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Can 'Kate Plus 8' minus Jon equal Emmy Award?

September 30, 2009 |  6:45 am

Kate Gosselin Jon Gosselin Kate Plus 8 Emmy Awards Entertainment News 2468097First Kate Gosselin dumped husband Jon in real life. Now she is doing the same in reel life as their hit TLC show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is revamped to "Kate Plus 8" starting Nov. 2. In a statement, TLC President Eileen O'Neill explained, "Given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family. The family has evolved and we are attempting to evolve with it; we feel that Kate's journey really resonates with our viewers."

Whether this revised version of reality resonates with Emmy voters is another matter. Last summer, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" failed to make the final cut for best reality program at the Emmy Awards. On the surface that snub seemed a surprise as it was the top-rated show in the category, drawing more than 10 million viewers to the fifth-season premiere in May. However, popular-ballot voters opted for "Antiques Roadshow," "Dirty Jobs," "Dog Whisperer," "Intervention," "Mythbusters" and two-time past champ "My Life on the D-List" in that race. The gritty "Intervention" ended up winning the Emmy Award.

The Emmy fate of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" underscored something we already knew about Emmy voters — they're snobs. Consider this: "Frasier" -- the TV series that's won the most Emmys ever with 37 --  is about two snooty brothers, Frasier and Niles Crane, obsessed with wine, women and song. Sure, voters love series about dysfunctional families such as the Cranes, but "Jon & Kate Plus 8" crossed the line, offending academy members exactly at the wrong time.

Voting on Emmy nominations occurred from June 5 to June 26. During that time, Jon and Kate faced sleazy charges that they'd been cheating on each other, an episode aired showing Jon skipping Kate's 34th birthday so he could go snowboarding with pals in Utah, Kate was caught throwing a hissy fit and spanking one of the girls in public, then Kate threw in the towel and filed for divorce.

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" became the ultimate reality-TV program, showing the uglier side of life. And that's where Emmy elitism came into play. When chasing after toddlers and bickering between themselves, the Gosselins looked like average middle-class Americans. But during those three weeks of popular ballot voting for Emmy nominations, they suddenly looked like trailer-park trash. Now that Kate is a single mom juggling eight kids on her own, will she be more sympathetic to Emmy Awards voters?

Photo credit: TLC

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The comments to this entry are closed.


can't stand kate gosselin show;

trash poor little ones

sorry but I really think she has a bob job. Clothes a little to revealing around vulerable children . Used to love your show but now won't waste my time.

you dont see the woman with 8 kids plus whatever she had before pimping her children out on TV.come kate find a real job.i see your commercials but dont watch your show you suck as a parent.jon was the parent almost all the time while you flew here and there.

I think kate is discusting. she needs to just work as a nurse-which she is a nurse by the way right? (which by the way make alot of money and can work 3 12hr. days and then have 4 days off) that would be better for the kids. I don't buy that she can't afford to go on without doing doing show. my husband has 8 brothers (9 brothers in all) and only his father worked and he worked in a factory all his life and retired a factory worker. her subjecting the kids to the TV show and media every time she leaves is SELFISH! the poor kids never see the mother because she is always seeking fame in dancing with the stars or what not. she appears on interviews like today show looking like a hooker.

CANCEL the stupid show and give the children a normal life. Now what is Kate's career anyways? Making sure that she stays Famous??? Now for winning an Emmy, Get a Life!!! Really, there is nothing Emmy worthy about it.
I am sick of seeing Kate on every magazine out there. Really where are the Real TV stars. They deserve to be Famous!!!

Give Kate what she wants. She always wore the pants in the family anyway. It has never been about the kids, just the fame! Honestly retire the children, and try to reconnect their lives. It seems like no one in this family have notice how children turn out when they get fame early in life. But to be famous,separated from your dad and mom on the road is a bit much for a child.I will be praying for them as a family, jon, kate, and their children!

I really enjoyed watching this show with my daughter, because it was funny and different. Since the ugly separation and divorce we realize its just the same crap we can watch on any other channel. Who wants to see people fighting and cheating on each other, and if we do want to see that; we certainly do not have to tune into TV to do it. We can look down any street and see broken families. What was the sense of filming Jon and Kate renewing their vows, and promising the kids "this is forever" and then separating several months later. Yeah! this is great TV alright..... I have watched one episode since the family broke up, and do not plan to watch any more. Jon and Kate have lost their appeal.

PLEASE cancel this show........i'm so sick and tired of seeing what these grown idots are putting the children through. It's all about them, always has been and always will be---they've both proven that.

I think what everybody needs to remember is that we only see and hear what the media tells us. None of us know all the details of what was going on behind the scenes and we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions based on a program that edits an entire day's worth of events into an hour for us to view. Personally, I'm worried that Kate plus 8 will point out every mistake Jon makes while making Kate look like an angel. If that happens, I certainly won't be tuning in anymore!

Okay, for the critics of Kate - get a life...who would not want the best for their kids!!! For all those who say she should be ashamed for getting paid for a reality show - would you rather the family be on welfare and have the government take care of them - is there more dignity in that? Are we upset that they are able to provide a middle class lifestyle for the kids --- we call that "hateration" we criticize all child stars and say their families are exploiting them --- how about Mary Kate and Ashley --- boy, have they been exploited --- to the tune of $Billion...yet, they turned out as normal as one can expect --- ohhh, Brooke Shields come to mind...people, they are making an honest living, get over it...ohh, we all do want Kate to work outside the home...then we would criticize her for not staying home....ohh, then we would have to hear about all those people who made it without the assistance of a show --- we should find more value in going to the state park than being able to have the means to take our kids to Disney ----people get over yourself...some are overwhelmed by having three kids...I can't imagine 8 --- Bravo Kate ---keep doing what you are doing! God bless your family ---including Jon's crazy a***...

Emmy??? How about cancel the show! Sounds like a better plan to me and the world would be a far,far,better place for it!
Give Kathy Griffin all the emmys in the world. She deserves them!
Only way to make Kate plus 8 any good would be to let Kathy Griffin play Kate like she does in her parody of her!

Jon is a lowdown coward, he didn't think it was bad for his kids to be on TV when he was a part of it, he is a very hateful and spiteful person who only cares about what he wants.

Kate I know you are reading this!
Time to call it quits!!! I have seen every episode and bought a few seasons but it doesn't feel right now. I don't agree with Jon on the cease and resist but Just stop! It seems at this point y'all are trying to just get even with each other.
If you really love your children then you will just try to make their lives comfy!!! Give them a break!!

Jon, grow up! Yeah, you really don't care of not being on the show. You are just pissed off because you're not on the show. You who try to get a clothing line for your kids...yeah, you don't want to exploit your kids. WAAAH! Sounds like it wants to get back at Kate because she would be in the spot light and not him, Oh no!!! No more money to lavish your women…Whatever!


how that he's been dropped from the show, he want's TLC to cease and decist???

this is weird...i've never really gone on line or anything else, but I HAVE 8 KIDS!! which include twins and tiplets. jim and i have been married for 22 years. we had all eight children in 5 years. happy to say...we're still married and have 2 kids in college on full ride scholarships. back in the days we made an appearance (3 times) on Oprah..did date line...extra....and i think there was another??? anyway...i've been a stay a home mom for 21 years...just went to work for my husband last January. never did anyone ever give us anything...i'm very proud of that. i love jim more than ever any just wanted to say parent's of 8 or even 2 can do it.....COMMUNICATION that's all...but kate and jon or kate now is about money

Come on people! What is with all this finger pointing? Let's face it - none of us really knows what went wrong. Jon & Kate must have been under a tremendous amount of stress with two sets of multiples. Yes, many people raise large families, but try having twins and sextuplets. The only thing these two parents are guilty of is responding to a high stress parenting situation. It appears that Jon responds to stress by withdrawing and Kate responds with crankiness. I would like to see all the critics out there survive parenting the first three years of sextuplets without having a bad day! The odds of getting a divorce were stacked against them. Can you imagine the work load and lack of sleep? I ask you to be kind and show some compassion for a situation that has gone bad and leave this couple to heal.

Please, please, please cancel the show. I have not watched it in several weeks and refuse to watch it in the future. I am so tired of Kate. She is a control freak and I really feel bad for the little ones. Not much of a role model to her children. Has Jon made mistakes? Sure, but I really can't blame him. If I were Jon, I would consider myself fortunate to be out of this marriage. He deserves better. Perhaps he will be able in the future to have a calm environment for the children to spend time in and know how it is to live without a mother 24/7 yelling and ranting. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is coming to an end. I think most of the audience is ready to sign off from it also.

I come from a family of 14 and my mother had no help she did it all herself. My dad worked two jobs!! After the last kids were in school my mom got a job so then my dad could quit one of his jobs. I don't feel sorry for Kate at all. As for Jon it is my understanding he was fired from his jobs for missing so much work and when he was at work Kate was calling him.

OMG...where do I start. I know that you fell in love with Jon, Kate but lets face it he has turned into something or someone no one will love. I know he is the father of your children but other than that he has abused you and degraded you from the very first program. Everything is "his" and yet he hasn't worked for what 2 years? DUH......

An Emmy? For what?
Having a litter and living of your kids?
Give me a break!
Lots of large families out there and they don't all live in million dollar mansions, have nannies, housekeepers and moms have tummy tucks and their boobs lifted. LOL

The last time I watched Jon was complaining on how it was such a pain to watch the littles ones. He went on to say he would feel bad when they called him on his cell looking for him anbd he could not come and tell them he was on Park Avenue or Times Square. This has got to be the biggest jerk who ever lived. Not only is he completly selfish, he is also stupid. Dump him. When Kate is away from him her mood changes for the better. Give her a show of her own without the kids. TLC is creative. They can figure something out.Jon is just scared because he might have to find a real job that lasts more than a year, What he did was dumb. I would love to see him pay support for 8 kids and 2 households. Good bye New York!

Why TLC punished Jon by not allowing him in the show? His dignity had often been abused by Kate before with her arrogant attitudes towards Jon as if he was her slave but not her life partner e.g "You Ding dong etc"True she works hard in her own neat compulsive behaviour for her children but it doesn't give her the right to be his boss and downgrade his comments.. Jon in his own way contributed much for the show in nurturing the children. He is a less articulate but not a pretentious man. I love to have both of them in the show because it teaches the public how divorced parents can cope with problems and how each solves their handicaps. Of course it is ideal if they can reconcile. But TLC by doing this will make the rift between them even bigger because TLC favour one over the other. Let them try how good each handles their children. Then hopefully they will come to their senses that Kate had to respect Jon and Jon need to be more patient with Kate. Kate needs to modify her bossy self rightiouness and perfectionist attitudes. The children need both of them and they love Jon very intimately , with understanding and deeply it seems. Kate's love is more like a teacher, task oriented than the tenderness of a mother.




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