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Who'll win Daytime Emmy for best supporting actor: Van Hansis or Vincent Irizarry?

August 16, 2009 |  7:08 pm

After examining the same sample episodes (also known as "reels" and "tapes") being evaluated by Daytime Emmy judges, our two gurus have drastically different views of who'll win best supporting actor

Our forums poster Michael "Emmyloser" Jenkins bets on Van Hansis ("As the World Turns"), but our forums moderator Matthew "Boidiva02" Cormier insists that Hansis has nothing in his reel that suggests he can win. Meantime, Boidiva02 picks Vincent Irizarry ("All My Children") for a "natural and effortless" performance, but Emmyloser pooh-poohs same and insists Irizzary has "no chance of winning this category."

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Van Hansis As the World Turns All My Children Vincent Irizarry

1. Van Hansis, "As the World Turns"
2. Bradford Anderson, "General Hospital"
3. Jeff Branson, "Guiding Light"
4. Vincent Irizarry, "All My Children"
5. Jacob Young, "All My Children"

EMMYLOSER'S COMMENTARY: Rightly, the Emmy should go to Van Hansis. His is the strongest and most complete reel, with a clear story that's well conveyed. Hansis makes us feel every emotion Luke feels and makes those emotions relatable. As an out and proud gay student, Luke has the most rooting value of all the characters, especially given the recent explosion of gay characters in daytime. Hansis is probably also perceived as overdue, which won't hurt him at all.

Bradford Anderson and Jeff Branson make strong candidates as well. Anderson may appeal to voters because his is the only light reel in the bunch and is quite funny at times, though it may be too short to make an impact. Branson's acting throughout his reel is excellent, even if extremely subtle, but the episode feels too much like we've just entered a conversation halfway through. Nonviewers aren't given enough context to understand the character's motivations or state of mind, so the work is difficult to fully appreciate.

Despite all the voter support "All My Children" seemed to get this year, Vincent Irizarry and Jacob Young should have no chance of winning this category. Irizarry's episode has a good arc, but he plays it flatly. There's nothing interesting in the performance. Young doesn't adequately convince us of what his character, JR, is saying. This is not a man who is losing the love of his life.

1. Vincent Irizarry, "All My Children"
2. Jeff Branson, "Guiding Light"
3. Van Hansin, "As the World Turns"
4. Jacob Young, "All My Children"
5. Bradford Anderson, "General Hospital"

BOIDIVA02'S COMMENTARY: Vincent Irizarry is the veteran actor in this group, and I believe he will prevail because of this fact. The character he portrays, David, is distraught and suicidal after his daughter Babe's death and is about to kill himself when Krystal, Babe's mother, persuades him to spare his life. After she does so, they rehash old wounds and eventually make peace with his actions and the consequences therefore of his life.  His performance is one that shows an experienced actor overcoming writing that was somewhat abrupt.  His performance felt natural and effortless despite writing that called for too many emotions to overlap.

Jeff Branson gets some excellent material as he is now wheelchair-bound but begs Jeffery to call on some favors and get him to return to the military to clear land mines. Jeffery tells Shane his mother, Reva, has cancer again, which upsets him even more. After a heart-to-heart talk with Reva, he tries to commit suicide.

Van Hansis, Jacob Young and Bradford Anderson have nothing in their Emmy tapes to suggest they could win. Anderson's tape doesn't even tell a full story and is less than five minutes.


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