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Kanye West ruins Taylor Swift's MTV VMA victory

September 13, 2009 |  7:33 pm

Finally, Taylor Swift won her first-ever MTV Video Music Award and she had her triumph literally snatched from her hands by Kanye West.

Kanye west taylor swift MTV VMA Video Music Awards

When Taylor won best female video, she told MTV viewers, "I alwaysI dreamed about winning this someday, but I never thought it would happen. I sing country music." Then Kanye West ripped the microphone from her grasp and gave an outraged shout-out to one losing nominee.

"Taylor, I'm really happy for you. I'll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!"

Cameras cut to Beyonce, who sat in the audience with jaw dropped in disbelief. Meantime, Taylor was literally speechless as Kanye gave her the microphone back and marched off stage. The audience booed. Feeling the awkwardness of the lingering moment, MTV VMA producers cut to a taped video clip of "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan and rapper Eminem while Taylor tried to continue her acceptance speech — but couldn't be heard. Her mike was cut off. Giving up, she strolled off stage.

Later, when Beyonce won best video of the year, she said, "This is amazing. I remember being 17 years old, up for my first MTV award with Destiny’s Child and it was one of the most exciting moments of my life, so I would like for Taylor to come out and have her moment."

Taylor returned to the stage and said, smiling graciously, "Maybe we can try this again," said, thanking "all of my fans on Twitter and MySpace and everyone who came out to my shows this summer."

Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time that Kanye threw a tantrum at an awards show. Read more here.


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Photo: Getty Images

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Youuu Know Whatt ? Youu Guyys Dontt Get Class . Taylor Swift Sucks . Yes I Sayed It . Kanye May Have Done Something Dumbb But He Get A Reason BEYONCE Is The Bestt . White Crackers -.-

Kanye should not have done that.Taylor won fair in square.

are you an idiot??????
taylor swift outsold beyonce with just one album then she came out with a new one and blew her away. Beyonce is a great artist but she simply got beat

i thought it wuz reallii funni wen kanye did dat to stil laugh bouts it cuz i agreewit em beyonce shulda got it nt er...srry hon..

OBAMA IS NOT THE REPUBLICAN'S PUPPETS. However, I wish I could meet u in person and I'll make u my puppet. It is racist. Its okay for Wilson to call the President a liar and he gets to keep his job while you crackers and latinos (like we give a shit) tries to ruin this man career. All of the other races are very jealous of the black race. We are an extroodinatry race of people. That's why in the music industry and everybody tries to immitate the black man. But you know what we don't need some damn award show to tell us who is the best we already know we are and so do you that's why what Kanye did really messes with u all. Watch what you say and do suckers because it is coming up again. You white folk have cheated and stole from since the beginning of time why should we think its any different now. Hey guess what Mr. Latino guy, how can you say its time out for racism and in the same breath say President Obama is a puppet for the rupublicans. Obama should find out who you are and see to it that your latino ass is sent out of America never to return again. That's what needs t happen to your Latino ass. That white girl did not deserve that award and you know it, she know it and now I know it. Can't no white person sang, dance, or rap better than blacks. By the way stop trying to steal our moves, our songs, and our culture. You people talk about the black people but you are right busy stealing and trying to immitate everything we do. But I get joy in knowin that God isgong to show you white folks that there is someone bigger than you. There is someone you will answer to for all theinnocent little babies and children you killed, all of lies you told. You wll see our faces that judgment day. I don't know about the latinos and really don't give a damn about either especially the one who wrote the email above. i KNOW YOU Won'tpost this email but its kool as long as somebody read it and passess on by talking about it, bitching about it or whatever.I am waiting and waiting to see the day when white folk get what they really really deserve and its not gonna be pretty I guarantee.

How did that idiot get on stage anyway? Do they not have security at these events? Someone, announcers, bouncers or other audience members should have removed him or cut off the mike. Can anyone say "mouth malfunction"?

I cannot stand Kanye West. He has NO talent and it shows!! Taylor on the other hand, has a bunch of songs that are beautiful and come from the heart. Heck, even Beyonce was shocked at his comments.


Kanye is an idiot and owes
Taylor an apology. He just wanted his moment of fame cause he knows his are limited!!

.... you kanye!!!!

This comment is towards Xmis84, whats wrong with you? I understand. It's okay to be upset with Kanye but talk about reverse racism, why? If you were trying to make some point you definitely missed your mark. To prove a point about racism is not to be a racist yourself. Learn a thing or two about communication and better yet HISTORY! How about EVERY CULTURE'S HISTORY! And then post an educated comment..... Someone in all of our lives has told us to be the better person, obviously someone didn't clean their ears that day. Take it or Leave it, most of all move on.

Kan ye
Kan Boo

i hope life isn't a joke, coz i dont get it!!!!!! i dont get him!!!!!

i hope life isn't a joke, coz i dont get it!!!!!! i dont get him!!!!!

kanye is the king of idiots, !!!!!

kanye is the king of idiots, !!!!!

Kanye needs manners. He acted like a pig. He should go live in a barn

What Joe Wilson did to the President was wrong AND what Kanye did to Taylor Swift was wrong. Outbursts like that are disrespectful. Both of these people were chosen winners. They should get their time. Joe Wilson did it for attention and so did Kanye.

On a different note, the only reason Beyonce let Taylor back onstage is because her manager told her to. Did you see her laughing in the audience when Kanye did what he did?

Will this ruin Kanye? He was already sinking anyway. That's why he is drunk all the time. He uses his race to get away with everything. Wonder what Dr. King would think of his behavior? Kanye even uses his mother to excuse his rudeness. He doesn't care about anyone but himself....and is a little careless about that.

I have met Taylor Swift. I took my kid to her concert and my girl was trying to meet her and a guard said "move along". And Taylor said "wait a minute". She grabbed my daughter's camera and took a pic of them both together. She saw how rude it was of the guard and gave my daughter a real prize of a pic. I cannot believe this happened to her. She is so sure to make sure she doesn't hurt feelings and then that THUG stepped all over hers on stage. If he knew what a sweet girl that is....he would feel like total crap. But, probably not, because he is a a--! He doesn't care who he hurts to get the attention he wants. He even uses his own mother and his race to get attention now. How would Dr. King and his mother feel about his thug ways. I should think not so good. He needs to grow up....oops....too late....his career is over.

I believe Mr. West suffers from Asperegers Syndrome. Some cognitive behavioral therapy would do him a world of good.

Our kids watch this and the one thing that is running through their minds is that this is OKAY?! It is not okay to take the limelight away from some one as deserving as Taylor Swift. Kanye should go dig a grave, lie down in it, and DIE!! I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!!!

If Brad Paisley had done the same thing to Beyonce, the NAACP would have been on the warpath.

Kanye ...It was here that I realized for the 1st time that as a practicing Alcoholic I had no rights. Society can do anything with me when I am drunk and I can't lift a finger to stop it, for I forfeit my rights throught the simple expedient of becoming a MENACE to myself and the people around me. Sounds like you need 90 in 90, 12 steps and a good strong sponser.

first of all obama is not the president he is the republicans puppet. and second of all what the hell does obama have to do with taylor swift. right away black people wanna consider it a racist issue. I am from texas and I am latino and I can tell you its reverse racism. You use racism as a defensive mechanism. Thats for suckers. The mexicans and indians and jews have suffered far more persecution than black people. Do you hear us bitchin about it. heeeellll no. And back to Taylor Swift she is a very talented writer and singer she is deserving of this title this is VMA awards not BET awards. Im not racist but I see reverse racism in Kanye West and ill stand up for what i beleive just like any black person would or any white person would. Its time for all races to unite. The days of white, black, and brown shouldnt exist these days. America is a melting pot of cultures lets act like it.

Taylor: young, fresh, talented, a rising star that can't be extinguished.

Beyonce: already been where Taylor is, now effortlessly graceful, wise, a genuinely warm heart (true classic beauty)

Kanye: pathetic, insecure clown (when talent fails, will take desperate notoriety).




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