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Jeff Probst: 'Amazing Race' should hit the brakes

September 20, 2009 |  6:59 pm

Jeff Probst

The big stunner backstage at the Emmys was a comment by "Survivor" star Jeff Probst, who just won best reality TV host for the second year in a row. When asked by reporters what he thought about "Amazing Race" winning best reality/competition program for the seventh consecutive year, he said, "Maybe 'Amazing Race' should do what Oprah did and pull itself out of competition."

Moments later "Amazing Race" producer Bert Van Munster was asked by reporters if he'd do just that. He replied, "I'm going to discuss it with my committee here, but it's unlikely . . . . It was very intimidating to win for the seventh time."

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crazy comments... probst is being self deprecating... that surv. cant beat race unless they pull out. u have to be able to take things in context people. probst just won the best host 2 yr in row over phil on race...

Smells like sour grapes. He's just jealous that Survivor isn't as good as Race. I love both shows, but Race deservedly owns the category.

I agree with him. Frankly, if you win an Emmy, I don't think you should be eligible for two or three years. There is a lot of great talent out there, and it's annoying to see the same old faces win every year.

Unreal - It never ceases to amaze me how reporters use only what they want and take quotes out of context. If you read the whole quote, Jeff Probst said that you can't argue against's a good show! And it was a compliment that they should CONSIDER taking themselves out of the running to give other shows a chance much like previous winners (who had won multiple times) had done.

You lose a little credibility saying that when YOU just REPEATED in the category. I say TAR should remove itself when Probst does...

Why? If other shows want to win, they should make a better product. It'd taint the award knowing the best shows weren't nominated.

Jeez dude... talk about a SORE LOSER!!!

Jeff Probst is a tool. Survivor is more a scripted show then a reality show anyway.

I just win the Emmy Voters would stop voting for it. The show isn't what it used to be.



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