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Why were Jon and Kate Gosselin cruelly snubbed by Emmy voters?

July 29, 2009 |  8:59 am

Considering that the Emmys are chosen by a popular ballot, it's weird that TV's most buzzed-about reality show — "Jon & Kate Plus 8" — wasn't nominated for best reality program. On the eve of voting, Jon and Kate Gosselin and their brood had just drawn more than 10 million viewers to the premiere of their fifth TV season on TLC in late May.

Jon and Kate Gosselin Jon & Kate Plus 8 news

However, voters preferred "Antiques Roadshow," "Dirty Jobs," "Dog Whisperer," "Intervention," "Mythbusters" and two-time past champ "My Life on the D-List" in that category. What happened?

The Emmy fate of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" underscored something we already knew about Emmy voters — they're snobs. Consider this: the TV series that's won the most Emmys historically is about two snooty brothers ("Frasier" with 37 trophies) obsessed with opera and vintage wines. Voters love series about other dysfunctional families, sure, but "Jon & Kate Plus 8" crossed the line, offending academy snobs exactly at the wrong time.

Voting on Emmy nominations occurred from June 5th to June 26th. Around that time, Jon and Kate faced sleazy charges that they'd been cheating on each other, an episode aired showing Jon skipping Kate's 34th birthday so he could go snowboarding with pals in Utah, Kate was caught throwing a hissy fit and spanking one of the girls in public, then Kate threw in the towel and filed for divorce.

Suddenly, this was more than just a reality show, but a really painful reminder of the ugly side of life. Maybe that makes "Jon & Kate Plus 8" the ultimate reality-TV program, therefore all the more deserving of Emmy recognition, but that's where the factor of snobbism comes into play again. While bickering between themselves and chasing after toddlers on "Jon & Kate Plus 8," the Gosselins looked amusingly like the average put-upon middle-class Americans. However, just around voting time for Emmy nominations, they suddenly looked like trailer-park trash — and that was unforgivable.

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No, no. You've got it wrong. The Gosselins have always looked like trailer trash. What's unforgivable is that the Gosselins never grow or change or evolve. They're still white trash with money that they made off of their kids. Jon and Kate have convinced themselves that there will never be any psychological fallout to the kids. They have convinced themselves that the "opportunities" for the kids are preferable to a life without cameras in the children's faces. And that a college fund makes that OK.

The reason why Jon and Kate + 8 wasn't nominated is because the television viewing public can see through this sham. Jon and Kate use their kids for fame and fortune. The poor kids are left with nannies. Gosh, will the kids have college funds? The way Jon and Kate are spending their KIDS' money, it sure doesn't look like it.

I think Jon will live to regret the lost moments of his children. I had this happen to me when my last child was 5. Their dad left like Jon but he never blamed me. Kate is one great Mother. Jon is a jerk and goes against everything that is holy. What happened to your faith in God? I thought you were Christians? Jon, Christians don't shack up with three women declaring his love and loyalty for his children. (That is hypocrisy.) Look at who you are and remember there will be a nice man that will come into Kate's life and take your place. And who needs the Emmys?

This "article" is just plain wrong for so many reasons. Just goes to show what kind of uneducated, muck-raking, gossip-artist "writers' are allocated to web web "reporting." In the several years J&K+8 has been on, it has not even come close to being considered for the award. But more embarrassing to the point that you are trying to make: The episodes chronicling the marital problems of the couple were not YET eligible for consideration, as they were aired after the cut off date. Those episodes will be eligible for next year's awards, when they will not be nominated either.

There is little real about Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Hard to be a reality show when folks find out the last 2 years has been nothing but lies, that's what cost them.

Tom, apparently you're not in the know. You needed a quick article and tried to ride the Jon and Kate gravy train- and failed. Go away.

This article shows exactly why the Emmys are so bogus. Aren't the awards supposed to reflect the entertainment value of a show? No matter how you feel about Jon and Kate there is no denying that it was extremely entertaining. How else to explain the huge ratings? And I don't buy the excuse that the emmy voters don't nominate low brow humor. If this were true, then why was Family Guy nominated? The truth of the matter is that the Emmy's are not about the acting or the entertainment value of a show. The actors can be brilliant in their parts, but if their personal behavior doesn't match the Hollywood standard they will be snubbed. Jeremy Piven, David Duchovny, Kathryn Heigl all come to mind. So it comes as no surprise that Jon and Kate's reality show would be snubbed as well. The author is right. Emmy voters are snobs.

If Jon and Kate were to be nominated for an Emmy, it would be the end of television as we know it... >__>

i think they were not nominated b/c they are getting divorced and it's such a sad thing with 8 children involved. i mean they just can't seem to work it out for a kids. i have always said if you find two people that are willing to work at it you got something good. nobody is that freaking special. please

Let's get one thing straight Spanking a child is not child abuse......

Saying the Emmys are picked by snobs says more about yourself than it does the Emmy voters. The Emmy voters are notoriously low brow. Frazier didn't do well b/c the voters related to Frazier and Niles. It did well because the voters enjoyed feeling superior to rich snobs who never failed to fall apart on the show. It was a case of schadenfreude, not of admiration. Jon and Kate is what is wrong with TV and in this rare case, the Emmys got it right.

You've got a couple of inaccuracies:

1. It wasn't Kate who "threw in the towel", it was Jon. And rightfully so, given the horrible way that Kate treated him during their marriage.

2. Jon & Kate would not ever have been an Emmy-worthy show, regardless of what had happened. It was just never that good or that interesting, until their relationship started to implode. And even then it wasn't the *show* that was interesting, it was the fact that the two of them were being stupid enough to air the messy disintegration of their marriage on national TV. In fact, the divorce episode itself was pretty boring and poorly put together, with a lot of stepping around the issue until the very end.

There's a difference between causing a spectacle and doing something Emmy worthy. John and Kate did the former, not the latter.

I guess this means that Jon and Kate's 15 minutes of fame is finally over. thank goodness!

The voters do not condone child abuse. While they faked amicability for the cameras for over a year, the kids were exposed to their real feelings AND were still made to "sing for their supper." Child use and abuse. These two should be prosecuted and not rewarded.

Maybe because the Emmy award's committee or whoever is in charge of making the decisions on what TV series to give an award to, came to its senses and realized this was nothing more than exploitative television aimed at the chronically bored people who don't have enough cable channels to be able to choose something really worth watching.

Oh Tom, I enjoy you best without the hyperbole.

No one wants to see Jon anymore. He is a lazy, ugly, fat, narcisstic pig!

Tom, I have to disagree with you. The reason why people no one wanted to give this an award nomination was because no one wanted to further give these two cretins any more credence.

Then again, maybe it's just a trashy show not worthy of recognition.

I don't think your contention makes much sense. Since the show was never nominated for anything prior to all this tabloid nonsense, it seems a bit unreasonable to conclude that it's the main reason for it not being nominated this time.

Ok - fine - don't approve my posting. I suppose you only approve positive comments on your blog anyhow. But honestly, "cruelly snubbed"? Can you give a well measured reason why they should recieve an Emmy after the disgusting debacle they've made of themselves?

J&K+8 sure had a large quantity of viewers this year, but they had no quality. Last season was the antithesis of reality - the loving parents were breaking up behind the scenes but faking it for the cameras. The remarriage aired about a year ago, right? Both the current and previous season have been ridiculous examples of product placement, and this season has had the added uncomfortability of watching the family disintegrate. The Emmy voters were right - this is not one of the best reality shows, even though many people are watching.

Why should Emmy's reflect pop culture? Shouldn't it award good programs and discourage low brow entertainment? This show is a complete waste of time. Maybe if Americans watched less television and read more they wouldn't be so weak in education.

Wow - who really cares? BFD.



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