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Video: Abbie Cornish on 'Bright Star'

October 6, 2009 |  4:11 pm

All Oscarologists know how much academy voters love ingénues, especially when they portray lovers. In "Bright Star," Abbie Cornish embodies one of the immortals: Fanny Brawne, the woman adored by the world's greatest romantic poet, John Keats, who died of tuberculosis at age 25 after a brief secret fling with the starry-eyed girl next door he was forbidden to marry.

"Bright Star" is written and directed by Jane Campion, who won an Oscar for penning best picture nominee "The Piano" (1993), which also earned her a bid for best director. It's unlikely that "Bright Star" will generate such generous notice from the academy, but Campion could be nominated anew for screenplay and Cornish for best actress. While up at the Toronto Film Festival, Cornish chatted with Gold Derby.

Video by Paul Sheehan

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