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No, Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' isn't eligible at Oscars

October 23, 2009 |  9:56 am

Michael Jackson This Is It 17852914036 news

At least not at the next ceremony anyway. The Michael Jackson concert documentary "This Is It" doesn't qualify to participate in the next Oscars derby because it missed the eligibility period, which spans Sept. 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009. In order to make the current race for best documentary feature, "This Is It" needed to have a commercial run for seven days in theaters both Los Angeles and New York before the Oscars' cut-off date. Sometimes an extension is granted to Sept. 30. The King of Pop was never shy about seeking special, royal star treatment. But not this time. Its Oct. 28 release date just doesn't cut it, an academy representative  confirms to Gold Derby.

Photo: Sony Pictures

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um Snow White wasn't nominated for best picture...but Star Wars was, it lost to Annie Hall though.

maybe "this is it" will get some oscar nominations, but it won't win; they're are better films out there, like "avatar," "the hurt locker," "precious," and some other golden-globe winners

if "this is it" gets a nom and wins best picture, i'd call it a MAJOR upset

Snow White was NOT nominated for Best Picture.

'THIS IS IT" will garner Oscar nominations and some wins. It is more than a documentary. (Does anyone remember a little film called "Snow White" nominated for Best Picture? Or "Star Wars" that wasn't nominated because of the stupid tradition of shunning sci-fi movies?) The Academy is at its' best when it thinks out of the box, and not the box office. There is a scene from "This is It" that qualifies hands down for Oscar consideration. Why? Because it is scripted and well acted. So go for it "THIS IS IT": Oscar Nominations for "Best Director", "Best Editing", "Set Design", "Best Costume", "Best Sound", "Best Song", "Best Choreography", and finally, 'BEST PICTURE".

and going off of seanflynn, if it is eligible in other categories this year and documentary next year...and it gets nods in both then wouldn't it be the first film to get nods in two years since that foreign film who's name escapes me.

It is eligible in other categories - though unlikely, editing and the sound/sound editing ones might be campaigned for.



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