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Can Barbra Streisand turn her No. 1 album into a Grammy winner?

October 7, 2009 | 12:43 pm

Barbra Streisand Love is the Answer Billboard Grammy Awards Entertainment News 2468097 Barbra Streisand just debuted at the top of the Billboard album chart with her disc "Love Is the Answer." This jazz-themed album beat out a slew of new offerings for the top spot, including "Brand New Eyes" by "Twilight" rockers Paramore and "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" from Mariah Carey. Streisand bettered her Billboard record of at least one No. 1 album in each decade stretching back to the 1960s. Before "Love Is the Answer," she last topped the charts with "Higher Ground" in 1997.

The question now is whether Barbra Streisand can parlay this sales success into another Grammy Award. She already has eight competitive Grammys on her crowded mantle (along with two honorary ones). The versatile Streisand has earned a total of 39 nominations across a dozen categories. Buoyed by the good reviews for "Love Is the Answer," Streisand could contend for the first time in the jazz vocal category.

Usually Babs produces her own albums, but this time around she let Diana Krall do the heavy lifting. Krall has a pair of Grammys herself for jazz vocal (1999) and jazz album (2002). And this Canadian talent contended for album of the year in 1999 for "When I Look in Your Eyes" -- she lost to "Supernatural" by Santana.

The top Grammy category has come to include albums representing many musical genres. Streisand has won album of the year only once -- for her self-titled debut disc way back in 1964. She has contended for this award another five times: "People" (1965), "My Name Is Barbra" (1966), "Color Me Barbra" (1967), "Guilty" (1980) and "The Broadway Album" (1986).

"The Broadway Album" was a much-heralded return to her rialto roots and did win her a second pop vocal performance Grammy. She had taken her first of these for "Evergreen" in 1977, which also won her the song of the year Grammy. Prior to that, Streisand had won female vocal performance for three years in a row beginning in1964, and she also won pop duo or group with Barry Gibb for "Guilty" in 1980.

Photo: Columbia Records

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Mara is RIGHT!!! I just went to the Grammy website:
What are the eligibility requirements?
For the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards, albums must be released between Oct. 1, 2008 and August 31, 2009. Recordings must be in general distribution in the United States, i.e. sales by label to a branch or recognized independent distributor, via the Internet, or mail order/retail sales for a nationally marketed product.

Elibility for a grammy ends on the release date of September 30 or the last Tuesday of September each year.

Barbra has the name AND the voice. No one comes close....and it would be Grammys 2011. They won't forget her magnificent work!

The deadline for this year's grammys is long past.

Two of my favorite female soloists is Barbra and Diane Krall. That should be a great album for sure. I would love to see Barbra back in the spotlight again because she is a very classy lady and sometimes the youngsters around can take some lessons. We all have a lot to contribute in so many ways. Barbra you inspire me.

Mr. O'Neil,

Wasn't Ms Streisand's album released too late for consideration this year?

Yes, Barbra has the name, but Irene Atman has the voice.

I think she won't be eligible for this year's awards. I believe the album was released too late. So, doubtful the number 1 will have an impact a whole year later.

I had heard that the Grammy deadline has changed and the Streisand's release would not qualify this year. Is this true?

Tom, yep but you mean grammys 2011.



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