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Poll: Do you think Jon Gosselin is being sincere ... or spiteful?

October 1, 2009 |  1:26 pm

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Now there's breaking news that Jon Gosselin is not only hitting the brakes on his divorce but also on TLC shooting further TV footage of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Or, er, rather "Kate Plus 8." That's the new title TLC has in mind for the show.

Hmmmm . . . could Gosselin's actions be revenge against TLC for trying to boot him from the show?

"This is not a ploy," his manager, Mike Heller, tells People. "It's an approach that he thinks will help him reconcile with his wife."

The ongoing melodrama surrounding this TV show continues to make it the watercooler talk of America, which means it remains a major Emmy contender. However, it wasn't – strangely – even nominated for reality program in the recent derby, even though "Jon & Kate Plus 8" reaped 10 million viewers in late May, the tail end of the Emmy eligibility period.


Can 'Kate Plus 8' minus Jon equal Emmy Award?

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The comments to this entry are closed.


The children are not filmed all the time. When they are filmed they do fun activities, or just go about their day and play.

Jon's motives for closing the show is because TLC wouldnt let him do 'Divorced Dad's' with Michael Lohan. The reason why Jon is divorcing his wife is because she wrote a couple of books and had great success with them (until he started with his attitude problem).

Jon has put his family's happiness, stability and income in peril because of his selfishness in pursuing 'what is good for Jon'. WAY TO GO!

As for those who want to close the show, Im curious:
Is it better for Kate to go on welfare, than have an independent way to aquire income? Because I dont see how she can make ends meat with 8 children to provide for.

Haters: Leave this family alone.
Jon: Grow up!
Kate, hope you and the children continue the show.
The children look happy, clean, and well adjusted.

The only one detrimental to those children is Jon, his pursuits and his selfish irratic aptitudes and attitude.

Jon is accidentally correct this time about the kids. It will likely turn out that Jon is holding the show hostage for a bigger allowance. The problem is they are two wannabes who are willing to exploit the kids.

If anyone is wanting attention it is Kate. Has anyone followed the show? She is obviously in love with herself and money not her kids. She is a controlling freak who treated Jon like a slave. Kate is the one not wanting to work their problems out privately, she's on every tv show on television. Hello, she is seeing dollar signs!!! Besides if you remember on the episode where TLC asked them both if they were going to be future episodes, Jon was hesitant and Kate answered quickly obviously controlling every decision. Get with the program Kate is a drama queen wanting the world to feel sorry for her. When she should be concerned for her children.

If Kate has no say so about the (stripper) babysitter during Jon's custody, then Jon should have no say so about the filming during Kate's custody. Stop crying it up to the press jon!

JON is a loser

Jon is mentally challenged. He is the only person that has done damage to his kids.

Jon is clearly mentally challenged. His words & actions show he is only concern. His behaviour since filing for divorce is the only harmful thing to the children and that is great. The children were not suffering from the show but from their father. I have a no compete clause at my work. For 2 yrs aft termination at my work I can't work in the same field. Jon don't only screws anyone who is willing but also himself and his family

At the end of last season Jon Gosselin hinted and expressed his reluctance to continue with the show. His wife still thought it was a good idea.

It does not matter what Jon Gosselin's motives are he is the children's father and if he does not want them filmed he is the more honorable parent at this point. The public has voted in polls to take this show off the air that it is not good for the children. The only people it is good for is Kate Gosselin's career and TLC's pocket book.

In My Opinion: It really doesn't matter WHAT his motives are ~ it'sa move that's long over due.

Jon is absolutely being vindictive. He is a lazy SOB and this gig which took up only an hour or two a week suited him to a T, despite his protests to the contrary. Remember, he was fired from his IT job for a poor work ethic and using company resources for personal gain. Kate begged the Mayor of their town to help find another job for Jon. He chose to stay home to look after the kids, with the help of numerous nannies and volunteers. Don't be so gullible. Every aspect of the show is staged, including Jon helping with the kids' bath time, dressing, or fixing some minor item. Ditto for Kate. This is not how they live throughout the week. They have full-time help, including nannies, cooks, housekeeper, chauffeured limousines - you name it. Also, Jon admitted that the money paid by their contract with TLC is for the entire Gosselin family, which includes the kids. Therefore, the $22,500 they are paid per episode, would mean each of them including the kids would receive $2,250 per week. Not a bad paycheque for 2 hours a week. The problem with the way the contract was drawn up, it was left up to Jon and Kate to ensure that the kids got their share. Kate has repeatedly said the house they live in belongs to the children. If this is true, Jon doesn't appear to be in agreement. He feels it is half his. It's apparent that Jon has squandered his half of the money earned by the family each week and now is looking for another cash cow. Disgusting!!!

It is obvious that Jon is only acting to protect his own self interests. If he was really so concerned about his children he would quit appearing on talk shows to discuss his personal life and work quietly to resolve issues between himself and Kate. He has shown himself to be inconsiderate, rude, self centered, immature and a womanizer. Doesn't he know that his kids can view the videos of his appearances and read his comments? How does he think that will make them feel?

How and the hell are these kids going to live and go to college? Jon is(or was) a computer programer making maybe 70K and Kate was a RN making maybe 70K if she worked the nightshift. The kids are only in front of the cameras 1-2 hours a week so what is the big deal. I'll put my 2 kids and 9 dogs 6 cats 3 horses 48 chickens and the mini goat on TV for a million a year.

I think Jon is being spiteful.
However, I think it is a bad idea,
to film the kids.
They are not giving consent,
because they are too young.
Their parents are going through
a divorce.

The filming of the kids should stop.

Has anyone commenting actually watched the show? Kate began falling in love with herself on camera in about the middle of the second season and has since continued falling madly, insanely in love with herself. It's ALWAYS about her - she probably could be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder; everything she does is contrived and everything Jon does seems genuine. He gave 99%, did all the work except meal preparation, and, yes, finally hit the wall after 5 years of torture when Kate told him the marriage was over, but she wanted to continue filming the show anyway. Kate admitted to being "hard on Jon" - man is that an understatement! I doubt she ever bathed her kids in the five years of the show - that was Jon's job - I viewed her doing laundry, but she had someone come in and fold the clothes; someone else put them away, and someone else did the ironing. She is a crazy perfectionist who can't stand for the kids to have uncombed hair on camera or behave less than perfectly. Watch the show, people and give poor Jon a break!!! He's a FANTASTIC father and anyone who has actually watched the show knows that!!

I think that Jon is trying to stick it to TLC. Think about it they pretty much cut him out of the show but won't release him from his contract. One must wonder why? You all have to understand that he can't move on with his life until he is released from his contract.Simply put they've got him by the Ass and he is trying get free of their grip.

I believe in what I just typed!!

It's to late Jon. I just watched you on Larry King, your lawyer is a joke!!!!! You sounded so ridicules (and to think I use to think you were the father of the year). You do not deserve your kids but they need and want you!!! Do right by them Jon, get rid of your lawyer & Haylee and go to Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TLC should buy another house and put it in Kate's name solo using the money they'll save by not paying Jon another penny. Kate should be putting half the money they pay her and all the money they pay the kids into 529 accounts and trusts for the kids; save the other half; live off her real job's salary + whatever money Jon can come up with for child support (funny language when 'fat chance' and 'slim chance' mean the same thing).

Growing up on camera is not intrinsically bad for the kids (e.g. Olsen twins). Having role models like Jon and Kate is what will handicap them socially, sans years of therapy.

You know who's the smart guy here? The writer of this article. He asked us 2 questions and gave us as answers some "outrageous" (and debatable) options. Thus, triggering in readers a need to comment and express opinion. From here, it's basic business: more comments = more traffic on site = more money from advertisers

". . .make the world go round/ the world go round"

What a looser!! After all the nasty comments, oh and him finding his soul mate "RIGHT" He better grow up and let Kate take care of the kids.. Or him and his soul mate will be working four jobs to pay child support.
Wonder how long his soul mate sticks around then??? Two or three seconds:-)
Just had to write this...

He just wants to get back together with Kate! Leave them alone-they love each other!

I have never watched the show personally. But it does clutter real news so I wish it would go away too.

I didn't answer the 1st question because I don't believe he wants to reconcile nor he exacting revenge. He said before he felt the show has become an intrusion into his children's lives & I think it would be best even if it's a financial hardship on them to end the show. He's got to work out his anger for being abused by his wife so long & I admit he needs to grow up a bit too but they should all be able to do whatever they need to do without cameras up there butts... Good luck to them all.

That is nothing that man could ever say or do that would convince me he is anything but a brat. Of course he is just picking up his toys and going home rather than thinking like an adult. He could never keep a job so where would they be without the show and with 8 kids??? He better get him a rich YOUng girlfriend to keep him in this tee's cause it is for sure he could never do it by himself. Wonder what his plans are for taking care of his family.....welfare>>>

Wasn't there a vote somewhere on not publcizing Speidi? Where do we go to register the opinion that these are not celebrities and a majority of people find them annoying.




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