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Will 'Bruno' win over Golden Globe voters for 'Borat' champ Sacha Baron Cohen?

July 10, 2009 |  3:17 pm

"Bruno" opened today to reviews deeply divided between paeans and pans. In this new mockumentary,  Sacha Baron Cohen plays the title character of an over-the-top gay Austrian fashion reporter determined to become world famous. "Bruno" scored only 55 at Meta Critic and just 52 among the top tier of reviews surveyed by Rotten Tomatoes.

Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen Movie News 9753124 Borat

Three years ago, Sasha Baron Cohen wowed the world with "Borat." That savage satire scored a staggering 97 among the cream of the crop of critics surveyed by Rotten Tomatoes and an impressive 89 at Meta Critic

Baron Cohen went on to win the Golden Globe for his performance as the kooky Kazakhstan reporter. However, "Borat" was bested in the musical/comedy picture race by "Dreamgirls." Baron Cohen also shared in an adapted screenplay Oscar nod for bringing his TV character to the big screen; William Monahan won for "The Departed."

"Bruno" did earn rave reviews from the likes of Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times. But there were just as many critics – such as Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post's Ann Hornaday – who failed to find the fun in "Bruno."

However, the film is likely to be review proof. Thursday's midnight screenings of "Bruno" generated $1.6 million stateside and the movie could well top the box office chart this weekend. Three years ago, "Borat" grossed an impressive $260 million worldwide.

Sacha Baron Cohen certainly knows how to generate interest in his films. In May, he dropped in on the MTV Movie Awards dressed as Bruno. Flying through the air with less than the greatest of ease, he landed in a rather compromising position on Eminem. The rapper appeared outrage, storming out of the kudofest and generating heaps of headlines. Not surprisingly, it was soon revealed that the crash landing was actually staged and Eminem was a willing participant.

Last month, Baron Cohen attended the London premiere of "Bruno" clad in a sexed-up version of a Buckingham Palace guard's uniform. As he explained to the AP when asked about his choice of outfit, "I just wanted to do something that was flattering for the Royal Family. Something that the Queen — I'm not talking about Elton John — would really appreciate."


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This definitely should have been NC-17. I'm not a prude, but I need to know what to expect. This was way too much porn for an R-rated movie.

Bruno is a perfect example of how desperate people are to be famous. Bruno was looking for provocation and attention and that what he got.
This is an unfortunate situation that takes advantage of the democratic values and free expression in societies like ours, the movie should have been banned. Sacha Baron Cohen should make a public apology for making the movie, there is no thing funny about is about racism, hate, and descrimination!

If this does well, I think it will reflect more how slow a movie start week it is. It simply is awkward more than funny, and leaves you rooting against the main character most of the time.

If this makes money this weekend, it will fall off the page quickly as word of mouth circulates, I predict.

hohoho funny mannn :)

The movie is a hate crime. I am a straight woman, and there is nothing in the movie resembling my gay friends . just sex caricatures of male gay men, no caring or kindness-got to stop. the movie is a disgrace and insulting and offensive.

Cohen is great, as he was in his previous characters. There is a related post at

Crass humor, porn,a couple funny moments, implies gay is choice not biology, should be x rated for the porn in film

I think he's hilarious, the Pam Anderson male-frontal nudity was a bit over the top in 'Borat' but most of it was ROFL, this is sure to be too, Ali-G used to crack me up, he has real material yet it's hilarious because it's like people getting "Punk'd" yet "Jackass the Movie" like reality, who else is doing this and pulling it off ?



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