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Julie Berman or Rachel Melvin to win Daytime Emmy as best younger actress?

August 22, 2009 | 10:50 am

After viewing the episodes submitted by nominees to Emmy judges, our two forum posters, Matthew "Boidiva02" Cormier and Kevin "Movieman6" Dillon, agree that the race for best younger actress is between Julie Berman ("General Hospital") and Rachel Melvin ("Days of Our Lives"), but they don't concur on which one's ahead. Read their differing views below and check out predix in these other Emmy races: best drama series, lead actor, supporting actor, supporting actress and younger actor. Read more in our forums.

General Hospital Days of Our Lives 1

(Ranked by likelihood of winning)
1. Julie Berman, "General Hosptial"
2. Rachel Melvin, "Days of Our Lives"
3. Kirsten Storms, "General Hospital"
4. Emily O’Brien, "The Young and the Restless"
5. Meredith Hagner, "As the World Turns"

BOIDIVA02'S COMMENTARY: Only two tapes in this race will matter.

The first is Berman's, which includes an appearance by Laura (played by a blond wig because ABC wouldn’t hire Genie Francis). Lulu is on the run after killing Logan and turns to Laura for support. It shows a real emotional maturity on Berman's part and the tape is heartbreaking.

Melvin's tape is also very good. Chelsea has donated part of her pancreas to help Bo and discusses with Hope the death of Zack (her stepbrother who died because she hit him) and Hope being unable to have children anymore.

After the funeral of her sister Georgie, Storms confronts her mother, Felicia, about being a deadbeat parent and never being there for her children. O'Brien's and Hagners' tapes are, in my mind, totally nonfactors in this race. 

(Ranked by likelihood of winning)
1. Rachel Melvin, "Days of Our Lives"
2. Julie Berman, "General Hospital"
3. Meredith Hagner, "As the World Turns"
4. Emily O'Brien, "The Young and the Restless"
5. Kirsten Storms, "General Hospital"

MOVIEMAN6'S COMMENTARY: This is how I would vote. I think Melvin's tape is a rock star tape; she is great, remorseful and truly amazing and has grown in her acting. I think Berman's tape is second best. She is able to sell her fear of turning into her mother very well.

After that, to me the next three could really be interchangeable. There is nothing special about any of their tapes. I think Storms' is the worst. Her screen limits me to get her true emotions and get her character. Hagner shows great strength being the youngest nominee in this category. O'Brien is a talented actress, but this is just not her strongest material.


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