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People's Choice Awards go Gaga!

October 20, 2009 |  9:32 am

Lady gaga entertainment news

Uh-oh. Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are clashing again — worse, they're in a diva smackdown with Lady Gaga! Has Hollywood no shame?

Correct answer: No, of course. But this time we can blame the rest of America, the ones who pick the People's Choice Awards. Voting began today online to choose nominees who'll compete for kudos to be bestowed next January and Lambert, Allen and Her Gaga-ness are among the choices for favorite breakout star.

Never mind that "The Hurt Locker" is the most critically acclaimed film of the year, scoring 94 at Metacritic. It's not listed among the choices as fave flick. Instead, options to click on include "Fast & Furious," "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and, even though viewers haven't seen it yet, "Twilight: New Moon." However, there is a place on these Web pages to write in your choices if it's not listed and you're not lazy.

Photo credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

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Just to let you all know, the fans of Adam Lambert are completely and totally SWAMPING The Peoples Choice website voting for Adam. I'm talking non-stop voting these women are doing, all day. Here's the official Adam fansite telling fans to vote until they can't vote anymore. These women don't have lievs outside of Adam Lambert, so they have all day to spend online voting for him.

Tell me how these people are stars by winning a freaking reality contest. Their albums aren't even out yet. These kind of awards shows are a joke.

Unlike GaGa and Allen, Adam Lambert has actual (and outstanding) talent.

Susan Boyle should win,she has class and talent.

Susan Boyle????

I actually think Susan Boyle should also get a good chunk of votes.... we'll see.....



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