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Who's really surprised? Oscars upstage Justin Timberlake at the Emmys

September 21, 2009 |  6:06 pm

There were lots of loud gasps of shock among Emmy watchers when the Oscars' opening tune beat Justin Timberlake's and Andy Samberg's "Mother Lover" from "Saturday Night Live" for best song. But why should anyone be surprised? Watch it again below.

This Emmy victory, by the way, was a great vindication for Oscars host Hugh Jackman, who couldn't receive his own, separate Emmy nomination like many past Oscar emcees back in the days when there used to exist a category for best individual performance in a variety show. Unfortunately, the TV academy zapped that race this year and bunched the hosts with producers of variety specials. If the special wins, they all share in the victory, but I think that's a lousy idea. Maybe Emmy voters thought so too by rewarding his song (if not Jackman personally) here.

As my Envelope colleague Pete Hammond points out, the Oscars suffered some tough Emmy slights this year. This victory is vindication for the whole Oscarcast team, which did a terrific job. Such a snub isn't typical, however. Among all programs, the biggest winner of all Prime-time Emmy Awards is that TV special airing the Academy Awards.

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