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan told the BBC that Susan Boyle was feeling "physically and mentally drained" prior to her admission to the Priory clinic. That private facility is well known for helping celebrities deal with mental health issues. In the week leading up to Saturday's final, Susan Boyle's behavior came under fire by the notorious British press.

Susan Boyle Britain's Got TalentOn Saturday night, Susan Boyle was gracious in defeat. Dance group Diversity bested her in the public vote, receiving 24.9% to her 20.2% of the nearly 4 million votes cast. The third-place finisher, saxophonist Julian Smith, earned 16.4% with the other seven finalists, splitting the remaining 40%. Unlike "American Idol," it costs money to vote in "Britain's Got Talent" — 50 pence (about 80 cents) for each call.

When the shock result was announced, Susan Boyle beamed with delight and told show hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, "The best people won. They are very entertaining lads," before turning to Diversity to say, "Lads, I wish you all the best."

And on the follow-up "Britain's Got More Talent," she reiterated,  "I think the best people won — I really do." When that show's host, Stephen Mulhern, asked Boyle about her own plans, she said, "I hope to get an album out. I'll just play it by ear." And when asked to sum up the experience, she said, "What a journey. Unbelievable, and very humbling. Thank you for everything."


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Photo: ITV

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Come on people - Susan has a sweet voice for singing but she's not all that talented. When I first heard that she was the favourite - my first thought was ' the UK must not have a lot of talent this year'. Getting a song finished was a struggle and her body language was shallow and tense. She was much more comfortable wiggling her hips and flashing thigh for Piers Morgan.

I think that the queen would be very happy to hear and see ALL of the finalists. Why just one?!! People are so unkind to women over a certain age.
Don't fret Susan. your star will still shine.... all the way to the bank!!!! Your future will be very bright.

With training - Susan could be a great singer but not for musicals. Susan is not a performer. She cant act and dance. If she was trying out for a musical - the treatment she would have gotten would have been much more cruel and more difficult on her. Thats why she went on BGT. She thought it would be and easier route. If she does get a break she is going to be very difficult to work with. Susan is too use to having her way. No one is going to want to invest in her for very long. Too bad because she does have potential. She can cut a CD but who buys CDs anymore?

Susan might have won if she made herself up like a pussy cat and sang Memory. I wondered why she sang I Dreamed a Dream a second time too and for her final performance. I thought she did a better job the first time. I read Piers and Simon used Susan to increase their ratings. I'm not surprised.

HP @ 3:03 PM is obviously an angry spinster herself. An incorrect spinster...she states "This is why she was diagnosed as having mild learning difficulties - you dont get them without brain damage! " Brain damage is not the only cause of learning disabilites....please get the correct information...get a clue...get a're totally full of ish...wrong ish at that.

She needs rest. To say she cannot sing is untrue and very mean sprited. There's a million in show biz with fake lips, boobs, & slicone rear ends. Can't sing a note and cannot act. And not worth the cost of electricity it takes to lite up my TV screen. That's why I stick to news, PBS, & my computer.

Enough hype already. The woman can't sing. Never mind how she looks...she has no sense of pitch. It's insane how much media attention she receives. A year from now nobody will remember her name.

I yield to none in my admiration for Boyle. Still, it was a little dismaying to see her do the "I Dreamed A Dream" number again. What was she thinking of ? Doesn't she know more than two songs?, some must have asked. None but the brave deserve the fair prize and Susan should have ended with a little more enterprise.

I think a lot of you wanted Susan to win because she's homely and has a voice that doesnt match her looks and feel sorry for her. When she walked onstage at her final performance - she had a look on her face like she wanted to punch someone out. I wouldnt want to be at the receiving end. If looks could kill. I think she has a lot of anger inside of her and I hope she gets counseling before she gets involved in show business. She's middle aged and has been house bound for a lot of years. Its a talent show people - not a pity party.

I love to hear you sing!!! I live in the U.S. and I would love to see you over here. Get well and make us an album.I would buy one.

Did you actually use the word SPINSTER?

I guess that's because she's unmarried and "homely."

With better looks, no doubt she would be a cougar.

I thought the judges were very cruel to do to Susan what they had done to her. She should not have even been in the finals. They toyed with someone who is very fragile. I hope Susan gets something out of this so she doesnt become a tragedy.

Sorry if I disagree with a lot of you but Susan Doyle is not talented. She has a beautiful voice for singing but not for musicals. When performing a song from a musical - she has to put her body into it just as much as her voice. I dont think she can do both at the same time. If I had to pay to see Susan or Diversity perform - I would pay to see Diversity.

That you Susan for making Scotland and all of us PROUD!! There is no doubt you should have won!! Do use the talent you have been mightly blessed with and bring more pleasure to people around the world. You bring tears to my eyes in a very joyful way! I am extremely happy for you...Get the rest you need and get back to singing for others. Go Girl!!

I've seen many musicals in my life time. Susan has a great voice but her performances werent flawless. The judges led her to believe she was the winner already and poor Susan fell for it. I dont watch these freak shows and if these shows dont watch themselves someone one day is going to have a gun on them shoot the judges brains out. These shows look for uniqueness - entertainment and perfection. Susan is neither unique or perfect but she is entertaining. I strongly believe that if she was a beautiful woman - she wouldnt have gotten the attention she got. I never liked Simon and Morgan and like them even less now. Time for the two of them to retire.

You really shouldn't be using such antiquated words as "spinster."

Susan, Please get better. You are a great talent and deserve to be recognized by the music world. I look forward to your first CD, and know you will be very sucessful! Enjoy what the good lord has given you, the voice of an angel.

luv er

here in the USA good looks and body gets raves------but you have real talent and personality ----so my best to you and may you keep singing.

Susan, you have a beautiful voice! I have played your song over and over...never tire of it. Here in the U.S. when someone places second, they become more popular than the ones that got first!! So, keep up with your beautiful voice and I hope to hear more songs on an album!!!

Susan you are unbelievable.. a great singing voice and wonderful character and such a good spirit.

your voice is beautiful, And I love listening to you talk. watching you move around.. you are natural entertainer.

and your body language shows great intelligence.

You are unusually kind and wise.

I can't wait to have your first album.

a movie, a talk show, concerts.. musicals.. you would be great.. the world awaits more from you.. right now we can't get enough of you!

Wish people would stop saying she "lost."
She placed 2nd, out of something like 40,000 applicants. Her future is bright,
but these journalists need to hurry up and get some class before putting a damaging spin on a story that doesn't need it.

Amanda Holden today in the USA ignorantly denied that oxygen deprivation at birth caused brain damage to Susan Boyle -an unmedical celeb apparently passing on medical misinformation.The fact is that oxygen deprivation of this sort is a very serious event which causes the brain cells to die therefore damaging the brain. Boyle therefore is someone who suffers the effects of some form of brain damage at birth caused by oxygen deprivation. This is why she was diagnosed as having mild learning difficulties - you dont get them without brain damage! Holden is covering this up in public denial in a pr whitewash because they do not want to take liability for Boyle's illhealth with associated psychological problems should it lead to legal action or other problems, as being considered by the UK media regulator following many complaints from the public. She is defensively and stupidly smoothing over the issues on behalf of the programme makers by such a bogus denial, trying to sound pseudo medical about oxygen deprivation when she clearly cannot understand what is involved. I hope the public will not be hoodwinked by these gross misinformation interviews. Those who persist in judging Boyle as just a diva need to think about the effects of brain damage, learning difficulties and its asssociated impact on social and emotional functioning before accusing her.She is amazing and doing her best with her startling abilities despite obvious disability through brain damage. For those referring to her as a spinster, I agree, it is sexist because you never call Simon Cowell that and he is one too. As is Hugh Grant, a spinster of this parish, sure you can think of other male spinsters before you call Ms. Boyle one! Gordon Brown, British PM was also a spinster into his 50s. Why does batchelor sound carefree whilst spinster sounds desperate?!

Unfortunately the British press is worse than ours, and that is really bad. What a shame that this woman with such a great talent has been poked at and made fun of until she pretty much broke. I hope she pulls herself together and does get an album out. I feel pretty certain it will be a hit in the US, even with people like me who prefer rock music. God bless her.

Your wonderful voice brought tears to so many and goose bumps of recognition. Art is sometimes touching the sacred. May you find your rest and peace and confidence and center and bless us one day soon with the album so many are eager to hear. God bless.




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