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Poll: Do you think Kanye West will ever win another MTV VMA?

September 15, 2009 |  6:48 am
Kanye west jay leno apology MTV VMA Video Music Award Taylor Swift news

OK, now that Kanye West has apologized on national TV (Jay Leno's new NBC show) and at his website (twice) for spoiling Taylor Swift's first-ever victory at the MTV Video Music Awards, do you think Kanye will ever win a VMA in the future?

Kanye had his first and only victory back in 2005 when he triumphed for best male video for "Jesus Walks." Otherwise, he lost 13 times, including three defeats this year. "Love Lockdown" lost best video of the year to Beyonce ("Single Ladies, Put a Ring on It"), best male video to T.I. ("Live Your Life") and best hip hop video to Eminem ("We Made You").

Remember, the MTV VMAs have a new voting system in place that empowers visitors to to choose who wins. That means average folks like you and me. That means the general public will have to forgive Kanye for his childish tantrum. Hmmmm.

Vote in our poll below plus give us you thoughts in these other polls too: Do you think Kanye West's MTV VMA fiasco will hurt his music sales? Do you think Kanye West's apology to Taylor Swift was sincere? and Was Kanye West's MTV VMA tantrum just a PR stunt for his Jay Leno gig?


Poll: Do you think Kanye West's MTV VMA fiasco will hurt his music sales?

Poll: Was Kanye West's MTV VMA tantrum just a PR stunt for his Jay Leno gig?

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MTV VMA poll: Do you think Kanye West's apology to Taylor Swift was sincere?

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Who'll win MTV VMA for best video of 2009: Beyonce, Britney, Lady Gaga or Eminem?

Photo: Kanye West talks with Jay Leno. Photo credit: NBC

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Most of the people at work and elsewhere based on my observation who are mad about the VMA incident are not colored. He's anti-white and shouldn't have to apologize about his opinion because primarily white media is attacking him. I don't see too many black people arguing about what he had to say. It's all about race and yet another teenie bop manufactered blonde "artist" (yah right) getting an award. Guarantee a black girl in her spot wouldn't have even made it. By the way, I'm not black or white.

My friend "C. Brown" was telling me that he would have beaten that lil bi#!h with the microphone! Then he would have choked her and punched her in the face repeatedly. Then would wait until his new album was about to drop before saying he was sorry and then tell people that he doesn't think he even has a problem!!!!!!!!

No one is addressing this. How did Beyonce know Taylor would be available to come back on stage? Did she know she'd win beforehand?

It is obvious that Kanye West is a racist. His actions are clearly anti-white and he should be forced to take sensitivity training so his small and ignorant mind can be re-programmed to accept white people and country music without becoming loud, rude and aggressive. Perhaps Kanye can appear in Taylor Swifts next video wearing a Stetson and line dancing to show the world he is sincerely sorry because right now his so called apology is worth about as much as used toilet paper.

I sincerely feel sorry for Taylor, but I don't think a VMA is complete without a Kanye Controversy. Kanye, U ROCK man!

Kanye demands respect for himself, but has just shown the world the level of respect he has for others. Sad, but typical of the entertainment industry.

Don't buy his CDs

Who would ever vote for him.

kayne west SUCKS!!!!! i dleted a couple of his songs from my ipod cus i ahte u now and so does everyone else OBVIOUSLY! go to hell

I wish that more people would talk about what Beyonce did for Taylor. She was so cool about it and I think that it truly embarrassed Boyonce also. I love both women and Im glad that I didn't have to decide witch one won.

Kanye West is a no talent jack ass that shouldnt even be recognized or called an artist...Looks to me like he was jealous of the talent Taylor Swift has because his sorry ass cant make a track without a machine to make his music which throws out his qaulifications as a true artist..and f***in auto tunes and voice symphicizers to make him sound half way descent on the mic...and honestly people his lyrics are shit and half his songs have derogatory racial comments toward white people...but i forget its ok to say something about whites or snatch microphones out of white peoples hands if youre not white my you think for one second he would have done that to mary j blige, or mariah carey, or lil kim i dont think so

Dear Kanye,

You Suck.


The Entire Planet

He needs to be on ADHD meds - obviously, he has issues regarding impulse control. Shame on him!

He likes fishsticks.

Who cares about weather West get another award. He told the truth just at the wrong moment. The same with Jones. But Oboma haveing an opinion is cool. No matter what Oboma says it'll be wrong to the bigots. He'll lose either way. That's just bigot people like the Hitler lovers.

I would have to ask, if the tables were turned and he was in her shoes, how would he like it. My guess is he wouldn't. It just goes to show you why Ms. Swift is so popular, she is very classy and Mr. West has no class!!

I must be getting old because I remember, The 'Ed Sullivan Show; Jonny Carson, and The Tonight Show, and I remember how 'rising' black performers would give their 'Eye-tooth' just to be mentioned, let alone perform on 'TV'. Class-Acts are far and few between these days. To 'Kanye West', I will only say, 'Way uncool' ! If you want to stay, learn to play the game.

This is the kind of outburst that results from having a bunch of street hoods invade the entertainment world.

he is an idiot, always has been and always will be.......typical of a young black artist spoon fed by young uneducated, uniformed fans.( just like Obama!!!!!! ). oh ,,, thats right, i must be racist.

Kanye West who is this idiot anyways ? what a jerk.

Do I think Kanye will ever win a VMA in the future?

Frankly I couldn't care less.

What a loser.

Kanye West's "drunken outburst" was about as real as Eminem's beef with Sasha Baron Cohen at the MTV Movie awards. A shameless attempt to draw more viewers to Jay Leno's show and poor attempt to keep Kanye West somewhat meaningful.

I was very upset with how Kayne treated Taylor Swift. She is very new to all of this, and it brought me to tears seeing something like that happen to such a sweet girl. Kayne I know you said you were sorry but you shouldn't have done it in the first place. I heart you Taylor! (your biggest fan)

I am sick of rappers just beacuse they have money it don't get them any class
I cant wait for time to go past this getto

Yeah, he'll win next year for the 'No Talent Tool Of The Century'. He's a complete loser. Put him in a car with Chris Brown for an hour.

Sure, if its for the biggest jackass




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