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'Twilight,' Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers rock the Teen Choice Awards

August 9, 2009 |  9:33 pm

Giving out surf boards as trophies turned out to be appropriate at the Teen Choice Awards, where "Twilight," Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers rode waves of victories.

Jonas brothers teen choice awards news

"Twilight" won 11 of its 12 Teen Choice Awards nominations, even beating Oscar champ "Slumdog Millionaire" for best drama, Robert Pattinson crushed "Slumdog" star Dev Patel, and Kristen Stewart beat Freido Pinto in the performance races. "Twilight" also claimed more offbeat categories such as best romance, liplock, rumble, villain (Cam Giganget), fresh face female (Ashley Greene) and fresh face male (Taylor Lautner).

The Teen Choice Awards were held at Universal Studios' Gibson Amphitheatre and hosted by the Jonas Brothers, who performed "Much Better" and won five surf boards, including male red-carpet icons and breakout TV show ("Jonas").

Miley Cyrus performed "Party in the U.S.A." and claimed six kudos, including best comedy TV show ("Hannah Montana"), comedy actress, music/dance movie actress, hissy fit, music single ("The Climb") and summer song ("Before the Storm"). She also presented Britney Spears with the ultimate choice awards, crowing, "I'm a big fan of hers!"

"Gossip Girl" won a series prize plus surf boards for Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick as choice drama actor, actress and villain.

Zac Efron won best music/dance actor for "High School Musical 3" and comedy movie actor and rock-star moment for "17 Again."

There were also musical performances by Black Eyed Peas, and Sean Kingston. The awards show will air on Fox at 8 p.m. Monday night.


Photos: Red-carpet arrivals at Teen Choice Awards

Britney Spears is 'ultimate' pick of Teen Choice Awards

'Twilight' tops Teen Choice Awards with 12 nods; 'HSM 3' and 'Gossip Girl' at 10 apiece

Photo of Jonas Brothers by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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i love miley cyrus. she has got a good voice n the way shea performs in the stage i love it. just give osham performance;

Ok, I am reading so much about Miley Cirus and her dancing being inappropirate why has no one mentioned the actress from TrueBlood being nominated? I think that show is sooo inappropriate for a teen to being watching and any parent who is allowing it should be ordered to take parenting classes. I as a parent flipped out when my teen son walked in as I was watching TrueBlood.... and I am surprized the Teen Awards even included it were are their morals....

i'vve always looked up to miley cyrus and the jonas brothers if they werent here i don't know what i would do with my life without them life is hard i've seen miley and jonas both in concert they inspire me and they are my rolemodels i love you guys keep rockin

i luv the jobros n they deserve every award they got n more. i dont hate twilight but i find it kind of stupid n its waaaaaaay over rated. n miley is a skanky bitch. she doesnt deserve nething shes just a talentless slut with no morals. n at the end if her performance she thanked god. i mean..if ur gonna pole dance dont bring god into it! n y did she gdt creditex for the jobros song?? i hope jb ditches her n disney drops her n her career gies down the drain becuz she doesnt deserve be of this. but jobros rule!!!!!!!!!

yeah im so disapointed in miley, i mean there are enough girls out there in the media being sluty and ungraceful, but the fact that she calls herself a chirstian and then acts that way just breaks my heart, she is supposed to be setting a good example for girls everywhere and instead shes making a huge disgrace, dont get me wrong i love her to death and i will definitly keep her in my prayers. on a better note, the jonas brothers are out there in this secular world spreading the love and joy of Jesus, how amazing :)

I got to say personly i love the joans brothers and they were very good very good and miley was pretty good gee to think the jonas brothers won 5 awards i love nick jonas yeah! i'm so happy for them

i was disappointed the all american rejects didn't win.

There were too many awards for the 2 hours--I was so disappointed they had to pick and choose the winners they announced. Also disappointed more winners were not there--even by video to say thank you Re: David Archuleta -my personal favorite who won 3 awards

I am sooo dissapointed with Miley's performance! She dances extremely innapropriatly with LITTLE clothing and then after shes thanks "Her Lord And Savior"! She's not a good example for a Christian! What a hyporcrite! I thought she was gonna be different! I hate to say it but she could very well be the next Brittany Spears!

Hey people, last time I checked Miley Cyrus had two's their job to take care of their daughter so leave it be. As for Twilight winning a majority of the awards, I say "kudos"! They did an awesome job and deserve the recognition. Looking forward to more of the "The Twilight Saga" (New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn).

Why do so many act like teenagers have no sexuality? I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but I think it is ridiculous to act like the Puritan ideals that Disney marketed her with are actually a realistic reflection of how real teenagers think, feel and act.

If Disney stars are the 'best' role models we can find for little girls maybe we should turn off the TV.

Besides which it isn't fair to blame Miley Cyrus for the dance with a pole because even if it was her idea, there was an adult who allowed her to do it.

I love Miley. I have always loved her look. She is my favorite teen singer. Luv ya Miley!!! Al

For all you mislead individuals who thinks that Miley Cyrus can do what she wants, you're absolutely right....once she turns 18! Last time I checked, 16 yrs old still made you a minor in the US, no matter if you're a celebrity or not! Shame on her parents for allowing their daughter to be portrayed like a hooker. Shame on Nick & FOX for allowing a teenager to be a pole dancer. And if you were a parent who attended these awards & stayed after her performance WTF were you thinking?

Can any one give me a copy of the show i tried to record it but couldn't and i love the show so can any one send me a copy of the teen choice awards 09

Ahh so who else watched the Jonas Brothers host and perform at the Teen Choice Awards last night?!?! I am so happy they won 6 awards! They sooo deserve it! I found an awesome page filled with just Jonas stuff like performances and tons of pictures, check it out here:

i just want to put out there that the Jonas Brothers did an amazing job throughout the night. i think they deserved every award they won, even though it was only 5 of the 9. i think Twilight did a great job and deserved those awards.

About Miley, i agree. She is a figure in the public eye. Everything she does is going to be judged, whether good or bad. every other celebrity is the same way. they flipped out when Michael Phelps's pictures surfaced of him with the bong. She is supposed to be a role model for young girls. Waltzing around with her bra showing and her shorts barely being able to cover her crotch isn't exactly being a role model. Then she's going to go on tv and start dancing on a pole? She's a disney star who's suppsed to be all perfect and clean. i say the ideal disney stars who are good role models and who stay to their clean imiage are the Jonas Brothers. i understand people make mistakes, and that is why i forgave Miley for all those racy pictures posted online, but to go on tv and start pole dancing is a little much.

But tha'ts my personal opinion. If you want to bash me then go ahead. Hate on me for everything whatever. that is my opinion, take it or leave it.

Jonas Brothers are in another league from a lot of these kids, I mean seriously.

They are above the TCAs, and above the VMAs (where they have no noms...a compliment?). They are this weird anomaly of live performance talent, charm and class at these events. No wonder they confuse people - you aren't used to performers being any good!

But I think it's cool they hang with the crowd without sinking to their level, they treated this appearance as highly as they would've the Grammys. Their performances kicked a* lipsyncing, a cohesive live band instead of a track?! What a concept! People need to recognize already. JBs rule.

Everyone knows Twilight was only made to control the minds of teen girls, just like Disney did, and continues to do through Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. They're simply cash cows that aren't meant to mean anything but how much this generation will suck when it comes to leading the world in the future.

hey mari if ever know anything its not miley that they judge it britney spears so get you facts straight before you write a lie so dont post and gess wht you should got to school and start all over

Twilight won over Slumdog Millionaire?!?!. This people must be insane.

Good thing nobody takes this "awards" seriously.

im 15,and ilove miley cyrus...........she rocks!!!!im a huge fan of her!!...sorry to tell this,but twilight is not that nice.......and rob is not that hot...peace

The talentless workings of Hannah Montana and Twilight swept the Teen Choice Awards. Now let's give them what they really deserve: Razzies.

Just leave Miley cyrus alone. She's sixteen, she does what she wants you guys arent her parents, so dont make comments like if you were. Its her life; her discisions. The only reason you guys are judging her so harshly is because she's a 'DISNEY' star. If she didnt do hannah montana no one would even really care about her choices. She's probably ending Hannah Montana because she cant stand being put down for everything that she does. If she screws up that's her issue not your!!.

Everyone makes mistake, everyone will be 16 at some point in their lives. My mom was a mother at 16, my aunt was a model, my grandma a cheerleader, Not one 16 year old is acting the way that people think they should. Not even in the old times when nobody believed in sex or anything.

Just let her be.

the jonas brothers r awesome no matter what





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