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Join our live chat during the Emmy ceremony

September 19, 2009 |  5:11 pm

While watching the Emmycast on Sunday (CBS, 8 p.m. EDT / 5 p.m. PDT), don't be shy. Don't share your snarkiest opinions only with those gathered with you in front of a TV set. Kvetch, cheer and joke with the whole cyber-universe. That's what The Envelope is here for! Make your Emmy viewing a multimedia experience and join our live chat session. Be a superstar at our Emmyfest.

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Who is this Jennifer KTLA5 Fashion expert (yea right). First youy opinion means nothing when the dress your wearing is a tacky mess. Thank God for Chevy Chase for putting her in her place. KTLA 5 stop putting idiots (who did she sleep with) on air.

The woman commenting on the fashion was so rude and beyond insulting and not entertaining. Amazing that she was judging people when in fact her non-reactive botoxed face, poor hair and fashion choices were the worst of the night. I was disappointed in this choice of segment.

That bit where they beat up the dog was horrible. Nice example for kids and nut cases out there. Even though it was a cartoon, it was cruel. Hmmmm..and we wonder why kids are so violent and disrespectful to one another. Then they grow up to be nasty adults too!

Why is that girl Jennifer commenting on everyones outfits for the emmys when her outfit is uglier than any of the dresses that the celebrities were wearing?

Sam has a network research department in his ear....LET HIM ASK the questions! Good interview of THE MENTALIST. Sam and Victoria(?) can banter when no one is with them? Why did she ask "are you solo tonight" The question is "who are you here with/"

Tell the woman to close her mouth. What was she thinking asking "MONK" if he wants a mint??? Let the STARS talk!!!!

So happy for laurie to upset the odds



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