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Tina Fey trashes us again: 'The Internet is always wrong!'

September 21, 2009 |  4:26 pm

It was a lot of fun when Tina Fey ("30 Rock") went all nuclear on The Envelope during her Golden Globes acceptance speech this year. But she's still hurling rocks. Sunday night, backstage at the Emmys, moments after "30 Rock" won best comedy series, a journalist asked if her victory was really a "nail-biter," as she said during the acceptance speech.

"Yeah," she said, "The Internet is always wrong. So when I heard we were the favorite on the Internet, I thought, 'Oh, no! We're dead!' "

Since this is the only website that pools Emmy predictions and we're a site Tina knows well (she said at the Globes that we're one of the few sites she likes to hang out at — see the video here — while snooping in our message boards, which she blasted in her acceptance speech), it's probably safe to say that she was largely referring to The Envelope again at yet another awards show. So here is our reply to Tina.

We're "always wrong," Tina? In 2007 and 2008, we correctly predicted "30 Rock" would win best comedy series, and last year we foresaw your victory as best actress and Alec Baldwin's as best actor. This year we correctly forecast repeat victories by "30 Rock" and Baldwin, but, yes, we did get one major prediction wrong in the laugh lineup. We believed you'd repeat at best lead actress. However, we warned loud and clear that Toni Collette ("United States of Tara") was poised as a spoiler because Hollywood voters are such suckers for multiple-personality roles.

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