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How the Emmy pundits scored (hey, where's my lollipop?!)

July 16, 2009 |  2:33 pm

Family guy weeds emmy awards nominations

I know, I know . . . . I promised that my Emmy nomination predictions would be "100% accurate," but pundits are supposed to act all blustery and smug. That's our job. Turns out I did quite well, though -- 82.4% (61 correct predix, 13 goofs).

According to preliminary score keeping, I beat Robert "Rob L" Licuria (59) and Chris "Boomer" Beachum (58) when measuring the same categories. Rob and Boomer forecast a few more races too, resulting in a tie when they correctly nailed 97 out of 137 nominations. Here is a chart breaking down all of our predix. Here is the list of nominees.

Rob and I foresaw that historic nomination for "Family Guy." I was the only guru to predict the nomination for "Weeds" as best comedy. Boomer had several gutsy long-shot calls come through: best series bids for "How I Met Your Mother," "Flight of the Conchords" and "Breaking Bad." I gave poor Boomer a lot of grief for betting on "Conchords" and "Breaking Bad," so I've got some crow to eat. (Congrats, Boomer!)

Photo credits: Fox, Showtime

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