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Darin Brooks vs. Bryton McClure for Daytime Emmy as best younger actor

August 18, 2009 |  2:03 pm

That's how our two forum posters size up the match-up — Matthew "Boidiva02" Cormier and Mark "GLFAN" Bowers. Below, read their expanded views on Darin Brooks ("Days of Our Lives"), Bryton McClure ("Young and the Restless") and other top rivals. Also, check out what our posters think of the Daytime Emmy battles over best drama series, lead actor, supporting actor and supporting actress. Read more in our forums.

Days of Our Lives Young and the Restless news

(Ranked in likelihood of winning)
1.) Darin Brooks, "Days of Our Lives"
2.) Cornelius Smith Jr., "All My Children"
3.) Bryton McClure, "The Young and the Restless"
4.) Blake Berris, "Days of Our Lives"
5.) E.J. Bonilla, "Guiding Light"

BOIDIVA02'S COMMENTARY: Darin Brooks has the most meaty material here, confronting Trent on whether he is his father and how he affected Max's life. He pulls off his scenes very well.

Cornelius Smith is effortless in his work as Frankie confronts Jesse about where he has been for the last 20 years, why he faked his death and how that affected him and Angie. It is a natural performance and he holds his own against Darnell Williams.

I would say Bryton McClure is next in line and Bonilla is in last place.  It's tough to call, but either Brooks or Smith will win.

(Ranked in likelihood of winning)
1.) Bryton McClure, "The Young and the Restless"
2.) Cornelius Smith Jr., "All My Children"
3.) E.J. Bonilla, "Guiding Light"
4.) Darin Brooks, "Days of our Lives"
5.) Blake Berris, "Days of our Lives"

GLFAN'S COMMENTARY: Where are the likes of Roger Howarth, Rick Hearst, Michael E. Knight, David Tom, Jonathan Jackson, and Tom Pelphrey? All of these past Emmy champs took home the gold in the younger actor category at one point or another. While there is a past Emmy winner nominated again, the tapes submitted by this year's crop of younger actors seem rather weak, making the entire category rather uncompetitive. Why is it so hard to cast a young male with acting chops and write him a decent story? Soaps used to be filled with dashing young stars in the making. Maybe these five guys are the bright stars of the future, but based on these tapes, I cannot say that any one of them deserves an Emmy Award. But, one will be given . . . so I digress.

Previous Emmy winner Bryton McClure should prevail victorious again. While his tape is not really anything special, he comes across as a mature actor in his reel. If you're a day in and day out viewer of "The Young and the Restless," then you've seen him give this performance a hundred times before. But the difference is — his show knows how to write a script that an actor can really sink their teeth into and that's what McClure does here. When the material called for depth, McClure gave it in spades. When his character, Devon, finds out that his sister is being taken away from his family, the young man is clearly distressed. It is in those moments when Devon is alone with his sister that McClure shines brightest and secures this award.

Not that there aren't several other moments of flickering light from the other nominees. Cornelius Smith Jr. does indeed give a solid performance as "All My Children's" Frankie, but when the judges only have one tape to look at, there has to be enough range and impact in that one tape. I'm afraid that isn't the case here. Things start off just fine for Smith Jr., as Frankie learns why his father faked his death and explains to his father what it was like being abandoned at the age of five. But the tape quickly becomes all about Debbie Morgan's and Darnell Williams' characters. While it's good to have such strong actors opposite the nominee in their reel, they should never steal it from under them. That is exactly what happens here!

It is hard to steal much of anything from E.J. Bonilla's Rafe from "Guiding Light," because his tape has got to be one of the most boring on record. Even opposite the effervescent Jessica Leccia and Emmy darling Justin Deas, Bonilla and his show's writing are like watching paint dry. So why did I rank him so high? He landed the nomination, there was only one round of judging, and he had no competition as he was the only younger actor submitted from his show. If Bonilla prevails on Emmy night, it is a true sign of why this current voting system should be thrown out with the dishwater.

Speaking of dull things, the "Days of Our Lives" gentlemen each submitted tapes void of any true emotional impact that tug on the heartstrings. Sure they are full of in-your-face, high-impact drama, but where are the levels? Darin Brooks fared slightly better than his cast mate, but that is not saying much when Blake Berris' costar, Molly Burnett, stole the entire tape from him. I really do not expect to see either of these gentlemen accepting the trophy on Emmy night.

Then again, anything is possible; the entire category is a true mind boggler! Whoever takes home the gold on Aug. 30 will be undeserving of this gift. Scrapping this category entirely would have made more sense!


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