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Poll: Was Kanye West's MTV VMA tantrum just a PR stunt for his Jay Leno gig?

September 14, 2009 |  9:31 am

MTV VMA Video Music Awards Kanye West Jay Leno entertainment news story

Can it be a coincidence that Kanye West had an outrageous meltdown on the MTV Video Music Awards just one night before he will appear on the first episode of Jay Leno's highly anticipated new prime-time show on NBC?

And do you think Kanye will offer a heartfelt, sincere apology to Taylor Swift when dishing the MTV VMA fiasco with Jay? Or a snarky, doesn't-really-mean-it kind of apology? Kanye can't avoid talking about the incident and addressing the widespread outrage over his bad manners.

Kanye usually remains defiant and seldom apologizes for anything. He likes being a bad boy, relishes in the attention he gets for it. But maybe things are different this time?

UPDATE, SEPT. 14: Apparently, Kanye issued an apology, but then yanked it from his blog. Vote in our other polls: Do you think Kanye West's apology to Taylor Swift was sincere? and Do you think Kanye West's MTV VMA fiasco will hurt his music sales?


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Photos: NBC, WireImage

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The comments to this entry are closed.


I think the whole thing was a set up by Mtv for publicity period. Everybody wins....we all love and feel sorry for taylor. Kanye got his attention on Jay Leno, and no has stopped talking about the Mtv music awards. I was at the mtv music awards that night and I saw first hand how Mtv used and manipulated people. And I would not put it past mtv to plan to do this. We are the stupid fools to fall for the bs.

First he disrespects mixed women calling them mutts, he raved for Obama with a new found love for politics just because he’s half black (just like most other African American people did). And he now does this, I’m sick of disrespectful black men that are in the public eye doing what they want.... they have no limit and nobody holds people like Kanye West (who’s music sucks anyways) accountable. If we want equality quit saying nigger or nigga in every one of your songs, how about suppressing the word. You are the voice of Black America rappers, why not change the way you and everybody else perceives the word and use something else that doesn’t have such connotation. I’m sick of hearing it!!!! If you ever want it to be done away with try taking it out of your everyday rederect. Get a life Kanye you sorry beaver looking chipmunk you wonder why bro.

Donald Trump was right!

Kanye, Jay Z and Beyonce" are total racist against white people with HUGE EGO'S point blank.
I'm boycotting there record labels & all of there endorsements and recommend America does the same!

Leave it to someone like Kanye West to rain on someone else's parade. It took a real lady and a real talent like Beyonce(the temporary object of West's "affections" as he stifled Taylor Swift)to remember how she felt when she was young and in Swift's position. West should be "sooooo sorry" and think before speaking...and not to drink so much cognac before opening his yap the next time.

How about using the term "Sexist" as opposed to Racist. Some people (especially non-blacks) jump at the opportunity to project what's going on inside of them through any outlet possible....get a grip, and deal with your own inner Demons regarding race... Nothing about his actions were Racist. He wouldn't have done it if it were a man...that's it. You can be a Jerk without being a Racist, but you can't be a Racist without being a Jerk. Race is infused in so many issues in our society, lets not include it where it may not have a place. (Try Love, It Works!)

People are amazing...the best thing going for some non-blacks in today's society (when there is a color line involved) is to apply components of Racism. There is a difference between being a Jerk and a Racist. (You can be a Jerk and not a Racist, but you can't be a Racist without being a jerk). However when there is an opportunity to be on the other side of the word, some non-blacks jump at the chance. Get a hold of yourselves! Why can't it be Sexism? I don't believe that he would have committed his act on any male (regardless of race). Everyone who has inflicted race into this blog needs to examine his or herself. Take a good look at your own surpressed demons. It is your own inner feelings that yurns for the company of similar feelings...indeed it is a shame. (Try Love, it works!)

I think this is the begining of the end of Mr. West. I hope you understand you go up fast but you can go down quicker. No class..

Kayne West was being himself, and in doing so displayed racisism

What Kanye deserves to be called is what someone in the audience accurately called a family of Klansmen on Donahue one time...

...and if he don't like it, too bad :)

Beyonce showed lots of class but Rhianna could upstage her. Let's see her do the right thing by refusing to appear with West. I'd like to see all of Leno's guests refuse to appear unless Kanye is booted.

Of course it was a setup for the Jay leno show. I wouldn't have believed it myself except for the stunt Eminem took part in at some awards show a few months ago. I was sure that he was really furious and stormed out of the arena because Sascha Baron Cohen sat on his face. But, days later it was revealed that it wasa publicity stunt. Hollywood really is turning into an asylum.

He's done, well done.

Kanye West hates Michael Jackson because he ruined his tribute. Madonna and Janet were awesome

NBC & JAY LENO, Show the world that you have real scruples- PLEASE CANCEL KANYE'S APPEARANCE!!

West is a COWARD. What's with posting a apology on a frickin' BLOG? When you have stomped on someone else, particularly someone who has done you no wrong, you go to them personally, you look them in the eye and you say I'm sorry. At the very least, you do it by phone. To do anything less is cowardly.

Beyonce is a class act as shown by her later actions. But I would be that she didn't appreciate this thug's attempt to drag her down to his level.

Kanye is Racist, Selfish and Unhappy! Security should have tackeld him off stage!

RACIST! look at the 'MAN IN THE MIRROR' Kanye West Don't like white people!

West's actions were disgusting. People seem to be getting ruder and ruder in this world. It's a shame. Mike Meyers was humiliated by West's Hurricane Katrina comment & now Beyonce is humiliated. The stars in music need to silence this jerk.

Kanye West Hates White People

He didn't go about it the right way, but Kayne was right in regards to what he was trying to address - Taylor Swift's video sux. Just another no-frills Disney looking piece of shit. Kanye tells it how it is.

African Americans have tried so hard for so long to overcome a shadow Racists have created for them. How, I ask you, can an African American RACIST such as West possibly do anything but shine an ugly light on what some are fighting and dying for. He’s nothing but a disgusting punk who only feels brave when disrespecting a 19 year old child. If Taylor had been a man West would probably have got his a** whipped which, as we all know, is long over do.

It appears that Kanye likes to pick on country GIRL singers....first Gretchen Wilson, now Taylor Swift. Want to take on Tim or Toby, Kanye????

Kanye is a attention getter, and a a smart business man. Maybe he dosent do business the way we like but hes smart and got everyones attention. Hes not a racist, he just shares the thoughts of most black people, hes just not afraid to show them. And apologize to all white people....thats the funniest thing i ever heard in my life. i think u might be a racist

Mr. West should never be invited to another award show. He has serious issues.

I think Jay Leno should bring in a substiute and say Kanya is home in a time out. What a creep!!! Who buys from an artist that lacking in human quality?




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