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Will Lauren Conrad go from Teen Choice winner to Razzies loser?

September 30, 2009 | 11:54 am

Lauren Conrad The Hills MTV LA Candy Twilight Entertainment News 2468097 Lauren Conrad may no longer be on "The Hills," but this onetime reality star is determined to keep playing the fame game. Her new novel, "L.A. Candy," inspired by her own experiences, has been on the New York Times children's chapter books bestseller list for 14 weeks. Today Variety reports that Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey -- the team behind the "Twilight" film franchise -- are bringing this book to the big screen.

This success must be sweeter for Conrad after the failure of "L.A. Candy" to get any good reviews from the mainstream press. Entertainment Weekly called it, "a dismal portent of the future of pop culture, disguised as escapist fiction aimed at young-adult LC fans who might like a book-shaped object as a keepsake now that Conrad has left her popular show." And New York said, "Since LC's clothing lines were uninspired at best, in a way 'LA Candy's' cheerful mediocrity is its biggest success."

The New York Daily News neatly summarized the plot: "Conrad, who seems to have been ably assisted by a collaborator, tells the story of Jane Roberts, a young beauty most notable for her sweet nature and innocence. She moves to L.A. with her best friend from kindergarten, the gorgeous, smart-mouthed Scarlett. It takes only a couple of nights on the town before they're swept up by a producer making a new reality show."

And now, as per Variety, "Conrad will be involved in shaping the direction of the script." As Bowen explained, "Lauren, who became an icon in that reality show world, came to us with a structure of how to tell the story in an interesting fashion that was separate and apart from the book. We loved her take. Her book is an honest portrayal of what it must be like to set out to be normal, then sign on to become famous and eventually realize, 'Wow, this isn't at all what I'd planned for myself.' "

Lauren Conrad won Teen Choice female reality star four years in a row beginning in 2006 for her starring role on "The Hills." Her loyal fan base propelled "L.A. Candy" to the top of the bestseller list. And they may well make the film version into a commercial hit as well. But expect this movie to end up in the cross-hairs of the Razzie Awards in the tradition of such recent box office winners as "Bride Wars" and "The Ugly Truth."

Photo credit: HarperCollins

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