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You betcha - Tina Fey wins Emmy as Sarah Palin on 'SNL'

September 13, 2009 |  9:38 am

Tina Fey Sarah Palin SNL Emmy Awards Guest Actress Entertainment News 2468097 Tina Fey picked up the sixth Emmy of her career Saturday night with her win as guest actress in a comedy series for her portrayal of GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on" Saturday Night Live." This is the fifth category Tina Fey has taken at the Emmys with previous wins in: writing variety ("SNL," 2002); producing comedy ("30 Rock," 2007, 2008); writing comedy ("30 Rock," 2008); and lead actress comedy ("30 Rock," 2008).

Fey prevailed over a slate of Emmy winners in this category including two guests on "30 Rock" - Jennifer Aniston ("Friends," 2002 lead actress) and Elaine Stritch who won this award in 2007 for her role as Alec Baldwin's crazy mama on the show. Stritch also has Emmys for guest actress, drama ("Law & Order," 1993) and individual variety performance ("Elaine Stritch: At Liberty," 2004). Fey also beat out four-time winner Betty White ("My Name is Earl"), three-time champ Gena Rowlands ("Monk") and one-time victor Christine Baranksi ("The Big Bang Theory").

Accepting the award, Fey acknowledged the politico she so deftly lampooned saying, "Mrs. Palin is an inspiration to working mothers everywhere because she bailed on her job right before Fourth of July weekend. You are living my dream. Thank you, Mrs. Palin." At next Sunday's Primetime Emmys, Fey defends her lead actress and series wins.

Photo: NBC

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Tina Fey helped me stay sane during the run up to the election. Now that it's over, the far right show just how really insane they are (not that electing Bush twice wasn't already a clue).

I am sure Sarah Palin expected this. Tina Fey did do her job well, regardless of whether it was part of a wider smear job. She really has considerable talent. It certainly won't be the last time some fading celebrity will revitalise their career through the more significant and famous occupation of another person. Even poor old Captain Kirk has done a Sarah "'cling on!'

Would it have been it a political attack if she'd been a man, would it have been an issue, was a glass jaw-esque person (palin and her supporters) if I seen some, and another thing that's what's wrong with peeps saying, "well she still looks better than so and so" I'd rather be an ugly geek than a pretty neanderthal (spelling?)

To the people condemning Fey for "attacking" Palin. First, SNL has traditionally spoofed every presidential/vice presidential candidate since Reagan. Every one. To exclude Palin would, frankly, be reverse discrimination. Secondly, Fey's "script" was written by Palin for the most part. In fact, in most instances Fey parroted Palin. How is that, then, an attack on Palin?

Great job, Tina Fey.

Can't believe Tina Fey posing as Palin was able to beat out Palin posing as a politician for the award!

Tina, please run in 2012!

not really...the people who listened to Fey thought it was Palin. She doesn't even resemble Palin's looks, so I thought that wsa interesting. She did not "nail" Palin. Fey is kinda creepy. I didn't vote for either ticket, obviously, BTW

Sarah Palin still looks better than Tina Fey.

What made her performance so impressive was that this was not a portrayal that she spent many weeks developing: She was spot on right away.

Ahhhh, the bitter right, fun to watch...scary to even think of their disgraceful behavior toward truth.

Gosh, maybe Tina should run for President and Sarah should be given an slot in an NBC comedy. The country would certainly be the winner. Well, almost - comedy on NBC would suffer! At A girl, Tina!

I think Sarah Palin should have gotten an award for portraying herself on SNL.

Tina deserved her win. She was spot-on in her portrayal of Sarah.

Fey gets an Emmy and America gets a swift kick in the crotch!

Now, if only Tinfoil-Head Tiny would live MY dream, and bail on her job, life would be good!

I’m looking for the Obama impersonation award as well.

Congrats to Tina Fey-she made the most of the material Palin provided with her greed and stupidity. Fey really deserves the Emmy's she'll get next week!

It was a political attack on a woman that had different veiw for what's best for this country. They were vicious personal atacks of her and her family along with distortions of everything Palin stands for. The left completely flipped at her nomination and this award is nothing but cover for a disgraecful political hit job that the left just loves.

Six Emmys for this woman? She may have some talent - but she's certainly no Mary Tyler Moore or Carol Burnett. Oh brother...

Oh, I guess that If you LOOK like Sara Palin, that is good acting.

Old joke: Q- What's the problem with political jokes? A- They sometimes get elected.

Tina did Sarah Palin better than Sarah Palin. The scary part was, Tina didn't have to write most of the material. Way to go, Tina! Congrats!!!

P.S.: I wonder if Sarah Palin can imitate Tina Fey?

Tina Fey did fantastic job portraying Sarah Palin.during 2008 Presidential race. Many congraulations!! Well deserved win!!

i wish win jennifer aniston



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