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Emmy predix: 'The Office' will win best comedy directing

August 16, 2009 |  5:39 pm

"30 Rock" has won best comedy series for the past two years and just set a record for scoring the most nominations ever by a comedy series (22), but it's not yet won the Emmy for directing. ("Pushing Daisies" won last year, "Ugly Betty" in 2007.)

This year it's got three nominations — half the category's total — but it will lose again according to our Emmy pundits Chris "Boomer" Beachum and Robert "Rob L" Licuria (, who agree on which other nominee will prevail. Below, their noodlings on this category.

The Office Stress Relief Emmys TV news

1. Jeff Blitz, "The Office," "Stress Relief"
2. Millicent Shelton, "30 Rock," "Apollo, Apollo"
3. James Bobin, "Flight of the Conchords," "The Tough Brets"
4. Beth McCarthy, "30 Rock," "Reunion"
5. Todd Holland, "30 Rock," "Generalissimo"
6. Julian Farino, "Entourage," "Tree Trippers"

ROB'S COMMENTARY: Having three "30 Rock" episodes may hurt the chances of any of them, but if one of them is to get up, I am thinking "Apollo, Apollo" might. I regard it as the better episode. That being said, Beth McCarthy and Todd Holland are past Emmy winners, so that might come into play with the peer-group voting in this category.

The "Conchords" episode is a great example of excellent directing (funny musical numbers being the standout), and this might be the show's better chance for a surprise win. "Entourage" doesn't appear to be in this running this year.

Finally, with only one episode in play, and what I regard as the best episode of "The Office" in the last two seasons, I think "The Office" might surprise a few and take this one. It's also an hour-long special episode, and the one that aired after the Super Bowl.

1. Jeff Blitz, "The Office," "Stress Relief"
2. Millicent Shelton, "30 Rock," "Apollo, Apollo"
3. Julian Farino, "Entourage," "Tree Trippers"
4. James Bobin, "Flight of the Conchords," "The Tough Brets"
5. Todd Holland, "30 Rock," "Generalissimo"
6. Beth McCarthy, "30 Rock," "Reunion"

BOOMER'S COMMENTARY: The single most memorable and hilarious segment of any series this past season was the fake fire started by Rainn Wilson at the beginning of "Stress Relief" from "The Office."  I just have to believe that the Emmy voters will want to reward that brilliant scene plus the CPR training, roast of Michael Scott and the rest of this funny episode.

My second favorite episode of the season was "Apollo, Apollo" from "30 Rock", so a victory by Millicent Shelton (a rare directing nomination for a woman) would also be welcome.  Beyond that, I thought the mushroom-influenced episode of "Entourage" was also a director's dream.  The other episodes nominated would have a tough uphill battle to overcome one of those three top contenders.


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