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Was Michael Jackson cheated at the Grammys?

July 8, 2009 | 10:55 am

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Michael Jackson may have sung "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," but did he get enough Grammy Awards? Michael Jackson won 13 times, including best album ("Thriller"), record ("Beat It") and song ("We Are the World").

But three artists won twice as much – or more. Chicago Symphony Orchestra conductor Georg Solti holds the record (31), followed by Quincy Jones (27) and Alison Krauss (26).

It's hard to begrudge some artists their Grammy bounty: Vladimir Horowitz (25), Stevie Wonder (22), U2 (22), Henry Mancini (20), Aretha Franklin (18) and Itzhak Perlman (15). Others just seem rather Grammy greedy, if you ask me: Vince Gill (20), Pat Metheny and the Pat Metheny Group (17) and – biggest outrage in the music-awards game – Jimmy Sturr (18). The National Academy of Recording Artists has been so embarrassed by Sturr's automatic wins for best polka album every year that it just nixed the category completely.

But then maybe Michael Jackson's Grammy take isn't so modest, considering that the Beatles won only seven times. And the King of Pop reigned much higher than music's other King: Elvis Presley won only three Grammys, all in the gospel category for now-forgotten recordings.

Photo: Ken Hively / L.A. Times


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No matter if Michael received 8 or 20 grammy awards he will always be the greatest entertainer of all time. Michael Jackson is known all around the world. No offense to the others. But the rest of the world would not recognize these people by name. EVERYBODY on the planet knows Michael Jackson! On Sunday January 31 2010, Michael Jackson will be honored at the Grammy's. A short video clip of Michael Jackson's Earth Song in 3-D will be shown in Michael's honor along with musical guest Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake and Smokey Robinson. There is hope that his kids will accept the award on behalf of their dad. Oh yes, its been 7 months since Michael's death and the world still misses him dearly. He has won countless posthomous awards and his movie "This Is It" was a hit. Long live the King of Pop!

i think 13 grammy's are very less for MICHAEL JACKSON!!! his every album and every song was extra ordinary!!! Just think why he didnt get Grammy for Best album "BAD"... and "Dangerous" and why "you are not alone" won best song award while it made a guiness world record... its all cheating... His Song "BLACK or WHITE" topped every chart in the world but didnt get a Grammy award.... Isnt this cheating??? Michael Jackson is the Greatest of them all... Long live the King!!!!

The Beatles won 7 because they were only around for 10 years. Elvis? Well, I don't know why he only won 3. In my true honest opinion, his music doesn't appeal to me. Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson - they deserve all those grammys, they are amazing people. I honestly think Lionell Richie should have more. To bad he was nominated alot when MJ when 8 in 1 night.

Pat Metheny is one of the greatest musicians of the past century. Besides being the best Jazz guitarist since Wes Montgomery, he is one of the best composers out there. And what kind of stupid phrase is "Grammy greedy" anyway?

What do you mean by polka musician Jimmy Sturr winning 18 Grammys being the "biggest outrage in the music-awards game?" Do you know anything about polka music, or is it just a cheap shot? A lot of polka fans complain that Sturr won so many because he knew how to play the game. Is that what you meant? Please explain, or we'll just assume it was another MSM cheap shot against a fine ethnic music.

Michael Jackson is simply the greatest entertainer this world has and will ever see. He is my king, my idol and my musical God, there won't ever be another , not in this lifetime. I love you Michael Jackson always and forever. R.I.P they can't judge you anymore.

Michael Jackson is the best singer and performer ever! It's an honor for the grammys that he accepted their 13 awards and not vice versa.

and to that commentator who said he is a pedo... good God! God will judge you soon! Sure you are a crackheaded redneck who can't see beyond his perverted pulses. I agree America didn't deserve Michael! they deserve perverted idiotic low scum cowboy rednecks! Michael should have moved out from America for good just like Madonna! I don't know why he didn't :S :-(

Oh yes you can bet he will come back, Soon not to long he will be spotted somewhere and we would be saying is he really dead. Mark my word give some time it will start to happen.

Michael Jackson was a tremendous talent and I would have loved to see him with more Grammys. I look forward to hearing what we missed that was never released.
Pat Metheny is an incredible musician who in over 30 years of recording has been exceedingly prolific and deserves each and every Grammy he has, and I look forward to more great music from him.

The Grammys aren't really an award at all. They are like a certificate for good attendance. They have nothing to do with musical talent. The only ones cheated are those forced to watch the telecast.

Houston1526 you must not have a life if you love MJ more than your own life and the real fact of the matter is MJ squandered a fortune on himself not on the kids of the world so get it right MJ was cool but no angel he had DEMONS in his soul and it wrecked him GOD BLESS HIM NOW!

It's not about the quantity. Some fields have fewer artists,some artist are up for multiple awards. You can't make that comparison.

In all fairness to Michael, Vince Gill is an extraordinary singer, guitarist, and songwriter when it comes to country music and Elvis' gospel recordings are not "forgotten."

I don't know many music fanatics who think the Grammys matter for much at all.

Who cares about the Grammys, and can we please move on past the Michael Jackson obsession? It's been 14 days, he's dead and he's not coming back.


Jeff you either have mental problems or have a dangerous obsession with this man who also had mental problems and possibly a dangerous interest in small children known as as MIchael Jackson.

The Grammy's are overrated just like the Rock and Roll of Fame is too. I wouldn't take any Grammy award or inductee to the RRHF, seriously. It's just subjectively awarded by people in the industry who don't know what is truely great. In other word's it's a joke!

No, but Diana Ross sure was cheated.

Many artists are active their entire lives, Micheal Jackson was not. Most people would not aspire to be Micheal Jackson. He had so much more potential, had he tapped it then he would have more awards.

Michael's life went downhill after the 1993 incident. He could not handle it. His insurance company forced him to settle. Jordan Chandler couldn't even identify if he was circumcised. He was completely innocent. They hit him in an area he was completely vulnerable, an area that was most important to him.

The greedy press then decided to destroy him. His plastic surgery and eccentricities made him an easy target. But so what if he was eccentric, we are all eccentric in our own ways. After the 2003 trial he should have been completely vindicated, but the press didn't see it that way.

After the Martin Bashir documentary, he was never the same. His health was in decline, he quit performing, he became a nomad, and even more of a recluse.

After all that, he was still the only performer on the planet that could sell out 50 shows in a few hours.

He is dead, suddenly the press loves him.

No, he wasn't cheated at all! I don't think our society should be paying homage to a PEDOPHILE! Anybody that does give him honors is just as whacked out as he was!
Glad to see this PEDOPHILE DEAD!!

Clearly the man was an outstanding performer and so talented, but there are other fine musicians in this country, and some audiences prefer other sounds. His sudden death and spectacular memorial service don't change that.

Usually Grammys are an indication of the mediocre where popular music is concerned.

Krauss and Solti were extraordinary in their fields. But I'm going to guess Jackson's race and controversy kept him from getting what he deserved. He is certainly not alone in being cheated by these 'awards.'

Who really cares? he's dead.

i wish if MJ did not come from america cos they did not appreciate his life & his talent. however, the world has spoken through the love he saved to every single person in this world. also i would like to say that whoever wrote (media) lies about MJ, i ask my creature to destroy their lives as much as they did to Michael Jackson. MJ helped the poorest (specially kids around the world) with unconditional loves and his money to save their lives. Also MJ changed the view of America across the world where amarica is hated but when MJ arrived they cheered him with joy and love. We could see more surprise from him but the media wasted his time. Through accusations and allegations. R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON i appreciate my life that i witness MJ living in this earth and i hope his kids will be protected and cared whoever takes care of them. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSOM MORE THAN MY LIFE..



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