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Poll: Do you think Kanye West's MTV VMA fiasco will hurt his music sales?

September 14, 2009 |  6:28 am

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When Kanye West ruined Taylor Swift's triumphant moment at the MTV Video Music Awards โ€” let's be honest: it wasn't the first time that he acted like a baffoon/ jerk/ brat at a major kudosbash and got away with it. (Read about some other past fiascos here.) But it hasn't hurt Kanye's superstar status, record sales or ability to fill up concert seats.

But maybe this time is different? We got to see the wounded, sweet face of his victim, Taylor Swift, and observe how embarrassed Beyonce rallied to support her. (Relive the details of the tragedy here.)

After voting in our poll below, give us your opinions by responding to these polls too: Do you think Kanye West's apology to Taylor Swift was sincere? and Was Kanye West's MTV VMA tantrum just a PR stunt for his Jay Leno gig?


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Photo by Justin Lane/EPA 

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The comments to this entry are closed.


i think it should affect his record sales.i dont respect anyone who would be so immature and disrepectful. i believe famous people have a responsibility to lead by example....if you cant deal with that you really dont deserve the fame. i personally wouldnt listen to his music because of this incident.

I see the conspiracy theories are out in full force . It's stupid to believe the Beyonce knew in advance.Come on people stop hating and give credit where credits due..
Beyonce proved she is very classy by what she did. That kind of Kanye nonsense is definately not her style

Calm down and take a deep breath
Nobody died
get over it already

This is probably the best thing that could have happened to TS
She was so classy and adorable throught this that her fan base is probaly off the charts, People who were not fans before-are,
I didn't follow TS or buy her music, but I probably will now

I don't think Kanye should be allowed to any awards of this sort anymore. What he did to Taylor was awful. Her first time ever winning that award, and instead of fully enjoying the moment like any other artist, it was ruinned for her simply because he couldn't control his temper. And to make things worse, it isn't even the first time he does something like that. He is waaaaaay too overly confident in himself and is nothing but a conceited bastard that deserves to get a peice of his own medicine. He thinks he's the best and that is SOOO not true. There are a hundred better artists than him that actually have some dignity and respect. Hopefully people will stop idolizing him for a while and let him feel sorry for what he did. And as for apologizing to Taylor, he totally should, but only if he truly means it. Otherwise he shouldn't even waste his time. Someone like that isn't worth wasting your time over if what they say has no real meaning.

His apology doesn't matter. Have you ever heard or read transcript of anything he's ever said? He is a complete tool. This is what happens when you grow up without money and then taste a little and think you're the black Jesus. That's literally what he thinks. I hope any money he gets plummets and he goes the drug addict route and dies.

I returned my Jay Z cd today think it was a stunt by Beyonce and Kanye. What really makes me sick is that Jay Z went after his friend for apologizing. Jay Z became mad at Kanye for taking back what he had done to this young girl. Kanye is a racist against white people and it further makes me sick that Beyonce and Jay Z are best friends with this racist guy. I am never buying anymore Beyonce, Kanye or Jay Z albums!

He's not a talented bad boy, he's a pig trapped in a man's body. He'd be crying "racism" if Taylor Swift did that to him. His behavior is that of a bully in kindergarten playground. He has to pick on a little girl because another guy would have kicked his a**. He looks like a sissy.

HE needs to apologize to Taylor Swift for taking her moment in a generous way. But he screwed up and well he will have to redeem himself in a professional way.

He's shown that he has no business even being invited to any awards show or any other function because he has no class and doesn't know how to act obviously. Doesn't deserve to be in the same company as fine people like Taylor Swift.

everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but to ruin someone's moment just to speak out his mind, is completely disgusting. He was idolized by a lot of people, and even if he did apologize, it doesn't change the fact that he ruined a perfectly good night for a lot of people. WHAT A SCUM. He may be a big star, and he might bounce back inot his career soon. But he would always have a special place in my heart, under the name HEARTLESS

What a classless dope. HEEELLLLOOOO . . . We ALL share the planet. Every shade, every color. His actions were a commentary on his character. Very small indeed.

Honestly, I have always felt he was extremely arrogant. Kanye needs prayer, he needs to ask God to save him.

Kanye west doesn't care about white people!

Several words came to mind to describe this event after hearing about this news. Barbaric, crude, classless, moron.

Kanye West is beginning to wear very thin. He needs to grow up and try to stay sober. He is damned boring.

I think people should boycott Kanye. He has been out of line several times, ranting at public events. When is Hollywood going to put a muzzle on this guy? He shouldn't be speaking - he clearly isn't very intelligent.

Kenya West is a RACIST. He would never have done this to a black artist. He trys to intimidate other white artists. Why are individuals even questioning his RACISM. Hey Al and Jesse, where are you when your needed? Cat got your tounges?

Kanye is an idiot....I bet if taylor swift was black he would have been stoked with the desicion.. He tries to pull the race shit too's dumb...We know ur black kanye..we know you want to stick up for people of your own race.. but after that and your George Bush comment I have no respect.

It just goes to show that no amount of money can hide what losers some people are and always will be. Kanye is a first rate a-hole, an overgrown baby with a pacifer in his mouth and load of dis in his diapers and he stinks. He's fallen off my list.

Barack Obama hates white people tho, remember? :-)

I wouls like to have seen him try that with 50 cent on stage.

What a fool! He won't be getting any more money from me or ANY of my friends. What a jerk!!!!

Kanye is shrinking! What a small small small man...and getting smaller with each childish tantrum. His massive ego overshadows what little talent he possesses. A caveman mentality, he truly is a 'legend' in his own mind..

Every time I have seen Mr. West of TV he has acted like a jerk. He has an overdeveloped sense of his own importance and someone needs to take him down a peg or two. Maybe we can get Chris Brown to beat him up instead of Rihanna.

Kanye who?




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