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Taylor Swift reigns AGAIN as queen of CMT Awards

June 16, 2009 |  9:06 pm

For a second year in a row, Taylor Swift claimed the same top two crowns at the CMT Music Awards: best video of the year and best female video. This year "Love Story" took both trophies. Last year she prevailed twice for "Our Song."

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Brad Paisley actually nabbed the most CMT Music Awards — three. He won his first-ever victory as best male vocalist ("Waiting on a Woman") plus laurels in two other categories: collaboration ("Start a Band" with Keith Urban) and performance of the year ("Country Boy" with Alan Jackson, George Strait and Dierks Bentley).

Brad Paisley's never won best video of the year. Now Taylor Swift has tied the record for most wins in that top race — and set a new one for female artists. Also claiming it twice in the past were Keith Urban ("Better Life," 2006; "Days Go By," 2005) and Toby Keith ("American Soldier," 2004; Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," 2003).

Taylor Swift beat lofty competition for video of the year: Trace Adkins ("You're Gonna Miss This"), Brad Paisley ("Waitin' on a Woman"), Sugarland ("All I Want to Do") and Carrie Underwood ("Just a Dream").


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Hi, It is sooooooo fricking refreshing to hear that people out there agree with me and Taylor Swifts voice. It is flat, no substance and NO vibrato! I don't see how anyone can even put her in the same category as Carrie, Martina and many others. I do't see how these female singers can phrase her on her voice. She is just a regular singer, barely. She would never make it to even see the judges for American Idol. So Taylor give it a rest with your singing. I change the channel everytime I hear her sing!!!

I think Taylor Swift is great & deserves her awards. She may not be a seasoned as the older country singers, but she will be & she is a breath of fresh air - her songs are more upbeat & reach a younger group - as Reba said - Taylor has opened up country music to a new audience. The Love Story video is one of the best I've seen.

Yes her voice is flat but it is suitable for her song. So far she is presenting a positive image, and she does have talent. As long as she does not turn out to be like lindsay, britney, I think I will keep supporting her.
Also, she sings better than miley
she is no problem as a young idol, I think kids are fine adoring her rather than the rest, yes including miley

Jezz, man, give the girl a break, as far as the comment on her choreographed concert...she's the one that choreographed it. Here is someone totally just a normal person trying to have their dreams and people are just shooting at her. She's 19 for Gods sake, lots of years for the voice development, and it will improve. She writes good songs and she really isn't a train wreck. Like her or not, she really is showing the music industry how to make money again. She is going to be in the loop for awhile because she really has found the holy grail on how to make money in music now a days.

dang yay i luv her song luv story everyday i hear it nd i no da whole song dang i luv u taylor swift

My husband and I are long time Def Leppard fans and what Taylor did last night to their song was absolutely pathetic and sickening. I thought my husband was going to hurl. Taylor ruined what was a decent song. I think she should definitely venture over into rap where you don't have to be able to carry a tune to sell records. The facts are that Taylor's voice is very flat. Any studio engineer can enhance your voice and make anyone sound like they can sing. Taylor can and does write good songs but her delivery of her material is pathetic. There are a slew of female country artists who really can sing and they don't need help in the studio.

It's a shame that Taylor felt the need to cheat in order to win....what does that say about her personally and professionally? Nothing good. What did her actions say to the kids who like her and follow her. Nothing good.

This Taylor Swift thing is TOTALLY out of control. She cannot sing live and that ridiculous karaoke performance at the end of the show was so embarrassing. I saw her in concert this past weekend and it was so choreographed and theatrical with all that head and hair slinging she does. Banging with her hands on a piano all the while slinging her head and then beating on some can drums. AWFUL! And they call her the Queen of Country! What a big joke! The CMT Awards was a wierd show. Only good performances was Sugarland and Keith Urban because they entertain and can sing live!

Even though Iof hers and follow her and go to her concerts, she is not a good singer live. You can tell she had some technical help on her cd's.

I was ashamed to see on Taylor's fan sites which I belong to they were putting the word out on how to cheat and vote multiple times (like they did for the American Music Awards which are fan voted) and also how to shut out Carrie Underwood who I am also a fan of. They instructed eachother to vote for Taylor, Miranda, Martina and Kellie, they also passed the message on to Kellie fans and it worked Carrie didn't make it in the Female category even though Just A Dream was the #1 CMT video of 2008.

I have not been back on any Taylor sites since I seen that nor will I go back, but I do still like her, but I also have ears and know she is not worthy of a Female Vocalist Award at any ceremony. I am happy that Taylor won something it is just too bad it is tainted.

So I must disagree with your statement if anyone will be beating Carrie out of Vocalist awards it will be Miranda, plus Carrie is eligable for Grammy's with Just A Dream next year and I am sure the Academy will realized the difference in talent, also Carrie's third album comes out in the fall so Taylor will be knocked down a few notches, she just doesn't have any competition right now.

Once again, the media hype over this girl is creating a monster. She is decent, but she isn't that good. The best I've ever heard her sing was on George Strait's "decade" show when she sang one of his songs. As usual, someone comes along and all you hear is all about them until they self destruct, crash, and burn, Then we hear nothing from them again. If we do it is all negative, how badly they're doing, what rehab clinic they're in, etc. Trying to put a "kid" up against the adults is just ridiculous anyway. There isn't a comparison. They should be left alone until they're old enough to handle it and sometimes they still aren't.



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