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Michael Jackson uproar: Do you think it will hurt 'This Is It' at the Grammys?

October 13, 2009 |  9:01 am

Michael Jackson This Is It Paul Anka Grammy Awards Entertainment News 2468097 Just hours after the release of the new Michael Jackson single "This Is It" Monday, Paul Anka established his right to co-author credit on the song. Turns out the tune -- then titled "I Never Heard" -- was penned by Anka and Jackson back in 1983 when they were working together on songs for a new Anka album. As Reuters reports, "Both 'I Never Heard' and 'This Is It' share the same vocal and piano line, although the latter track boasts new overdubs from Jackson's brothers."

Paul Anka could be in for quite a payday now that he owns half of the copyright in "This Is It." But will it finally win the veteran singer-songwriter a Grammy Award? Though Paul Anka enjoyed a string of hits in the early years of the Grammys, he has never contended for any of the major awards. He was snubbed even for his 1969 English language lyrics for "My Way" -- a signature song for then Grammy favorite Frank Sinatra.

Critical response to "This Is It" has been mixed at best. Jon Pareles of the New York Times said: "No funk here: it’s the posthumous, all-sweetness-and-light Jackson that his family is determined to sell. But at least he sounds human, especially at the end, where he lets the vocal line take a few tentative leaps." Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune said, "Jackson cycles through a verse, pre-chorus and chorus several times during the track's 3:46 duration but never really develops any of the initial ideas." And for Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times, "His high tenor billows and crests, but never breaks; this is ecstasy without resolution. It feels great, but unfinished. It simultaneously makes you want it to keep going and to become something else, something more."

Photo: Poster for "This Is It" film. Credit: Sony Pictures / AFP / Getty Images

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just remember on thing while your here on earth it is what it cant change that??So leave the poor guy alone....cant you see??mmmm?

It does... If Michael had prepared a real THIS IS ITsong... it would be something modern and fresh to the ears. But i am really glad to still hear this surprise song though... i just wished they didnt overly publicized it because i just felt something bad too when they introduced the song, especially the profit-dividing thing. I love Michael Jackson... he is such a wonderful gift to us.

MJ would not want to win a grammy for that song. He never even wanted it released. He would be embarrassed to win.
No more money for SONY and AEG.
Stop exploiting Michael Jackson. If he wanted it released, he would have released it.

Once again, the Jackson brothers have found a way to make some dough off the back of their dead sibling. They added their own vocal backing, took a song that Michael himself rejected from his albums because it was not a great song... let the pimping from the grave begin.

I wonder if this Anka gave MJ credit back in the day on this song. I mean if her worte it as well and wants credit.... Did MJ get it when it was released by this Safire artist. Its still great to hear this from MJ. His voice is amazing, his talent is flawless and will be deeply missed. The music industry will never be the same.

this whole fiasco smells fishy...
HOW could Sony and the estate not know this - particularly as Branca represented both MJ and Paul Anka at that time and 'facilitated' the return of the 'stolen' tapes to Paul Anka.

Is this just a setup to get more publicity?

More to the point - WHY are SONY not releasing tracks that fans have been clamouring for for over 20 years - the BAD TOUR Wembley stadium concert for example - we only have teaser snippets to listen to like at:

Hopefully there will be more MJ songs that will be entered into the ring for 2011. I think the song is great, however.

This says it all:
"it’s the posthumous, all-sweetness-and-light Jackson that his family is determined to sell."
And I am not buying it. No matter how they try to "sell him" now, he is still a pervert.

Oooops, here ya go Jermaine or anyone of the other vultures of the estate who want to hear it!

I'll be sending a bill to SM for the plug @ the end of the month!

J/K ;)

FBI Sued In Madonna Case (mentions Michael Jackson and Sony)

That song sucked indeed!

I fully expected to be blown away but when I heard it, I thought..hmmm... it had no lack lustre & wasn't worth Michaels time!!!!!

Now that IC Paul Anka was involved in that song, it's no wonder why I was not impressed! lol

Hey, I just noticed that one of my fav bands also has a song called "This Is It"!

MJ or should I say his estate, should have went with the "Simple Minds" version of the song under the same name! ;)

Right is right and wrong is wrong.

Had Paul Anka not said anything then he would not have received credit.

"This Is It" won't be eligible for the Grammys until the 2011 nominations roll around -- recall that the deadline for inclusion in the 2010 slate of nominees was Aug. 31 -- so the whole Anka-related controversy might have blown over by then. Of course, that then brings up the idea of whether or not the song, which was rescued from the scrap heap, is any good in the first place...

I think the fact that it's a crappy song will hurt its chances at a Grammy.



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