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Adrien Brody squanders Oscar capital in 'Predators'

October 7, 2009 |  8:23 am

When Adrien Brody gave Halle Berry that infamous kiss onstage at the 2002 Academy Awards, he may have caught her Oscar curse. Since then the surprise lead-actor winner for "The Pianist" has failed to find the right role to contend again,Adrien Brody Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator Academy Awards Oscars Entertainment News 13579408 just as Berry went from her landmark 2001 lead actress win for "Monster's Ball" to taking home a Razzie as "Catwoman."

Now comes word that Brody has signed on for the lead role in the reboot of the sci-fi flick "Predator." This remake of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle is to be produced by Robert Rodriguez ("Sin City") and helmed by Nimrod Antal ("Control"). Brody is to play the leader of a gang of mercenaries who face off against aliens in "Predators." As Variety reports, "Brody and his Paradigm reps lobbied hard for the role."

Though this action franchise may boost Brody's box-office appeal, it is unlikely to return him to major awards competition. Although Sigourney Weaver landed a 1986 lead actress Oscar nod for her work as the ripped Ripley in "Aliens," fighting ferocious creatures doesn't usually get the attention of the academy (unless you count the battle between the Burtons in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?").

Since becoming the youngest lead actor winner at age 29, Brody has headlined a series of serious films that have fared less than well with the critics. As per the review roundups at MetaCritic, Brody's body of work includes leading roles in The Jacket" (a score of 44 out of 100 for the film), "Hollywoodland" (62), "The Darjeeling Limited" (67), "Cadillac Records" (65) and "The Brothers Bloom" (55).

Only with his appearance in another big budget remake, "King Kong" (81), has Brody come close to matching the critical success of "The Pianist" (85). But even with Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson ("The Lord of the Rings") at the helm, that 2005 version of the 1933 classic contended for only four technical Oscars, winning for sound editing, sound mixing and visual effects.

Correction: An earlier version of this item credited producer Robert Rodriguez rather than Nimrod Antal as the director of "Predators."

Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Predator." Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Who cares what the critics say.

As an actor I'm sure he would much rather do movies that people are going to see than meandering critically acclaimed crap that no one else likes other than fine movie conoseuers.

Good for him.

And I hope to say good for the filmmakers, this choice gives a sudden surprise validity to this film.

And Monster's Ball was dreadful by the way.

At least he is getting movie roles. Remember F. Murray Abraham when he won an Oscar? He practically fell off the earth. Its about making money anyways I hate to say. I would rather be able to support myself rather than be a slave to the arts.

I don't care for Brody as an actor, never did. I agree with Blixa about their comment. I did read that he signed the petition to have Polanski freed. That says a whole lot about his lousy morals system.

It's not a remake, it's a sequel.

And he's not a leader of a gang of mercenaries, he plays one of many humans captured by the Predators to be hunted on their home planet. He is not playing Arnold's original role in any way.

Check your facts, this is lazily written.

he was in the remake of king kong. i thought that was a very good movie. oscar worthy performances?? eh... but great big screen movie. so he hasnt done that bad of work since the pianist

Thanks for catching the goof re Rodriquez. We fixed the mistake and duly noted the change. TX

The director is Nimrod Antal, not Robert Rodriguez

You must have missed 'The Jacket', Brody was great in that film, Oscar worthy.

Rodriguez is not directing the remake, he wrote and is producing. Nimrod Antal is directing. Pretty big mistake to publish in the LA Times.

How ironic.

Adien Brody won an Oscar for a film directed by infamous child sex predator Roman Polanski. He even signed the ridiculous petion to free the rapist.

Now he will appear in a film called 'Predator' - that is hilarious.



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