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Poll: 'Avatar' trailer = Awesome or awful?

August 21, 2009 | 10:44 am


"This is great!" says the blue dude with the spooky eyes in the new trailer for "Avatar," the first new big flick from "King of the Oscars" James Cameron ("Titanic"). That's the only dialogue spoken. Otherwise, the "Avatar" trailer is all special effects and dizzy action — good or bad.

Some fan boys cheer, others gripe. Naysayers claim "Avatar" looks more like a video game than a serious film. Others claim it's too derivative. Actually, now that they bring the matter up, it does seem like the blue dude stole his ears from Mr. Spock and those jaundiced peepers from the guy in "District 9."

However, "Avatar" retains many staunch defenders since it triggered mega-buzz at Comic-Con — like our poster who insists, "The trailer looks fantastic and amazing. Your eye sockets will receive a drubbing you won't soon forget."

What do you think?



Photos: 20th Century Fox