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Eminem issues 'The Warning' to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

July 31, 2009 | 12:12 pm

Mariah Carey Obsessed music news 1357986 Grammy Awards Six weeks ago Mariah Carey went on the offensive in her ongoing war of words with Eminem by releasing the single "Obsessed" and seeming to mock the rapper in the video version of the song. Yesterday, the Oscar-winning singer-songwriter ("Lose Yourself") responded with the obscenity-laden song "The Warning."

As one of the only printable lines of the song says, “I’m obsessed now?/ Oh, gee that’s supposed to be me/ In the video, with the goatee?" Eminem goes on to describe intimate details of a long-ago liaison with Mariah Carey, to mock her husband of 16 months Nick Cannon, and to threaten the release of compromising pictures and voice mails of the songstress.

Mariah Carey has always prided herself on her songwriting abilities. In "Obsessed," she wrote in a rap directed to Eminem, "Why are you so obsessed with me / Boy I wanna know / Lying that you're sexing me/ When everybody knows / It's clear that you're upset with me."

Relapse Eminem Album Grammy Awards While Eminem has said that he and Carey were one-time lovers, she repeatedly has denied his claim. On his new album "Relapse" released in mid-May, Eminem referenced Carey and Cannon in a less-than-flattering light on the track "Bagpipes From Baghdad." This newest track is not from that album but was released only online.

"Obsessed" was the first single from Carey's new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" due out Aug. 25. This 12th studio album by Mariah Carey just makes the new Aug. 31 cut-off for Grammy Awards eligibility.

Though Mariah has racked up 34 Grammy nominations (among female artists, second only to Aretha Franklin), she has managed only five wins. And none of those victories came in the top categories of album, record and song of the year.

Over the years, Eminem has won nine Grammys but lost both his bids for album and record of the year. As a songwriter, he has contended for song of the year just twice. And he did not land a best new artist nod when he burst onto the music scene.

Carey was named best new artist in 1990 for her self-titled debut album. And she won best pop vocal, female, that year. Then, though her follow-up albums all went platinum, there was a Grammy Awards drought until her smash hit "The Emancipation of Mimi."

Carey went into the 2005 Grammys with eight nominations but left with only three wins, in the R&B genre – contemporary album, song ("We Belong Together") and female vocal. The singer-songwriter lost the big prizes of album, record and song of the year to U2 and Green Day.

And her 2008 follow-up – the critically acclaimed, chart-topping "E=MC2" – did not have the right formula to win over Grammy voters. She was snubbed for that album as a whole and her historic No. 1 single, "Touch My Body," was shockingly shut out as well. She picked up just a nod for her gospel collaboration on "I Understand."

Photos: Island / Interscope


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I admire eminems talent as a rapper and songwriter. I felt sad when I heard about Mariahs denying having had any romantic involvment with eminem. If I had been in the same situation I would have been honored to admit to having a relationship with him. I wouldnt have been embarrased at all. Having said this I still have alot of love and respect for both eminem and mariah

I remember listening to Mariah as a child my mom would play her misic all of the time. I am impressed with the fact that after all of this time she manages to stay on the music scene. Especally since a lot of artists just fade away after a couple of hits or even after a single one never to be heard from again. Mariah has a beautiful voice she can actually sing unlike many female artists today who just screech and make noice. Mariah actually has talent and should be given more respect.

eminem is right he is a legend she just cant sing and cant have a good come back song and i dont think eminem has a goatee plus last time i checked eminem didnt get knocked down by a bus

Ha Eminem one shes upsessed with herself and she started it screw her Eminem destroyed her on the warning and she deserves it.

Mariah and Eminem must be wise and look for compromises to resolve the controversy...

all notable tributes and quotes on Mariah Carey from famous peers:

mariah is a hater

I think Mariah Carey has a bad attitude! She's cocky.

Chuck Norris Says: Eminem(rapper) wins, Mariah(SBC) LOSES. Note SLB:Look in the warning lyrics, 30th bar.
I repeat Eminem WINS Mariah LOSES

sincerely, Chuck Norris

kay so whoever thinks mariah started it, you're dumb.
Eminem started it with his song "Bagpipes in Bagdad" and then Mariah went off with her song obsessed.
This is so retarded, eminem sounds pretty serious about this all. all i know if that if mariah writes another song shes got nothing to hide.

And i swear eminem isnt allowed to put mariahs voice in his songs without her permission? Hmm..

Eminem is a white wannabee black fag. His song is pretty good hes a good rapper but he took this whole thing to the extreme and hes the one that made it worse than it already is. Mariah shouldnt of put him in her video but damn Eminem burned her. Hes just a fag; thats all i really have to say.

look i like eminem, i even like the song but so what if he hit. let it go, how many times do they have to listen to him talk about mariah like shes a threat to him. tell him to talk about rick ross like that.

Mariah and nick are both fags and eminem's the warning is hilarious. Dont mess with e.minem

Loved The Warning. About time someone put Mooriah in her place.

Dear Morons,

This is all a publicity stunt.
Stop being dumbasses for two seconds, and understand that BOTH of them need as much publicity they can get because the record industry isn't really doing too well.

And also, Nick Cannon's a complete retard.

Thank you.

hey i dont care for eminem
never have never will mimi
is a great lady who i look up to you and nick are meant for each other and as far as eminem is conserned he needs to wacth out because hes messing with the wrong group of people know

Really it's not on Em, Mariah kinda started with her song so I hope that she can handle it. The song is hilarious. Nick wish didnt have to endure this drama, clearly they didnt finish their business.

15 year old Eminem wants you to know he went to bed with Mariah Carey. Please give him attention so he may stop crying on all his records. We didn't give him enough attention when was so emotional over Christina Aguilera and the likes. All the fame and money hasn't made him a happy camper.

Em is Right thoo , marriah's song if fucked . but he should let it go now

I want mariah to say something back... just so eminem puts out some nude pics of her =) lol

eminem you is going lose all of your fans mariah is agood women don't be like that ilove you mariah and nick good luck with the baby bye

I believe Eminem 110%, but him and Mariah are clearly done. He should leave what's in the past, in the past. She's moved on, she's married. Why is he still talking about their past relationship? Because he's obviously jealous and upset that Mariah doesn't give a **** and that Nick is a better man in Mariah's eyes.

Well I'm not a big Mariah fan....i think shes fake && shes mean as hell 2 ppl. I feel like she got wat she deserved. She & nick both kno how Em is & how he likes 2 throw ppls name around n all his music...thats just him & u would kno that if u actually listen 2 his music & if ur a fan. I dnt think he meant nething by it. But once Nick & Mariah started talkin sh*t thats when Em started talkin sh*t back. They r all grown a** ppl...Nick && Mariah can dish sh*t out but cant take it back when its thrown at them? They ALL really needa grow up. Its a "warning" 2 Mariah & nick so they both betta leave it alone after this & move on


Well I think they both should act there age and leave the whole thing alone if you had a relationship you had one if not then not you know what really happened so why be childish just grow up & move on with your life this is middle school stuff!...

I am an Eminem and Mariah fan. Realli i could care less if they had a relationship, although Eminem did obliterate her whole case. Either way she's married now and who cares if she's a slut. She's Nick's slut now. What these ppl do in their personal lives should be personal. Realli i think it's time for Eminem to up his game. I used to be a big fan of Eminem, I'm still a fan just not as die hard. I think his hatred dat made him so popular is running low on steam. He's very candid but besides his daughter does he have any sort of happiness other than when he's ripping on other ppl. If he wasn't contemplating homocidal thoughts about Kim he was talkin about his punk a** dad n mom. I'm not dissin Em I jus wna hear something a lil different. He was gone for a minute and then he came bk hatin so strongly. He should do something a lil different for his fans that have matured and grown up with him. That's my opinion. They need to just let this die. I'm already sick of it




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