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Bill O'Reilly rails against Emmy nom for 'Family Guy'

July 21, 2009 |  1:39 pm

On "The O'Reilly Factor" Monday night, Bill O'Reilly virtually crucified the Emmy nomination for the notorious "Family Guy" episode "I Dream of Jesus," which reaped a bid for best voiceover performance (series creator Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin). "I Dream of Jesus" will probably be among the show's six episodes entered in the race for best comedy series too.

Bill O'Reilly The O'Reilly Factor news TV

After airing a clip from the episode (see video below) Monday night, O'Reilly addressed his TV audience: "Well, that controversial Jesus show has been nominated for an Emmy, reminding me of a compassionate old saying, 'They know not what they do.' "

When it aired on Oct. 5, "I Dream of Jesus" drew more than 8 million viewers – plus lots of ire, fire and brimstone from conservative Christians for its irreverent depiction of Jesus as a Hollywood-smitten doofus who gets caught up in newfound celebrity status, appearing on "The Tonight Show" and MTV, and waking up mysteriously one morning in Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment. Along the way, he befriends Peter Griffin and drops by his house one night for dinner with the family guy's crazy brood.

Below is video from O'Reilly's "Reality Check" segment that includes his riff on "Family Guy," but first you must watch his rants against Janeane Garofalo, Bono, Hendrick Hertzberg of the New Yorker and Jimmy Carter.

Photo: Fox News

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@ tralfaz

He does not do a "gay impression".

As someone who is about as anti Bill O'Reilly as is possible, I am for once going to "kind-of" defend him.

It was for starters not an impression of a gay person, it was in fact an impression of a camp person, a rather common misconception of gay people.

I know plenty of gay non camp people, and also a few camp non gay people.

So whilst he was quite obviously mocking the weatherman for being afraid of what im guessing was a bug/spider, which in itself a fairly common fear, he was most definately not doing a GAY impression.

On the other hand however, having seen more of Bill O'Reilly than i could possibly ever want to, it is entirely possible he was attempting to do a gay impression, which in itself is both very poor judgement, and also brilliantly funny in that he can't even mock the poor guy correctly.

That was such a funny episode!!! I can't understand why christian nut-jobs can't relax. Didn't God invent humor? When you look up @sshole in the dictionary, they should have O'Reilly's image there as an example.

Tom Shepke


Bill... Bill... Bill.... (shaking my head) When will you ever learn?

what a hypocrite, family guy should do a whole show around bill oreillys little harassment incident from a few years back haha what an ass

Okay, where to start:

1) He plays a clip in which Garafolo talks about the combative, nasty nature of right-wing media... and then YELLS at "her", thus proving the point.

2) The most disturbing part is the segment on the weather man screaming about a bug. Homophobic much? Notice that the umbrella used by O'Reilly to lead into the segment is pink, and that after words he does a "gay impression."

This man is a vile human being, and I use that term lightly. (Human being, not vile)

Every time I see his ugly face I, Bill O'Reilly gives me more and more reasons to hate him. What a shining example of humanity, especially his nonsensical rants and homophobia, to name just two of his standout moments in those mere four-and-a-half minutes! Oy...

Just watched the video..."virtually crucified?" "Rants?" Overstate much? I LOL at your crucifying and ranting against Bill O'Reilly for crucifying and ranting with a video of him not crucifying and ranting as evidence.

For once, O'reilly is right.

oh i almost forgot--this guy always has something spewing out his piehole! gee thanks for reminding me....



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