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Will Whitney Houston get Grammy bump from chart success? (Thank you, Miley Cyrus!)

September 3, 2009 |  7:05 pm

"Despite struggling with her vocals on "Good Morning America," Whitney Houston's latest album 'I Look To You' is projected to sell 200,000 copies and gain the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart," reports Billboard.

Whitney Houston I Look to You music news

If Whitney pulls that off, it'll be a notable achievement, because she's competing against Miley Cyrus' new CD, "The Time of Our Lives," which might be restricted in sales by being released exclusively by Wal-Mart — and prematurely at that. "Lives" was supposed to debut this past Tuesday, but Miley confessed via Twitter that she's "kinda bummed" that Wal-Mart put it on shelves last Friday, triggering early sales of 62,000 copies.

If that helps Whitney to get back on top of the charts, it might give the former Grammy queen a big psychological push in the new awards derby. "I Look to You" debuted (on time) on the last day of Grammy eligibility so that it will be most fresh on voters' minds when they check off their nomination ballots in October. Whitney Houston won six Grammys, including the recording academy's two highest honors — best record ("I Will Always Love You") and album ("The Bodyguard") of the year (1993).

Miley Cyrus, by contrast, has won no Grammys.


'I Look to You' launches comeback for Whitney Houston

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to all the haters you can say all you want but at this moment in time Whitney Houston is no.1 and thats all that counts. how many of these wannabes will be around in 20 years time - but whitney will always be remembered.

withney thanks to God ur Back and i am sure ur back with full force... go withney u rock and there is no other of ur kind. Ur the best.

Please dont compare Whitney and Miley.. She is young and she established great success with some teen hannah montana movie,show..i m 21 and i hear first time for her like a year ago..Whitney is Goddess,and she is role model to every Diva,and she had great impact on music ,Miley doesnt.

Whitney Houston is a washed-up hag who blew her best years using crack...if she gets to number one it will be based on what she used to be, not what she is now. I hope she doesn't get confused and think she's still great. She was great once, but that has passed.

There will only be one Whitney Houston.

go whitney, great performance in nyc, let ur haters be ur motivators. stay clean, come mean, and dont leave the scene. let me to dance now to ur entry song on GMA , i was in crowd hollering and pumping ma fist for ma gurl

Miley doesn't need to compete with either whitney or leanne cuz miley has had more success than either one of those when they were miley's age. If walmart had released the cd on time miley would be number one next week. whitney lost her voice to crack, it's no secret despite what oprah is trying to feed the masses. Miley rules the world these days and for the forseeable future.

This is great for her ! it's only a domestic sucess though. I doubt the album sells more than 1 milion in the world. But sales are not all...

Yay Whitney! We love ya baby!

Oprah just sent out a tweet. Whitney performed live on the show and apparently "blew the roof off Harpo."

LeAnne Rimes won 2 to 4 Grammys at the ripe old age of 14 (on her first try). Miley Cyrus, being 16 and on her second or third album, is no excuse.

yOU SAID: "Miley Cyrus, by contrast, has won no Grammys."

Contrast? A 16 year old contrasted with an established singer. Guess Miley should have started at age 8.



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