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Poll: Do you think Jon Gosselin is being sincere ... or spiteful?

October 1, 2009 |  1:26 pm

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Now there's breaking news that Jon Gosselin is not only hitting the brakes on his divorce but also on TLC shooting further TV footage of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Or, er, rather "Kate Plus 8." That's the new title TLC has in mind for the show.

Hmmmm . . . could Gosselin's actions be revenge against TLC for trying to boot him from the show?

"This is not a ploy," his manager, Mike Heller, tells People. "It's an approach that he thinks will help him reconcile with his wife."

The ongoing melodrama surrounding this TV show continues to make it the watercooler talk of America, which means it remains a major Emmy contender. However, it wasn't – strangely – even nominated for reality program in the recent derby, even though "Jon & Kate Plus 8" reaped 10 million viewers in late May, the tail end of the Emmy eligibility period.


Can 'Kate Plus 8' minus Jon equal Emmy Award?

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