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Did Kanye West have a 'sippy sippy' before ruining Taylor Swift's MTV VMA victory?

September 13, 2009 | 10:45 pm

It sure took a lot of guts and nerve for Kanye West to ruin the big victory by Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. (Read the full story here.) Maybe Kanye had some liquid courage to help juice the mischief?

Check out the photo of Kanye below that's from The Envelope's photo gallery. He's pictured prior to the kudofest on the red carpet clutching Amber Rose on one side and a bottle of Hennessy cognac on the other.

If booze played a role in this MTV awards fiasco, it wouldn't be the first time for Kanye. Soon after he disrupted the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2006 to decry losing a trophy to Justice and Simian ("We Are Your Friends"), he admitted to reporters, "I had a little sippy sippy" before the show. He admitted that, after the show, he planned to do "a little more sippy sippy."

Do you think this fiasco will affect Kanye's music sales with fans? Vote in our poll here.

Kanye west MTV VMAs Video Music Awards red carpet


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Kanye West ruins Taylor Swift's MTV VMA victory

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Poll: Do you think Kanye West's MTV VMA fiasco will hurt his music sales?

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Photo: Wire Images

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that 'sippy sippy' is the cheapo level of Hennessey...someone with his riches can't afford Hennessey X.O.???

Kanye, it is time for you to come to OKC to sit and chill with your grandpa and family for a little while. When you come, stop by Fresh Start Counseling Services, Inc. At Fresh Start we will not judge you, but hopefully, we can encourage you to put the "sippy cup" down and start FRESH. You are GREAT TALENT.

isn't this the guy who sang Jesus walks? I remember when Jesus got drunk and picked on young girls. What a moron.

I don't think his mom would have been proud!

President Bush doesn't like black people...Kanye West doesn't like people period..

what side of the barn was he raised in?

that jerk song was dedicated to KANYE WEST, YOU A JERK, YOU A JERK, YOUR A JERK, JERK,JERK, JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM ALL OF TAYLOR SWIFT'S FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boycott Kanye!

Remember Kanye when the bottle is empty grab another you tool!!! This guys gets paid for what being a drunk and stealing the show from other people no wonder I can't stand watching these shows and why was he allowed to carry that bottle around? And what the hell is on his arm she looks like and anaconda!

I could not believe my eyes or ears when Kanye ruined a teens first award. Sour grapes..and too much alcohol. He is so disrespectful and full of himself. I used to like his message but not anymore. It does not mean anything when he repeatedly behaves like an ogre. He needs to be admitted to a detox hospital and then a long term rehab to learn how to live life without substance abuse.

I was surprised she won because all the nominees were heavy hitters. But she won. Accept it. He's just a punk. He's always implying racism, but he's a gutless sexist. Had to pick on the young white girl. He wouldn't have had the stones to take the mike away from a man. Or, worse yet, what if Pink had won?! Good luck, Kanye! Pink woulda dropped his scrawny butt right there on stage!

are you kidding hes just like that he always yells and whines if he doesn't win and now he had to ruin her moment.... and sorry but taylor deserved to win!!! all beyonces videos lately have been the same dancing and same outfits i love taylors video and im not even a country fan.... kanye is annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok really kanye your music sucks your manners are worse, thank god beyonce being the wonderful person that she is was able to make up for your screw up. i honestly hope you never sell another record

Who cares? Who cares what his excuse was. He was drunk, so he robbed a 19 year old, extremely talented girl her moment in the sun? He was drunk so he spoiled Justice and Simian's opportunity to share their victory?

He's a piece of immature crap who needs to go have his sippy sippy somewhere FAR away from civilized human beings, with or without his alcoholic crutch.

He is a spoiled brat plain and simple.

Why am I not surprised that he's walking down a red carpet with a bottle of Hennessey? Way to go, Kanye- keep it classy.



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