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Poll: What do you think is Roman Polanski's greatest film?

September 28, 2009 |  7:44 pm

Roman polanski movies news

More than half of respondents to our poll do not believe Roman Polanski deserved to win the Oscar for directing "The Pianist" in 2002. So that suggests that they don't think "The Pianist" is his best movie.

OK, so let's back up and ask you: What is Roman Polanski's greatest film? Perhaps that answer is the movie that really merited his Oscar gold.

Besides winning the Academy Award for helming "The Pianist," Roman Polanski was nominated for directing "Tess" (he lost to Robert Redford's "Ordinary People") and "Chinatown" (Francis Ford Coppola beat him for his direction of "The Godfather, Part II") and writing the script to "Rosemary's Baby" (he lost to James Goldman's "The Lion in Winter"). 

Photos: "The Pianist" (Focus Features), "Knife in the Water" (Fox), "Chinatown" (Paramount), "Rosemary's Baby" (Paramount)

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I'm glad the pedophile sympathisers went ahead and put themselves on a list. It will be much easier to boycott their work in the future as well as Whoopi Goldbergs who felt that this case wasn't rape rape.

Rape is rape. 13 is 13. Sorry, but there is no getting past that.

He raped/sodomised a 13 year old child. How can anyone get past this point? Stick your pole.

Nick and the other fodder like him, should be ashamed of himself.
He did go through alot of trauma over his wife and child. And the young lady who was introduced to him by her parents that he had no idea was underage was a complete fraud. Nick has no clue, let alone a clue about what he has done in Europe in the last 30 years. Leave a great man and director alone, and lets check and see what Nick has been doing for the last few decades.

His greatest film? The one he has yet to make in prison.

Personally I'm waiting for the release of his next "Confessions of an Unapologetic Pedophile".

He raped a child for Christ sake!
How can people defend him ! In what scary sick world do we leave.

We is 76. He won already.
Pedophiles never change.
He has for sure raped tens of kids in Europe within this last 30 years.

I feel sick of this case. I truly hope Polanski will pay for his crimes and will suffer what he made others suffer.

I saw The Pianist for the first time only two weeks ago - it was an incredible work. I'd guess, based on the comments here, that your respondents are voting more with their sense of puritanical self-righteousness than with their sense of the movies.

The two idiots I'm talking about are corvette boy and Demetri Portelli.
Just to clarify.

The above two comments just goes to show why this country is in the shape it's in..BAD. I'm sure they would have agreed with the walmart employee who turned the arizona family in for child porn pictures!! That families life is in shambles because of people like the above two idiots!!!! GROW UP!

what about mental instability caused by the murder of his wife and his unborn baby? before you start calling someone a pig, how about reading into his personal history. the girl was an opportunist anyway, modelling for him and all.

Though you would like people to think of Polanski as a victim, he is not, he is a garbage bag full of scum and one can only hope he is imprisoned with guys who will give him a lot of what he gave a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL who trusted him! He probably won't get the champagne and downers though, so I suggest he invest in lubricants to take in the big house with him. hahahaha

Did he make the film "How to Rape a Child and Escpe Justice for Thirty Years"? If not, that one should be included in the poll selection as possibly his next big hit. This guy is a pedophile who preys on children for his sexual thrills. How anyone would care to associate his name with any other topic is unacceptable. Regardless of the bad things that have happened to him, a grown man who preys on children should be shot or hung, preceded only by his castration at the hand of a pig farmer.

Who cares.
The man is a pig and a shame on the movie industry.
Nobody should be immune to justice for crimes against children.
Let him answer for his crimes.

Where is the option "none"?

This cannot be a legitimate poll? Are you that "out to lunch?"



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