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Jude Law crowned prince of Broadway in 'Hamlet'

October 7, 2009 |  7:19 am

Jude Law Hamlet Broadway Tony Awards Entertainment News 24681097 Jude Law is likely to contend at the Tony Awards for his triumph in the title role of "Hamlet." The two-time Oscar nominee was cheered by the critics for leading this transfer of the acclaimed Donmar Warehouse production. Law would be the third actor nominated for a Tony Award for playing this juiciest of William Shakespeare's roles.

Of the 10 other productions of "Hamlet" to play on Broadway since the founding of these top theater kudos, only two of their leading men landed nods: Richard Burton -- he lost the 1964 race to Alec Guinness ("Dylan") -- and Ralph Fiennes, who won in 1995. (Although Burton lost, Hume Cronyn won the featured Tony for his work as Polonius.)

Ben Brantley of the New York Times said Law "approaches his role with the focus, determination and adrenaline level of an Olympic track competitor staring down an endless line of hurdles." And Joe Dziemianowicz of the New York Daily News raved, "Jude Law is giving a spine-tingling and richly layered performance in a new version of 'Hamlet' that makes you forget about his past roles and bad-boy melodramas."

Elysa Gardner of USA Today wrote, "His Hamlet is no brooding philosopher/prince; he's an angry young man, a bundle of nerves forever threatening to explode. But Law also captures the more tender feelings and contradictions that make this tortured hero at once elusive and essentially human, particularly in his soliloquies, which are both muscular and exquisitely lyrical."

And Linda Winer of Newsday said Law "commands virtually every scene in this downtown-black, modern-dress production. He has a focused, varied voice to go with his delicately chiseled fox-face features, and a lithe physical power that propels him from spotlight to spotlight with the effortless virtuosity of a Shakespearean action hero."

Photo credit: Broadhurst Theatre

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I just got back from NYC yesterday after seeing Hamlet, and Jude was amazing! He was the light of the show, very much missed when not on stage, and totally pulled me into it. You forget who he is, none of his previous film personas spring to mind (and I've seen all of his films), and you don't see "Jude, the star trying Hamlet." You see a man who is Hamlet. I, too, think a Tony nomination would be in order.

i never remember a night in the theatre that thrilled me as much as jude law's hamlet. the man is a modern day marvel.

That NYT review isn't exactly as you put it. This is from

Jude Law's Hamlet on Red Bull

How is Broadway’s new production of Hamlet, which stars Jude Law and opens on Wednesday? “Mr. Law approaches his role with the focus, determination and adrenaline level of an Olympic track competitor staring down an endless line of hurdles,” Ben Brantley writes in The New York Times. That's not a compliment. Brantley writes, “People who ask for a little introspection from the man whose name is a byword for that activity may find it perplexing that this Hamlet never seems to look inward, which means that he never grows up—or grows, period.” The rest of the actors appear to have taken their m.o. from Law, resulting in a production “generate little psychological tension.” He ends, however, with a compliment for the production’s Barneys-esque wardrobe: “the sleeves on which Hamlet wears his feelings are seriously chic.”

My wife and I saw his Hamlet in London a month or so ago.

From the guy who played an uninspired Alphie and a hokey Captain Sky (I'm afraid Jude I'm not your biggest fan) - he was SPECTACULAR.

Simply one of best productions of Hamlet I have ever seen (and I have seen many). Jude Law did not disappoint - engaging and profound.

I'm so pleased that Broadway will have an opportunety to see an utterly exquisit hamlet.

Jude Law was brilliant as Hamlet !!

Jude Law is a modern Hamlet, for a modern generation Would love to see him take the Tony Award home.



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