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Biggest Emmy surprises: Ken Howard, Cherry Jones and . . . ?

September 20, 2009 |  9:48 pm

The two biggest Emmy Award upsets of the night came in supporting categories. No pundit on the planet picked Ken Howard for his featherweight role as the tycoon who ditches Jessica Lange in "Grey Gardens." He beat big grandstanding performances by "Little Dorrit" stars Tom Courtenay and Andy Serkis. Makes me wonder if the voters in this category actually watched all eight hours of "Dorrit." Easily, Courtenay gave the best dramatic performance in this race, but his big scenes came near the end of the mini.

Emmy awards ken howard

I'm glad "Dorrit" won best mini. I'm a sucker for Charles Dickens adaptations, but I had suspected that most Emmy voters wouldn't watch it so therefore would be tempted to pick "Generation Kill" instead because of its political relevance, being about U.S. combat in Iraq. Maybe voters in this category actually watched "Dorrit" because there were only two nominees in this race — instead of five like supporting actor. There are different judges deciding each category.

Cherry Jones wasn't expected to win supporting drama series actress for her role as the U.S. president in "24," but her victory is sweet kudos recompense considering the poor dear recently lost out on an Oscar nomination when Meryl Streep stole her role in "Doubt," which earned Jones a Tony when she performed the role on Broadway. But how the heck did Jones beat both Rose Byrne ("Damages") and last year's champ (and double Oscar winner), Dianne Wiest  ("In Treatment")?

Jon Cryer's win was a bit of a surprise, but we knew he was in the running. He submitted a good episode of "Two and a Half Men" ("Sir Lancelot's Litterbos") to Emmy judges, and his silly, slapstick character is in the tradition of past wins by David Hyde Pierce ("Frasier") as a put-upon TV brother. (Here is a full list of episodes submitted to Emmy judges by nominees as examples of their best work.)  

Ian McKellan ("King Lear") was picked by most pundits to win lead actor in a TV movie/miniseries, but the victory by Brendan Gleeson ("Into the Storm") makes sense considering Albert Finney ("The Gathering Storm") won this category in 2002 for taking on the same role as Winston Churchill during World War II. Over the last 20 years, most winners here portrayed real-life people.

Most pundits were picking Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad") to win supporting drama actor, but we all had Michael Emerson ("Lost") in second place. Paul probably lost because voters held his character's backstory (he peddles drugs to kids) against him.

No, no, Kristin Chenoweth's victory for "Pushing Daisies" isn't a surprise. I had predicted she'd win.

Obviously, voters are Oscar snobs too. Two-time champ Jessica Lange won for lead actress for a TV role in "Grey Gardens" for a role that most of us defined as supporting. Thus, many of us predicted that Sigourney Weaver ("Prayers for Bobby") would win instead, but we're not surprised by Lange's win. Because we know how Emmy voters think.

Photo: Ken Howard / HBO

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Why did Cherry beat Rose and Dianne? Without a Doubt, Jones is the better actress of course!

I'm thrilled Michael Emerson won, but I am disappointed that John Hamm lost again. Mad Men is so excellent and without his awesome portrayal I don't think it would be anywhere near as good. It's a role that defines Leading Man.

I was also surprised/disappointed by Toni Collette winning, I love Toni but I'd have taken Mary-Louise Parker or Tina Fey over her any day.

Hugh Laurie should have one for best actor in a drama series and House for best drama series. Congrats to Ken Howard. I have always liked him. The "In Memoriam" brought tears to my eyes.

The way Cherry Jones beat her competitors was by doing a great job of playing a kick-ass role on a rocking TV show.

Lange wasn't supporting in Grey Gardens. She had as much screentime as Barrymore. She deserved the win.

i never really thought rose byrne did a particularly great job on 'damages'.
my complaint is in scenes where she fronts the naive, abiding protege facade but then drops the face too soon, when the object of her disdain remains within proximity.
i think a more subtle, 'lie to me'-like micro expression would be better than the drastic expression change she often makes.
that said, i believe the gun brandishing hotel scene with patty was better.

Jessica Lange is not a two time champ- She is a two time Oscar Winner, but had never won the Emmy until last night and her performance was more than worthy.

My biggest disappointment was seeing Lost lose Best Drama. After a major case of jumping the shark for some of the second and most of the third seasons, the show regained its fascinating stride and became very compelling again. Glad to hear Michael Emerson won an Emmy; he did great work last year.

My biggest disappointment was seeing Lost lose Best Drama. After a major case of jumping the shark for some of the second and most of the third seasons, the show regained its fascinating stride and became very compelling again. Glad to hear Michael Emerson won an Emmy; he did great work last year.

Now, I love Aaron Paul just as much as any Breaking Bad watcher. However, do you really think he lost because his character is a drug dealer? Because Michael Emerson is playing such a warm, like-able character? Michael Emerson is playing one of television's greatest villains. We have seen his character kill multiple people in cold blood. (Including one of the show's most popular characters.) He gets nominated and wins because he is so chilling and unnerving in the role. I just can't imagine that type of character really played a role in this category.

I'm so glad Michael Emerson would have been a shame if he went Emmy-less for his character on Lost. This was my favorite suprise...Jon Cryer was my least favorite...he was the last person I wanted to see any category. Oh well.



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