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Can 'The Office' wedding episode catch Emmy bouquet?

October 9, 2009 | 11:08 am

The Office Wedding Episode Emmy Awards Reviews Jenna Fishcer John Krasinski Last night's one-hour wedding special on "The Office" drew rave reviews from the likes of Entertainment Weekly, Time, Newsday and the Star-Ledger. And our forum posters were quick to weigh in with their opinions on the long-awaited nuptials of Pam and Jim as well.

Most were pleased with the overall tone and quality of this installment of "The Office" that showcased supporting players Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski. And many made note of the Emmy Awards potential of various elements of the episode. 

Said adamunc, "Definitely a series tape, and a front-runner for writing and directing nods. Also, potentially worthy submissions for Fischer, Krasinski, Helms, and Wilson. The final sequence was just inspired."

For Moviemjk102, "Perfect on almost every level. Definitely a strong submission for Series, Writing, Directing, and for both Fischer and Krasinski, though the entire ensemble was superb. Both laugh out loud funny and very moving, with some great twists littered in there (Jim revealing the pregnancy, Jim and Pam getting married on the boat, Michael and Pam's mum hooking up). Easily one of the best episodes of the series."

And Jss0058 said, "It has always confused me that Krasinski can't even get nominated for supporting actor. This tape just proves how big of a mistake that has been. I'm not holding out that it will change this year, but it sure would be nice and this tape could give him a shot at a win (same for the wonderful Fischer)."

Photo: Jenna Fischer (l) and John Krasinski (r) on "The Office" Credit: NBC

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PS: My kids started vomiting whenever one of them did, so it was very realistic seeing those, whom stubbornly, stupidly defied Pam's polite request, begin the domino effect. I was on the floor laughing, and a bit nauseated remembering the green-pepper odors when pregnant, as well. It is what any childbearing parent would expect.

Just done watching rerun of entire 2 part wedding show. After throwing son's wedding w/ loads of dysfunctional backgrounds, I was howling w/ laughter at the realities of the idiosyncracies and controlled kayos of the whole package. Only seasoned, experienced persons know the dirty little secret, that the wedding is really, actually not "their day" at all, Bridezillas-be -damned, but somewhat the possession of the narcissistic guests, whom actually all have something in common that day. The romantic back-up Niagra Falls scene, so loving and character appropriate, surprisingly, had me in real tears. In the end, the tacky display at the church wedding, which Jim also predicted, was a really fun(&funny) part of the reception, and really depicted simple joyousness of the gathering of friend/family tradition. If only this happiness could be present at every real wedding. So much better than "The Graduate." Thank god, no huffy, pouty tears, screaming relatives, hate. Pam & Jim, again, gave everyone a gift by being great sports, humored all, and let them have their fun, a tribute after all, for which they were due! Thrilled and feeling the love!! I guess I'll go watch it again. The Office is family for all it's characters.
PS: I'll never eat ice from one of those freezers, ever again!

I am a huge fan of The Office. Huuuuge fan. I love the realistic awkwardness and subtle humor that makes it completely believable and often painfully hilarious. For this reason, I found the Wedding episode to be almost unbearable. It was so bad. I knew from the very first scene that I was going to hate it. A throw up scene like that is completely unoriginal and way more gross than funny. All the other jokes seemed equally sophomoric and unfunny as well. Andy with a torn scrotum? It's just not very funny. Everything culminated with the dance scene at the end, which was supposed to be poignant, but it left me feeling completely jipped. I have been waiting for this episode for so long, and it could have been amazing, but, unfortunately, the writers really dropped the ball on this one. I'm afraid they're all out of fresh ideas. These latest episodes have not even been close to being on par with episodes from, say, season 2 or 3. Something has been lost. I miss the time when The Office was still a little show with hardly any publicity. It was much better back then. It has become huge, a lot bigger than Ricky Gervais ever meant for a show like this to get. I find myself wishing they had just called it quits after season 4. Now, I'm afraid they're going to get pulled. Anyway, there was one scene from the latest episode that was reminiscent of the good old days of The Office and that actually did make me laugh out loud: When it turned midnight and Michael thought that meant Jim and Pam were married. Priceless.

I am a big fan of the Office, both the British and American versions, and found this wedding special to be tedious and predictable. I blame the writing and directing more than the actors, who did the best that they could with some pretty tired material.

I agree with Jss0058. It's ludicrous to see Charlie Sheen nominated year after year in the lead actor category for playing HIMSELF, and JK totally ignored for supporting. Seriously academy, what the hizzle?

Actually this episode was terrible and an insult to fans of the show. Lets see.....pregnancy, check........ wedding, check...... vacation episode in Niagra Falls, check. Get ready next week for a guest appearance by Ted McGinley.

When Jim cut his tie for Pam, I nearly cried; their love, however fictional and 'fake' it may be, is beautiful. I would have a rough time trying to find something wrong with this episode, even though I was in physical pain when Michael spoke at the Rehearsal Dinner.

I started crying so hard when they got married on the boat. I NEVER cry!

I really loved this episode. I am a huge fan of 'The Office", and I think people should just put all the analytical B.S. to the side and just enjoy the show or stop watching it if you're bored. Fans like me will never stop loving this show!

I actually think Ed Helms walked away as the most Emmy-worthy performance on this special

A vomit gag, really? I saw that on Family Guy.

I loved this episode, especially the wedding dance take off. Totally unexpected!

I love the Office, but I feel like this season Pam and Jim are really snotty and have a "holier than thou" attitude, especially about her pregnancy. I still like everyone else, but they used to be the heart of the show and now they are just irritating!

This episode SUH-HUCKED. sucked. s-u-c-k-e-d. Emmy? That would be a joke. I love The Office, but this episode was horrible. "Laaaaaame" is so on the money.

How can you not love this episode of one of the best comedies on television? To get it, you have to watch every episode episode of the series. Trust me, it's worth it.
I have a friend who thought "The Office" sucked, but he had only seen a few episodes. As soon as he watched a few seasons, he realize how kickass it is.
As for the dance scene at the end, sure it's been done, but sometimes the best moments in television or movies are the ones that are just fun. A lot like that scene. The best episodes of "The Office" are ones that are just cool to watch (i.e. Christmas Party, Booze Cruise, Stress Relief, Cafe Disco, Office Olympics, etc.)
Though some of the best moments in this episode are the moments with Jim and Pam. You see how much they really love each other, and that they can get through anything.
If you don;t like "The Office", that's fine, but actually watch it before you badmouth it.

As a lover of The Office I can say the wedding episode was dissappointing. Kudos to the characters and their acting, but the youtube rip-off was thoroughly embarrassing and especially IRONIC given Jeff Zucker wants to sue anybody putting anything from NBC on the Net. Lastly, this episode totally paled in comparison to the utterly brillant BBC 2-hour series finale from Rickey Gervais original Office. Again - it sux to see the networks scarf from user-generated content on one hand then constantly litigate on the other hand. Try posting the wedding sequence on Facebook and watch them sick their dogs on you...

Loved the episode! And it is in Oscar's character to get angry. He has little tolerance for nonsense. And remember him getting peeved and cussing out the cable guy on the phone in The Outburst?

This was a great show. I really liked the "Mental' camera clicks. And when Jim said to raise a toast "except for Pam, for obvious reasons" . My wife is not a fan, but even she liked the wedding on the boat and the corny dance. It wasx ripped off of youtube, but how many weddings in real life also copied that? Anyway, Loved it.


Yes this was over the top, but what exceptional comedy isn't ( i.e. Lucy, Friends)? It was the wonderful way Jim was written that totally choked me up - a sweet, sentimental, romantic fool who is totally in love with a nice simple girl, Their relationship seems so real and perfect. I have faith the writers will keep them zigging and zagging as all married couples do, but they've established a basis of a solid friendship that will win out in spite of everything.

The vomiting scene was hilarious. I loved everything about this episode, especially the sweetness of Jim and Pam on the boat. The ending was perfection.

"If it weren't for Lost in January I would cancel my cable subscription."

Oh I get it like terrible shows. That makes perfect sense as to why you disliked this episode of The Office.

Whew, glad that one's solved.

The episode was comedy gold. It was like "Chuckles the Clown's Funeral" several times over.

best show ever...............

Any fair minded person would agree with John and "Best Review Ever." I've watched this series from the beginning, and the last two seasons represent a remarkable decline in writing and comedic delivery. The characters are far too predictable, the Jim 'n' Pam story is tired and worn out and has turned this show into a chick flick. Devoting the last 1/4 of the episode to a pop culture reference (and a lame one at that)? Where is the artistic integrity in that? That dance went on far too long and was not funny. Dwight's kick of the bridesmaid? Funny only to those who like Paul Blart or any Will Ferrel movie. The stuff that passes for comedy these days.................




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