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Will 'So You Think You Can Dance' upstage 'Dancing With the Stars' and the Oscars at the Emmys?

July 20, 2009 | 11:33 am

"So You Think You Can Dance" once again leads the Emmy nominations for choreography, leaving "Dancing with the Stars" as an Emmy wallflower.  The Fox summer smash about everyday folk vying for a chance to dance has won the Emmy for the last two years in a row, while the ABC hit that pairs celebrities with professional dancers has been an Emmy also-ran for three years running.

So You Think You Can Dance Emmy Awards 2009 Top Ten This year, "So You Think You Can Dance" earned four of the six slots. While Wade Robson – who won this race last year and in 2007 – is not among the "SYTYCD" crew nominated this year, his 2007 co-winner – Mia Michaels – did land a nod. Also contending are Dmitry Chaplin, Tyce Diorio, and the team of Tabitha D'umo and Napoleon D'umo.

Derek Hough and Julianne Hough are the only nominees for teaching celebrities how to kick up their heels on "Dancing With the Stars." Tony Award winner Rob Ashford ("Thoroughly Modern Millie") rounds out the roster, landing his first Emmy nod for choreographing the Oscars.

Last year, "So You Think You Can Dance" took three of the five slots, with "Dancing with the Stars" earning a single nod for Julianne Hough and "High School Musical 2" earning a bid as well. Two years ago, "Dancing with the Stars" was the lone loser, while the high-energy "So You Think You Can Dance" took two Emmys for choreography and "Tony Bennett: An American Classic" won a third. And three years ago, despite three nominations, "Dancing with the Stars" was left on the sidelines as "High School Musical" won the only Emmy awarded for choreography.

Overall, the boffo ratings of "Dancing" have not translated into much Emmy gold. Three years ago, the show went two for six, with wins for technical direction and costumes. Two years ago, it was blanked at the Emmys despite eight nods, while last year it took two of its eight bids, with wins for technical direction and makeup.

This summer, "So You Think You Can Dance" is one of the hottest TV series on the air, drawing nearly 8 million viewers an episode. Such intense interest in this sizzling show can only help to give it an extra kick in Emmy voting.

Photo credit: Fox


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