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Daytime Emmy predix: 'Bold and the Beautiful' will win best writing

August 29, 2009 |  5:02 pm

Just as our pundits pick "The Bold and the Beautiful" to win best drama series at the Daytime Emmys on Sunday night (CW network, 8 p.m. EDT/ PDT), Matthew "Boidiva02" Cormier and Chris "Vivaforever" Benjamin believe it will claim the scribes' race too.

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(Listed by likelihood of winning)
1. "The Bold and the Beautiful"
2. "General Hospital"
3. "All My Children"
4. "One Life to Live"

VIVAFOREVER'S COMMENTARY: "The Bold and the Beautiful" is the clear front-runner mainly because it's the only great submission in the bunch. The two episodes join together as a nice stand-alone event. It's pure soap opera at its heart, which makes it work. They avoided the unnatural expositional dialogue we generally get by weaving in quick flashbacks to give us an idea of what happened. The writers really covered all angles when dealing with such a personal family tragedy. This felt believable as a family that receives a devastating call and makes their way to the hospital. There were miscommunications, raw emotions and the writers showcased this by taking a "less is more" approach to the writing. There were many quiet moments without dialogue where the characters reflected in their own way. The emotional montage of Storm remembering growing up with his sisters was one of the finest uses of that device I've ever seen.

"General Hospital" is next for an episode that is enhanced by the other two nominees. Its producers chose an episode that showcased the ensemble cast and the strengths of the writing team as a whole. This episode presents a situation that will affect so many of the characters on a personal level for months, even years to come. That's what soap writing is about and why this episode worked. It's not over the top. You have a child that's hot and a mother notifying the family and getting them to the hospital. Unlike the "B&B" submission (which felt like more of a complete story), this episode left many different questions in the air. The weakest parts of this episode were the romantic scenes between Liz and Jason. They don't connect with the main story and seem tacked on for no apparent reason. Other scenes, like the romantic bantering between Alexis and Jerry Jacks, were a nice contrast to the heavy drama. Despite my enjoyment of this episode, I do wonder how it would've held up in a stronger pool of episodes.

"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" both did a terrible job with their submissions. "OLTL" choosing a hokey game show takeoff was clearly the worst. "AMC" showcased a wide variety of its cast, maybe too wide for one episode, so the scenes felt short and choppy. They also crammed too much story in and didn't focus on the impact this tornado should be having on the characters. "One Life" decided to focus on a small group of characters played by some of their weakest actors. Good writers can play to mediocre or bad actors' strengths, but we had none of that here. Giving them an entire episode with very little interaction from the more seasoned actors made their weaknesses glaringly obvious. Scenes like those between Gigi and Shane were full of so much exposition I'm not even sure a seasoned pro could pull it off. It's puzzling to see why they'd choose this episode. I'm sure even the worst soap on air had a better episode than this.

(Listed by likelihood of winning)
1. "The Bold and the Beautiful"
2. "One Life to Live"
3. "General Hospital"
4. "All My Children"

BOIDIVA02'S COMMENTARY: Despite the fact that ABC has three nominees in this category, it will be CBS' "The Bold & The Beautiful" that walks away with the win this year.  They wisely chose the same episode that they submitted for drama series as their writing submission. These episodes are so powerful and feature such intense character interaction that it would be hard for any voter not to feel an impact after watching these tapes.

"One Life to Live" is second in my opinion because their episode will stand out from the rest because it is a comedic tape featuring an elaborate dream sequence. In the episode Rex Balsom (John Paul Lavoiser) has been shot and dreams he is a contestant on a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"-like game show called "Who Wants to Be Shane Marasco's Father" in which different "One Life to Live" characters compete to be the father of a child character on the show whose paternity had been a secret all year long. The sequence features a few amusing jokes and serves as a nice counterbalance to the other stuff in the episode featuring Jessica (as Tess) holding Natalie hostage in the basement, which is melodramatic and campy.

"General Hospital," known for always submitting stunt episodes focused on special effects, took a different route this year and submitted a character-based episode featuring Sonny and Carly's son Michael being shot and ending up in a coma. The episode does feature some nice moments, including Laura Wright as Carly and Maurice Bernard as Sonny, but this episode feels a little flat to me and doesn't feature a full arch like "B&B's" episode does.

Lastly, "All My Children" selected the aftermath of the tornado episode in which the characters emerge from their damaged homes and make their way to the hospital. There is a lot more character interaction in this episode than the last and you get a real sense of loss from the characters as they discuss what has occurred over the last few days. At times, though, the tone gets a bit sappy and this may turn some viewers off.  I believe the ultimate crime this episode commits is having too many people on screen and not featuring one complete arch throughout the episode.

In the end, "B&B" has the most quality tape and should win the whole thing, but some voters may feel that "OLTL's" comedic tape sticks with them because, after watching three tapes of tragedy from the other nominees, it may be a welcome change to see a tape with laughter in it.


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