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Transcript: Our chat with Hugh Laurie

August 26, 2009 |  2:28 pm

Hugh Laurie House M.D

On Wednesday, Hugh Laurie ("House M.D.") — Emmy nominee for lead actor in a drama series — chatted with hundreds of our posters, answering questions, sharing comments. Click on the box below to read the transcript.

Photo: Fox TV

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Will you do another chat for us fans

hugh laurie is the best aktor

Greetings Hugh !Are you going to visit Poland ?

I love your book and I love Dr.HOUSE !!!

I want to meet you so much !

I'm your big fan :)

Hi Hugh.I am a big fan of TV series "Dr.House ". I have some questions, if you could answer them I would be very grateful.
1.Is the Lord will be one day in Poland?
2.Will be 7 new season of "Dr.House "?

I read a lot about this in the Internet, but most of the rumors.

Hi Hugh part of a list I like, and I count that one day you will visit polske

Why resign is further collaboration is serial dr. HOUSE

Hello Hugh,
1) Whether at one time you are going to visit Poland :)??

2) For the Dr House. will it be possible to see the House at the cinema?

3) whether there is a possibility of the conversation with you privately after by expensive e-mail?? If this way please to write it to the e-mail:

I am greeting yours faithfully Przemek from Poland (Eastern Europe)

Greetings Hugh. I from Russia. Has looked through last series 5 seasons. The ending intrigue has enticed me and I have got in google to search for serial continuation, have re-read weight of pages and have learnt that on this site there will be a chat with your participation. At me the request - do not tell too many details 6 seasons. Send to all colleagues regards. You the talented actor. Yours faithfully your ardent fan

Hey Hugh, I'm From Bulgaria and I've watched all your movies series and I've read "the Gun seller" Which is great book ..So My dream is you to know that you are my favourite actor.. And my dream will become a true if you read this.. Thank you for being such a great person and extremely good're my nomber one :)

Heeey Hugh.. I'm From Bulgaria and my dream is to tell you that you're my favourite actor.. I've read your book "the gun seller" it's very funny I liked it.. I also watched A bit of Fry And Laurie .. Jeeves and Wooster and Maybe Baby , Flight Of The Phoenix..Almost everything :D So.. My Dream will becomes a true If You read This :) Thank You For Being such Great Person and actor :)

Hey there, Hugh!
I wanted to say that I've finished watching the fifth season of HouseMD, and I'm positive that I'll enjoy season 6. You're an amazing actor.

I watched some BlackAdder the Third episodes because I haven't in a while. I had some good laughs ^__^

Dear Hugh!

Youre a great actor, and your TV shows are really impressive, please just do what you are doing right now and our everyday lifes will be a little bit more happy and easy. Chears from Russia, your fans here are discussing your House at many webpages, cool to see here that your show is popular all over the world, say hi to other actors!

Best regards from all my friends!

i'm from rafaela, santa fe, argentina, i'm a big serie's fan, l love you Hugh, you have the most beatiful blue eyes i can saw. i want to chat with you, i'm 37 years old.

"House" - building (Hungaryan) .

Mr hugh larie
i am a big fan
a very great show indead
my only problem that sometimes you do the medical staff a bit fictionary to get the lines interesting
also i have a question
who on earth will accept a drug addict rehab as the head of diagnostic department
you will be lucy if you are a doctor at all

hello mr. Laurie...iam a mexiican girl and i dont now inglish so i weit that you can understand me...

well just i want say you that i relly think that you are a great person so i wish you the best and also you family...
god bless you

Dear Hugh, greeting from Russia. Love you and wait 6 season.

hey Hugh Laurie, I'm a big fan of your show and was wondering when the new season starts and how long the show will go on for? Also I was wondering if I could get a signed autograph? What do you do for fun outside of work? Do you have a family? thankyou for your time.

Thanks so much for providing this chat. It was very good fun!

This was good, but always to short.
Hope that Hugh Laurie wasn't too spooked by the whole thing and will want to do it again some time.

Hello Hugh I'm writing from Poland. What do you do when some crazy fans attack you? Or kiss you? You know,some people think that you are their personal God.

Hi Laurie! I'm a huge fan of you and Lisa Edelstein! I just adore you two!
My questions:
*Is House following S.Holmes's way?
I'm a big fan of "huddy" so if the show is following that way I would know "huddy" It's over! =(
*Who of your mates would you like to watch on TV and why?
In the episode "living the dream" 4x14 the main pacient didn't enjoy with his job (He was an actor)
*Are you enjoying with your job?
*Have you thought anytime to quit your job? If you did, why?

Thank you so much!
Best wishes from Spain!

Hello Hugh,
1: Have your written your second book ?
2:How did you approach composing such a beautiful piece which incorporate so many different musical styles for that scene ?
I love your book and I love Dr.HOUSE !!!
Good Bye !

i live in argentina and saw
all program are wonderful
you are a wonderful actor

Ice or no Ice? How Americanized have you become?

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